Thursday, April 23, 2009

Uncle Red, why are you and my Aunty wrestling with no clothes on?


How old is old enough to start talking to your kids about sex?
I ask this because I have an eight year old nephew who recently asked my sister what a pussy is.

When she told me this I could not help but smile,because that is my little man, ya know?

But I got to thinking.... Where did this little dude hear the word "pussy" and who was he around when he heard it?

Now I kinda consider my nephew my son, since I do not have one yet. So I guess I can speak for all men out there when I say that I was kinda of proud of my little man when I found this out.

I know, I know, that sounds so wrong, but every man wants his son to be interested in women. That is just how we are.

I also know that if my daughter ever asked me what a "dick" is, well there is going to be some repercussions. My daughter better not even start to form the letter D until she is 35 years old. Again I know that sounds so double standard, but if I ever have a daughter, every time I look at her I am going to think about all the things I have did to all the "daughter's" I have known over the years and well....

I'll just be double standard, OK? So sue me.

Anyways back to my question... How young is too young and how old is too old?
Even I have to admit that 8 years old is too young to be asking about pussies.

But with today's society, with sex everywhere, when does a parent start to prepare his child?

How do you explain to an 8 year old child that a man does not go around having sex with any and every woman that comes his way?

How do you explain to an 8 year old child that sex should only be between 2 people that love each other, that a woman's body is the most precious thing that she can ever give away to someone, and that if you are the one she chooses to give it to, you do not mistreat her?

Will an 8 year old child understand that sex is not a game?

Will he understand that having sex with multiple women does not define what a man is?

Will he understand that women are a gift from God and they should be treated as such?

Will he understand that "pussy" and "dick" are slang for Penis and Vagina?

How do you explain all this to an 8 year old child in ways that an 8 year old mind can understand?

Will he understand that sex can kill you if you do not protect yourself?

How can you explain this to any child, from 8 to 80? Maybe it is a good thing I don't have any kids yet.

But my sister has tasked me to talk to my little man. I guess she thinks I can tell him what he needs to know.

If it were up to me he would have to wait until he is 35 also.

But we all know that if I don't talk to him, he will see that new Burger King Commercial with the theme from baby's got back. Maybe that is where he heard the word "pussy".

Ain't that some shit? Now they even got Sponge Bob doing the "butt".

Monday, April 20, 2009

Don't mess wiith Texas

Y'all have probably heard by now how Texas Governor Rick Perry hinted about Texas succeeding from the United States.

Everyone that has read my blog at least twice knows that I live in Dallas.
Dallas is a cool city.
I like it here.
I do not like Texas, but I do like the city of Dallas.

I understand that that may not make much sense, but it is what it is.

Did y'all know that more black people were hung in Texas than in any other state?

How about the fact that slaves in Texas did not know they were free until 2 years after Lincoln was dead? Where did you think the Texas celebration June-tenth came from?

And check this out...
Did y'all know that there is a town in East Texas that still has a sign up before you get into the city limits that says....

"Niggers don't let the Sun Set on you here?"

And can you guess what the city of Killeen's name stands for? (Killeen is the city that FT.Hood, America's largest military base is located at)
KILL-EACH-AND EVERY-NIGGER. Now granted no one will admit that, but that is the word on the streets of Ft. Hood and Killeen.

So as you can see Texas still has problems. Now for the Governor of this state I have choosen to live the past 7 years say that the citizens of his state should succeed from the Union, well that tells me something.

It tells me that the idiotic Governor is not very smart for one thing. He must not want to be reelected. But then again this is Texas. This fool might win hands down, just because he said this foolish shit.

It tells me also that Governor Rick Perry is not very patriotic. To me this sound a little like treason. As you might have guessed Mr. Perry is from the party of "country first".

And as a Black Man living in Texas it tells me that Mr. Perry is one of those "down home" boys that wish the South would have won that famous war. It tells me that Mr. Perry does not take too kindly to those of us that are of the dark skin persuasion.

