Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who is to blame?

According to the National Urban League's annual report, Black Americans still lag behind every other American racial group in almost every category that has been invented.

We are still last in Education and health care.
However, we are first in AIDS cases, single parent homes and adults in prison.

Our life expectancy is lower and we are more prone to heart disease and high blood pressure than the other racial groups that we share our streets with.

The unemployment rate among us is double that of Whites.
We are more prone to be racially profiled by the Poo-lice while driving our cars, and more prone to be denied the loans that are needed to provide our families with adequate housing.
Well, let me back up a little....
We are more prone to be given loans that over the course of the loan, the original loan agreements change, which forces us to default on the loan.

Our streets are the most dangerous streets in America. Our neighborhoods are the worst kept up. Our schools perform the worst, which is why we have the second biggest drop-out rate in the country. We are behind Hispanics in this category only because of the language barrier of first generation Hispanic Americans.

What is the reason that we (Black Americans) are so messed up?

Is it racism?
Is it laziness?
Is it illiteracy?
Or is it we just do not give a damn?

I believe that it is all of the above.

Yes racism is involved, because this country was founded by men that believed that Black People were nothing but property that can be bought, sold or discarded at will.
Property, that did not have a mind to think or a right to do anything other than what we were told to do. 3/8's of a person is all we were considered to be.
And there are still remnants of people in this country that hold on to that ignorance.

I believe that laziness is involved because even though racism is still alive and well here in the good Ole US of A, we cannot use that as an excuse for not trying to improve our situations. There are too many opportunities available for people of color today.

Illiteracy is definitely a problem because if you can't read the rule book, you don't know the rules of the game. Education is the key to the prison gates, but not all of us see that. In my opinion, education is the answer to all of our problems. That is why reading and writing was forbidden for slaves. The Slave owners knew that if you teach a person something, sooner or later he will not need you, and he will start to question your motives and intentions. And if he does not get an answer that satisfies him, he will fight you until he gets the answer he is looking for.

I also believe that some of us just don't give a damn. But I don't think this is solely a Black problem. There are people of every racial make up that just do not care about anyone other than themselves. There are people that could care less if their neighbor or Friend or family member is on the verge of dying. As long as they are not directly affected, they just do not care.

All of the above problems can be fixed.

By US.

All of them need to be fixed by US if we are to attain the status that our forefathers dreamed we would have by now. But as long as we sit around and expect Politicians or the neighborhood mega church to come to the rescue, we will always be at the bottom of the barrel looking up.

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Anonymous said...

You know I just asked this same question on my blog Friday? What seems to be the answer is the vacuum of leadership. Someone stated the smart people left and then those with heart left so all you are left with in our communities are C students. I think we know what to do, the system is not working for us and just as you said it was never intended to do so. To me its the end of a way of going about our progression. We thought if we got into the system it would work instead we are even worse.