Tuesday, March 3, 2009

There is no such thing as a Little White Lie

While in my friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart the other day I happened to go into the book and magazine section of the store.

There is a new book out by E Lynn Harris, you know the guy that writes all the books about the down-low life style.I could not help but to read the jacket of the book to see what this guy is writing about this time.

Well it seems that this book is just like all the others. A Pro Basketball Player likes to dribble more than Basketballs if you know what I mean, and he is afraid of the fallout if his secret becomes known,so he marries a woman to put on the illusion that he is "keeping it real" with the ladies.

Well, his male jump-off that he has been treating like a queen, no pun intended, doesn't take too kindly to being pushed to the background, so herein lies the problem.

That is all the jacket of the book says and that is all I am going to read, but I can see where the story is going.

First, let me begin by saying I have no problem with Gay people.

To each his own.

I have a problem with people that try to hide their gayness.

If you are Gay, then you should be proud of it and embrace who you are.

I cannot stand a person that pretends that they are something other than what they are.

That is the problem I have with this book and all the other "must reads" written on this subject. A man on the down-low is a motherfucking liar that cannot be trusted.


A man on the down-low is a selfish coward that would rather endanger the lives of the people that love him,(i.e. by giving them AIDS) rather than be a man and stand up for who and what he is.

In my opinion, and this is only my opinion, there is no such animal as a bisexual.
I don't understand how a person can like pussy one day and dick the next.

A person knows what they prefer and it is either a woman or a man. Everybody has a preference of what they like to do and how they like to do it.

But maybe I am wrong. But like I said this is just my opinion.

So be who you are is all I'm saying.

Or if you and your significant other have an understanding that includes tipping out and getting freaky with other people, including those of the same sex, as long as it is understood and both parties are aware of what's going on,then do what you have to do to keep your relationship healthy.

But lying to the people that love you, and endangering not only your life, but the lives of the ones that you "care" so much about, is what my man the Field Negro would call "House Negro Behavior".


freemanpress said...

I'm with you on the secrecy aspect of it, but we have to see it in a broader context. Besides being gay there are plenty of people who have all kind of despicable behavior they keep from everyone. The issue their addiction to porn, foot fetishes, and even liking women of a certain ethnicity are not questioned because they are contained within themselves. So although the down low brothers seem to make good stories to read about it is part of a larger part of regular people who you may know that are conducting double lives in front of you right now. The difference is the down low brothers effect others huh?

Walt Bennett said...

Red, I think you're a stone cold liar. I think you have a big problem with gay people, and I think you should be man enough to admit it.

Now that we're past that, we can have an honest discussion. Surely you know that there are men who would likely sacrifice everything if they were to admit to being gay. Their family would shun them, it would be impossible to stay where they work, their so-called 'friends' would abandon them. Sure they could start over, or they could keep one thing over here and the other thing over there, and nobody has to get hurt.

Furthermore, why do you care how another person chooses to live their life? You make a huge assumption when you say that such a man risks giving his female partner AIDS. You make the ridiculous assumption that the gay man doesn't care if HE gets AIDS.

I know you're capable of better insight than this: I caught your story at Zach's blog about your happy day in North Carolina, and I was moved by it.

But this post...inadequate.

Dirty Red said...


Thanks for the support man.

I agree with you there are cetain things everybody hides from everybody. Noone shares everything about themselves. I believe that a person cannot give away 100% of themselves to anyone. Yo have to keep something for you. But the lying and decieving to the people that love you is what I have a problem with.


First I could care less if you think I am lying or not. This is my opinion and if you don't agree, then so be it. Where I come from there is no excuse for a man to lie to his family. None. I think you missed the whole point of this post. I could care less how a man chooses to live. It is not my buisness. But the thing is, too many of our women are being lied too by these punk ass motherfuckers who don't believe they are doing anything wrong. I have a sister and I do not want her to have to tell my family that she has AIDS behind some trifling ass Negro that likes to go both ways. So thanks for your comment, but as far as you coming here and judging MY OPINION, by calling me a liar, well Dude slow your role, because you don't know me like that. I respect your opinion, so if you can't respect mine, then keep your damn comments over at Zach's.

ZACK said...

First, I don't know WHAT THE F*CK Walt Bennett is talking about, especially since he's bringing my name into this sh*t. NOT A GOOD LOOK at all!

Who the hell does he think he is by judging somebody's post? What a douche-bag! And I'm shocked by Walt's behavior as well because I thought that he was cool peoples. But he's just another white guy trying to be a soul brother. And for that, he gets no love.

Red, I'm sorry you had to go through this man. Your blog, your voice, and your choice to do comment moderation from now on. But comment moderation creates a delay on the blog. You have to log in to approve new comments before any one can see them. So, don't go that route.

Just do you! And now I'm pissed because somebody brought my name into this mess. VERY, VERY ANGRY and ready to write a vitriolic e-mail to that bastard!

Walt Bennett said...

Geez, gentlemen, calm down! I was just trying to stir the drink. I have respect for both of you, and if me saying what I think is cause for Zack to turn on me, that's his issue not mine.

Red, you don't know me yet but I'm just a straight shooter, no malice intended. I read your post and felt a strong sense that you despise gay men, and so that's what I said.

When you get to know me a little, you'll understand that about me: I read something, it hits me a certain way and I say what I feel.

Near as I can tell, no bullets were involved, so nobody got hurt. Let's not over-react to one man's opinion of another man's post.

Zack: please believe I know what color my skin is, and I don't ever pretend otherwise. I'm still cool with you. You decide if you have a beef with me, and how to resolve it.

DJ Black Adam said...

I feel you on this Red. These dudes need to man up and be honest.