Now it amazes me to no end that no talk of secession was ever heard before we happened to elect a certain skinny black man with a funny name to be President of these here Divided States.

Not nan word.

Not a word was said when the funny named Negro's predecessor was lying to the American Public on why we have to invade a sovereign country.

Nothing was said about the disregard of American Rights when the previous administration was invading people's privacy under the guise of the Patriot Act.

Not a peep came from Mr. Perry or his people when it came out that high level government officials snitched on one of the the people that was putting her live on the line protecting that same Government.

Nope, not a word.

Everything was all good in the hood then.

So can anyone tell me why is this fool talking about succession now?

All the damage that was done to this countries credibility under the previous "decider", and now that we have the opportunity to make things better, he talks about succession?


The audacity of hope.

I guess all that is a title of a book, huh?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So tell me how you really feel....

I am all for freedom of speech.

I truly believe that a person has the right to say whatever the hell they feel like saying, to whomever they feel like saying it, where ever the mood strikes them to say it.

What I don't agree with is people saying shit that they do not really mean, or saying some shit to hint around to the real shit they want to say, instead of being grown with it and saying what they really want to say.

'Dirty Red what in the hell are you trying to say'?

Be patient my little chick-a-dees, there is a method to my madness.....

The so-called "tea parties".

Now what was the point of these little demonstrations?

Well supposedly it was to protest the President's 'wasteful spending' of our tax dollars.
This was a nonviolent protest against 'taxation without representation'.

Who attended these little nonviolent protests?
Well let me see.....

I believe there were Neo-Nazi's, Skinheads, "right wing" republicans, all those clowns from Fox News, and just plain old scared of change, White Folks.

There were the people out there protesting that supported the previous administration's wasteful spending of OUR tax dollars with no-bid contracts to his buddies and TEN BILLION dollars a month of OUR tax dollars in Iraq.

There were people out there protesting that stood by and watched HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of OUR tax dollars given to private Armies like Black Water that were caught abusing the civil rights of civilians in those countries that we are at war with.

There were people out there protesting that said nothing about the tax breaks given to people that did not need them.

There were people out there that supported the previous administration's lack of regard of our Nation's border security.

There were people out there that supported the previous administration's lack of regard for our public schools and the health care of our elderly.

There were people out there that supported the previous administration's total disrespect of the Hero's that returned broken from that TEN BILLION dollar a month fiasco in Iraq.

There were people out there that supported the previous administration's total lack of regard for human life during Hurricane Katrina and also the miserable condition our countries infrastructure is in.

And to top it all off, all of the people that attended the "tea parties" around our beautiful country yesterday consider themselves die hard, red,white and blue dyed, PATRIOTS.

How is this putting "country first"?

Now I admit that I hate paying taxes just as much as those White Folks that were out there protesting.
But I know that without my taxes, there would be no roads that were used by those people to get to those "rallies".
Without my taxes there would be no poo-lice to keep those protesters safe at those rallies.
Without my taxes there would be no medics and first care responders to administer first aid to those protesters at those rallies in case one of them falls over into their tea bags with a heart attack.
There would be no public transportation that some of those protesters used to get to those rallies.
There would be no Senators and Congressman to represent those protesters while they are protesting 'taxation without representation.'

I hate paying taxes, Lord knows I do, but Taxes are necessary to maintain the things that we take for granted everyday.

'But Dirty Red, you still have not explained what you are trying to say. Why don't you get to the point?'

Well my point is this....

Those rallies had nothing to do with Taxes.
Those rallies were against Obama's blackness. (Or half blackness).
Those rallies were a 'politically correct' way of saying that there are some people in this great country of ours that still think that a Black man is not smart enough to run anything but a drug ring or a basketball court.
Those rallies were a way of saying the things that they really want to say, but are to scared to say.

