Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Who am I?

Am I a Black American, an African American, Colored, a Negro, an Afro American or a nigger?

Well, if you go through America's history I have been all of the above.

I think it is a damn shame that I have never just been considered an American.

What do I consider myself?

Well lets see...

I like Baseball and Apple Pie.

When Pamela Anderson was on Baywatch, I thought she was the finest woman man ever made.

I cheer for the USA during the Olympics and I stand during the singing of this countries National Anthem.

I cried when the towers fell on 911, and I wanted to taste the blood of the people that was stupid enough to attack my country.

I was proud to carry the American Flag in military ceremonies in foreign countries, and I represented my country to the fullest during 2 tours in Bosnia, training missions in Germany, Belgium,Korea, Kosovo, and countless other small countries around the globe.

I love American Football and barely understand European Soccer.

I grew up listening to Duran Duran, Depech Mode, Phil Collins, Metallica, Motley Crue, AC-DC, and other forms of "American" Music.

I speak English as my native language, even though I can get by in Spanish.

I believe in the American Dream of the house in the Suburbs with the white picket fence, a wife, 2 kids, a dog and my Grandmother living in the room above the garage.

I believe that hard work and determination will payoff eventually.

I believe that Americans should buy American products first and other countries shit later.
I believe that American companies should keep their companies in America and employ American workers.

This is who I am.

Did I mention that I happen to be a Black Man? That was born on US soil?

So if I believe all these things and I live all these things, why am I still labeled like a cheap Wal-mart substitute?

If I did not mention the fact that I am Black after reading this what would I be in your eyes?

Would I be a die-hard red, white and blue American or would I be a man that requires a label like Black American, an African American, Colored, a Negro, an Afro American or a nigger?

I am an American.

Just a plain ole arrogant cocky American.

So fuck all the people that want to put me in a box that my people have outgrown 10 times over.

I'm just saying....


David Sullivan said...

The time is over for the black man to cling to any notion of being inferior. Although unsaid, white Americans have known for a half a century that black men have arrived. First it was proving themselves on the ballfield, then in the classroom, now in the political areana. Irish, Italians, Jewish, Polish etc all had the same climb up the ladder. Black men still believe all the shit shoveled upon them for the 300 years prior to Jackie Robinson. Even the most racist of whites know that the black man is not inferior.

You are a die in the wool, red blooded American, thus hated by most of the world. You are cocky, self serving and arrogant and the rest of the world is jealous of you.

The most retrictive box that black men are in these days is the one they put themselves in. Break out the box cutters!! (just don't try to fly with them and reinforce any stereotypes, lol)

freemanpress said...

We have always been American from fighting in wars to building the Nation. It's not that we aren't entitled to it by birth it's just the country doesn't want to make you equal and never has. Read Abraham Lincoln's papers after he freed the slaves he even says the Negro should never be a citizen. So even the person that is nominated and celebrated as the guy who freed us didn't want you at the diner with him. The writing is on the wall it's just no one wants to believe the ugly truth!