Monday, April 6, 2009

A fool and his money

Michael Vick just cannot win for losing.

A judge denied his plan for bankruptcy because to be fair to Mike, it was just damn stupid.

How can you justify your plan to pay back the millions of dollars you owe when the only job you have lined up is a construction job making less than the guy that used to wash your sweaty draws after a game?

Who in Mr. Vick's camp came up with this really good "plan"?

If Mike does get back into the NFL, and that is a very big IF, who gave him the idea that he would be making the kind of money he was making before he started producing and directing in the canine version of Rocky?

Mr. Vick was a very good football player. He was an average QB, but he was a good football player.

Notice I said WAS a good football player.

NOW he is a convicted felon with no education, no money, and no friends in high places.

And did I mention he was BLACK?

Now if he would have killed a Black man, or an older Hispanic man that was only trying to get home from a hard night's work, maybe just maybe his prospects would be looking better. But that is the subject for another post.

Back on topic....
What Mr. Vick did was the most unholiest of deeds known to the American Public.

He killed dogs.

Now if a NFL team does give him a 2nd chance, he will not get a hefty multi-year contract. He will be lucky to get the veterans minimum for a NFL vet, which is around $600,000. Which is still a very good salary for anyone playing a child's game. But for a fool that fucked off tens of MILLIONS of dollars, I guess that would be kind of insulting.

Which brings me to this....

How in the hot ass hell can a person fuck off tens of MILLIONS of dollars?

Let me answer my own question.....


If Education was the key theme in Colleges now a days, then there would be no Mike Vick's.
If Mr. Vick would have been going to school to learn instead of going to school to score touchdowns, he might still have some of those millions.
If colleges would spend more time recruiting students that want to be the next Einsteins and Nobel Peace Prize winners, instead of trying to recruit the next Michael Jordan, there would be no Mike Vicks.
If parents made sure that their kid is studying to be the next Einstein or Nobel Peace Prize winner instead of studying to be the next Michael Jordan, then there would be no Mike Vicks.

Why in the world would a business give a college drop out, which is basically what an athlete is that leaves school early for the big pay-day, an incentive laden contract with no guarantees, worth millions of dollars?

What sense does that make?

Why would I pay you anything if you have not proved that you can earn what I am paying you? (I.E. maturity, knowledge of the business and your relationships outside of the business)

Unless I knew that the money I said I was going to pay you, I was never going to have to pay you, because I knew beforehand that you did not have the education or the mentality to live up to the contract?

I sure hope that Mr. Vick gets back on his feet.
But the odds of a Black, uneducated, broke ex-con that killed DOGS, being successful in today's job market, is kind of slim.

Well if the construction job pans out, I know the manager of the Home Depot that is up the street from my house.

They will definitely give Mike a shot.

It ain't Sexy, but at least he will not be out robbing and stealing and killing DOGS.


ZACK said...

You are taking no prisoners with this post, my brother! WHOA!

You "siced" the dogs on Vick, in the figurative sense. But I completely agree with you. In fact, I wish that you had written more. Yet, a good writer always leaves them wanting more. And you did just that with this post.

It is about education. Just because you're 6 foot 9, doesn't mean you have a basketball position waiting on you. I always tell tall young men that I see that they might have to open up to other sports (rowing, volleyball, track) that could use their height advantage.

But it's tough to get that point across when basketball and football are the cheapest and most readily available sports in our neighborhood. Yet, the cheapest place of them all- THE LIBRARY- is the emptiest place in urban neighborhoods?

Why is that?

RiPPa said...

Professional sports is the modern day plantation and it's really that simple. Also, I'd like to add that having an education doesn't necessarily prove that one is mature, responsible or upstanding.

At the same time, we have to consider that in most cases, these are young men who are disadvantaged from the get go. That said, the lure of money and that big contract will always win.

But hell, since we're talking about education and Black men. How about HBCU's only graduate Black men at the current rate of 28% in a six year time span? Something tells me that all these guys who don't graduate are not leaving for that big payday.

DJ Black Adam said...

Education? Maybe, but it wasn't the lack of "collegiate" education that screwed over Vick, it was lack of a MORAL education, lack of VALUES that should have been instilled in him while he was coming up and no college in the world can do that.

Alot of these athletes suffer from the same deficiency of character, because no one holds them accountable, parents, teachers, coaches, they all help enable this.

AT LEAST he didn't kill a human being like that dumb ass Ray Carruth. But he messed up worse, he killed the "White" MAN's Best friend, FIDO.

Personally, the man has done his time, he should be able to play again. I hope he learned his lesson finally, time will tell.

Bellini said...

preach on! over @ the 5spot, we'd call it --"callin' a spade a spade!"

Rere said...

You keep putting emphasis on DOGS. Out of curiosity, are you doing that to imply that they are "JUST dogs", rather than an old hispanic man trying to get home from work? He could have done a lot of things worse than killing DOGS...but that doesn't make what he DID do less severe. He took lives for no reason. His ass was not broke trying to pay his rent. He did this shit for this own amusement. And if you ask me, someone that gets amusement from death of creatures that God created with love....maybe that is someone who has some serious mufuggin problems.

bustabitch said...

To use your words..He F off millions of dollars the same way people F off their $1000 paycheck and are living from paycheck to paycheck. NO DISCIPLINE, living above their means and not preparing for their future. He just had more money to play with than the average person.