While the previous administration was busy stacking their own bank accounts with our tax dollars, not a word was said.
But that was a-ok, because the people fucking them looked like them and they could relate.
Now that we have a new HNIC, those same people that were applying the lube to their own asses before bending over voluntarily, are scared.

I guess it is cool to be fucked as long as the person fucking you speaks the same language you do, so you can understand him when he whispers in your ear how good your ass is, and how this is hurting him more than it is hurting you.

I guess it is called 'rough sex' when you know the person that is sticking a broom stick up your ass, but it is called 'rape' if you don't.

Yeah, that has to be the explanation....

So folks in my usual way, with no sugar coating, that is what I was trying to say.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shit you should already know

Today at work a coworker and I were listening to the Steve Harvey morning show.
Of course we started talking about his book Act like a lady Think like a man. I told her that I had glanced over it in Barnes and Nobles, but had not purchased it. I told her that I was not really feeling it because I do not want a woman to think like me. I want a woman to think like what she is, a woman.

But that is just me.

We started talking about self help books and how people are making millions of dollars telling other people how they should live their lives.

I never thought about this before, but she, (this is a very fine older woman, that if I was not married), well.... Let me stop right there.

Back on point...

She pulled my coat to the fact that people in general are very stupid.
People are constantly looking to other people to tell them shit they should already know.

Case and point.

Brother Steve's book is pretty much simple. Women should listen to their instincts when dealing with men. A woman knows from the start-up if a man is full of shit or not.

But instead of listening to that inner voice every woman has, they rely on someone to tell them the decision they should make.

My coworker got me to thinking. She hit the nail on the head.

How is someone that does not know me from the man on the moon gonna tell me what decision I should make concerning something in my life, that I should already know the answer to?

Mind control is all this shit is. Legalized Pimping.

'Baby, you know that you like standing on that corner all day making your man rich. This is what you were made to do. Don't you feel good making Daddy happy'?

Don't that sound just like some of those "self-help" books, or the Dr. Phil's in the world, that are constantly telling people what they should do in their lives to be happy and fulfilled?

Why does anybody need somebody else to tell them what makes them happy?
Why does anybody need somebody else to tell them to get out of an abusive relationship?
Why does anybody need somebody to tell them to lose weight if they know they are over weight?

Don't YOU know better than some stranger what YOU
need to fulfill or better YOUR situation?

Why do I need to buy a book or watch some TV personality or listen to some good Reverend Dr at the Unified Brother of Christ and Dollars Church tell me some shit that I should already know about myself?

I know what makes me happy.
I know what makes me cry.
I know if doing something hurts.
I know what I look like when I look in the mirror.
I know if this woman loves me or not.
I know what type of relationship I like being in.

I know me.

So why would I want somebody that does not know me, to tell me about me, or what I should be doing with my life, or what I need to do fulfill my relationship?

Legalized Pimping.

Maybe I should write a self help book.
I have been told that I am a smooth talker.
I damn sure can tell a woman how she needs to feel and what she needs to do to bring me some cash.

"Bitch better have my money. Not some, Not half, but all my cash. And if that bitch don't, I'm putting my foot dead in her ass."

Monday, April 6, 2009

A fool and his money

Michael Vick just cannot win for losing.

A judge denied his plan for bankruptcy because to be fair to Mike, it was just damn stupid.

How can you justify your plan to pay back the millions of dollars you owe when the only job you have lined up is a construction job making less than the guy that used to wash your sweaty draws after a game?

Who in Mr. Vick's camp came up with this really good "plan"?

If Mike does get back into the NFL, and that is a very big IF, who gave him the idea that he would be making the kind of money he was making before he started producing and directing in the canine version of Rocky?

Mr. Vick was a very good football player. He was an average QB, but he was a good football player.

Notice I said WAS a good football player.

NOW he is a convicted felon with no education, no money, and no friends in high places.

And did I mention he was BLACK?

Now if he would have killed a Black man, or an older Hispanic man that was only trying to get home from a hard night's work, maybe just maybe his prospects would be looking better. But that is the subject for another post.

