Monday, April 20, 2009

Don't mess wiith Texas

Y'all have probably heard by now how Texas Governor Rick Perry hinted about Texas succeeding from the United States.

Everyone that has read my blog at least twice knows that I live in Dallas.
Dallas is a cool city.
I like it here.
I do not like Texas, but I do like the city of Dallas.

I understand that that may not make much sense, but it is what it is.

Did y'all know that more black people were hung in Texas than in any other state?

How about the fact that slaves in Texas did not know they were free until 2 years after Lincoln was dead? Where did you think the Texas celebration June-tenth came from?

And check this out...
Did y'all know that there is a town in East Texas that still has a sign up before you get into the city limits that says....

"Niggers don't let the Sun Set on you here?"

And can you guess what the city of Killeen's name stands for? (Killeen is the city that FT.Hood, America's largest military base is located at)
KILL-EACH-AND EVERY-NIGGER. Now granted no one will admit that, but that is the word on the streets of Ft. Hood and Killeen.

So as you can see Texas still has problems. Now for the Governor of this state I have choosen to live the past 7 years say that the citizens of his state should succeed from the Union, well that tells me something.

It tells me that the idiotic Governor is not very smart for one thing. He must not want to be reelected. But then again this is Texas. This fool might win hands down, just because he said this foolish shit.

It tells me also that Governor Rick Perry is not very patriotic. To me this sound a little like treason. As you might have guessed Mr. Perry is from the party of "country first".

And as a Black Man living in Texas it tells me that Mr. Perry is one of those "down home" boys that wish the South would have won that famous war. It tells me that Mr. Perry does not take too kindly to those of us that are of the dark skin persuasion.

Now it amazes me to no end that no talk of secession was ever heard before we happened to elect a certain skinny black man with a funny name to be President of these here Divided States.

Not nan word.

Not a word was said when the funny named Negro's predecessor was lying to the American Public on why we have to invade a sovereign country.

Nothing was said about the disregard of American Rights when the previous administration was invading people's privacy under the guise of the Patriot Act.

Not a peep came from Mr. Perry or his people when it came out that high level government officials snitched on one of the the people that was putting her live on the line protecting that same Government.

Nope, not a word.

Everything was all good in the hood then.

So can anyone tell me why is this fool talking about succession now?

All the damage that was done to this countries credibility under the previous "decider", and now that we have the opportunity to make things better, he talks about succession?


The audacity of hope.

I guess all that is a title of a book, huh?

8 comments: said...

Hey there!

Okay... let Texas leave the United States! They will be shocked to find that they will suffer more than the rest of the states will! *smirk*

Anonymous said...

First, it's "secede", Texas wants to secede from the US.
Second, if they do, you better get outta there!

Dirty Red said...

Mrs Trumpet,
Yep you are right. But you cannot tell these Rednecks down here that.

Thanks for the correction, man/woman, whoever or whatever you are. I know that it did not look right, but I was not sure.

Lost~City said...

*chosen *secede ;-)

rstarforever said...

About 4 years ago when I was stationed at Fort Hood I was taking a lunch break my supply room and talking with another black soldier. I told him that there was something about the name KILLEEN that didn't settle right to me. He replied that it was rumoured to stand for KILL EACH N' EVERY N----R and for some strange reason I wasn't surprised.

LiteBrite said...

Uhm... did any of you bother to Google where Killeen got its name before believing that crazy honkey story about its alleged origin? It's named after Frank P. Killeen, the general manager of the railroad that founded the city. You want racist states, look to California: Chinaman Creek, Dago Springs, Negro Bar Stream, Negro Boy Mine, Nigger Butte, Negro Gulch, Squaw Tit, and the Pickaninny Buttes.

Unknown said...

I can attest to the meaning behind Killeen, I grew up there so I know..unfortunately that is whatf ppl have been saying it means for as long as I can remember. Total b.s. for sure, ppl suck haters are alive and kicking..i say fuckem don't give them the attention they're looking for, tghat always hurts them more than what was actually said.

Gary Shafer said...

Frank P. Killeen, the general manager of the railroad Is how Killeen got its name. Not the “word on the streets”