Back on topic....
What Mr. Vick did was the most unholiest of deeds known to the American Public.

He killed dogs.

Now if a NFL team does give him a 2nd chance, he will not get a hefty multi-year contract. He will be lucky to get the veterans minimum for a NFL vet, which is around $600,000. Which is still a very good salary for anyone playing a child's game. But for a fool that fucked off tens of MILLIONS of dollars, I guess that would be kind of insulting.

Which brings me to this....

How in the hot ass hell can a person fuck off tens of MILLIONS of dollars?

Let me answer my own question.....


If Education was the key theme in Colleges now a days, then there would be no Mike Vick's.
If Mr. Vick would have been going to school to learn instead of going to school to score touchdowns, he might still have some of those millions.
If colleges would spend more time recruiting students that want to be the next Einsteins and Nobel Peace Prize winners, instead of trying to recruit the next Michael Jordan, there would be no Mike Vicks.
If parents made sure that their kid is studying to be the next Einstein or Nobel Peace Prize winner instead of studying to be the next Michael Jordan, then there would be no Mike Vicks.

Why in the world would a business give a college drop out, which is basically what an athlete is that leaves school early for the big pay-day, an incentive laden contract with no guarantees, worth millions of dollars?

What sense does that make?

Why would I pay you anything if you have not proved that you can earn what I am paying you? (I.E. maturity, knowledge of the business and your relationships outside of the business)

Unless I knew that the money I said I was going to pay you, I was never going to have to pay you, because I knew beforehand that you did not have the education or the mentality to live up to the contract?

I sure hope that Mr. Vick gets back on his feet.
But the odds of a Black, uneducated, broke ex-con that killed DOGS, being successful in today's job market, is kind of slim.

Well if the construction job pans out, I know the manager of the Home Depot that is up the street from my house.

They will definitely give Mike a shot.

It ain't Sexy, but at least he will not be out robbing and stealing and killing DOGS.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Live at 4, I'm Dirty Red

This is going to be another post about how I hate the media.

Wifey and I were watching the late news last night and I noticed something that I thought was really stupid.

Before I get into what I saw, let me begin by saying that in my opinion, the whole media machine is nothing but political propaganda. I find it hard to watch any news at all because I find it hard to believe half the mess they report. It is all designed to keep us living in fear. The only news that is reported is bad news, and then if it is not bad news, it is some shit you really do not care about.

Anyways let me get to the purpose of this rant.....

Last night around 10:00 Wifey and I were watching the news. They started with the usual Dallas area bad news...

A bank in Grapevine was robbed by a cat in a plaid suit and a fake beard....
A woman tried to rob a grocery store in Colleyville.....
A 78 year old woman was raped and set on fire....
A DISD crossing guard was hit and killed by a drunk driver....
A 27 year old man is held for fatally beating his girlfriends 2 year old son because the little guy pissed himself.....
And on a lighter note we are expected to get some severe weather here in North Texas over the next couple of days.

What got me was this..
While reporting about the cop that would not let Ryan Moats say his final goodbyes to his dying mother-in-law, the reporter was broadcasting live from...

Are you ready?

Ryan Moats old high school...

At 10:00 at night!


Why in the hot ass hell would you want to report live at an empty high school at 10:00 at night?

What was the purpose of that?

Was reporting live at an empty high school at 10:00 at night supposed to make me sympathize more with Ryan Moats misfortune?

The news does this type of shit a lot.

Reporting live from a car dealership at 4:00 in the morning that was hit by heavy hail the night before.
Reporting live from a night club at 10:00 in the morning that was the scene of a big fight 2 nights before.
Reporting live from Dallas City Hall at 2:00 in the morning for a major trial that starts at 9:00.

What is the purpose of this?

I know if I was the reporter assigned to do the live reporting from a scene where even the rubberneckers are gone, I would be mad as hell.

Anyways, this is reason # 205 on why I hate the media.