Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shit you should already know

Today at work a coworker and I were listening to the Steve Harvey morning show.
Of course we started talking about his book Act like a lady Think like a man. I told her that I had glanced over it in Barnes and Nobles, but had not purchased it. I told her that I was not really feeling it because I do not want a woman to think like me. I want a woman to think like what she is, a woman.

But that is just me.

We started talking about self help books and how people are making millions of dollars telling other people how they should live their lives.

I never thought about this before, but she, (this is a very fine older woman, that if I was not married), well.... Let me stop right there.

Back on point...

She pulled my coat to the fact that people in general are very stupid.
People are constantly looking to other people to tell them shit they should already know.

Case and point.

Brother Steve's book is pretty much simple. Women should listen to their instincts when dealing with men. A woman knows from the start-up if a man is full of shit or not.

But instead of listening to that inner voice every woman has, they rely on someone to tell them the decision they should make.

My coworker got me to thinking. She hit the nail on the head.

How is someone that does not know me from the man on the moon gonna tell me what decision I should make concerning something in my life, that I should already know the answer to?

Mind control is all this shit is. Legalized Pimping.

'Baby, you know that you like standing on that corner all day making your man rich. This is what you were made to do. Don't you feel good making Daddy happy'?

Don't that sound just like some of those "self-help" books, or the Dr. Phil's in the world, that are constantly telling people what they should do in their lives to be happy and fulfilled?

Why does anybody need somebody else to tell them what makes them happy?
Why does anybody need somebody else to tell them to get out of an abusive relationship?
Why does anybody need somebody to tell them to lose weight if they know they are over weight?

Don't YOU know better than some stranger what YOU
need to fulfill or better YOUR situation?

Why do I need to buy a book or watch some TV personality or listen to some good Reverend Dr at the Unified Brother of Christ and Dollars Church tell me some shit that I should already know about myself?

I know what makes me happy.
I know what makes me cry.
I know if doing something hurts.
I know what I look like when I look in the mirror.
I know if this woman loves me or not.
I know what type of relationship I like being in.

I know me.

So why would I want somebody that does not know me, to tell me about me, or what I should be doing with my life, or what I need to do fulfill my relationship?

Legalized Pimping.

Maybe I should write a self help book.
I have been told that I am a smooth talker.
I damn sure can tell a woman how she needs to feel and what she needs to do to bring me some cash.

"Bitch better have my money. Not some, Not half, but all my cash. And if that bitch don't, I'm putting my foot dead in her ass."


MsPuddin said...

You have a point, but for some, self help books well, help. I just got through reading Steve's book and I agree, a lot of the material I knew and I found myself skimming for more 'helpful' information. Although, to some extent it helped me come to terms with previous relationships not working out and what I could do to possibly make future relationships work. However, at the end of the day the decision of choice is initially up to me (the reader).So self help books seem to serve more of an inspirational purpose than a 'telling someone what to do' purpose...


StillaPanther2 said...

Brother Blackman...very insightful and telling it like it is. I am amazed at how people ar3e always calling me to see if I am listen to Brother Basdin. I like his chatter with George, but now it seems like I need someone on a radio to tell me how to eat, how to raise my children and any other "hot fad" message of the day. I, "in my perfect world", would like for him to play the music because if I have to wait for someone on the radio to "teach" me how to live... well you know. There is this need for people to call a radio station to confess- now that is plain crazy. Maybe this is a new day and where I got my life's lessons is no longer viable. But- I thank my parent(s), church, uncles and aunts, the army and various neighbors for helping me along this journey.

DJ Black Adam said...

Correction, people pay money for Rich people to SELL them information about themselves, they should already know, therefore making said Rich person RICHER

Hawa Bond said...

I'm lovin this post.

Self-help books never taught me much, altho some contain useful information. But I can say that quite a few offered the motivation and inspiration to help myself through some trials - which is often what people are reading them for in the first place.

Then there are folks who were programmed so young to believe that certain horrors are "normal," that self-help books seem useful in rebooting their mental computers (e.g. sex abuse survivors).

Hawa, author of Fackin Truth Blog and Cleanse Master Remix

Anonymous said...

Funny, the GF & I had a discussion about this book a few weeks ago. We both agreed that almost anyone, with a little common sense, and a publicist/agent, could have done the same.
But I believe the phenomena you speak of, is more a reflection of the "Not My Fault, I'm Not Responsible" attitude of American society.
The Dr. Phils, Steve Harveys, etc, are just capitalizing on it.

Freeman Press said...

You can never underestimate the wanting of the masses to be told what do to. If someone popular tells them to drink lets say Ciroc then the clubs have 200 bottles in stock.

Common sense told by you and me is of course i know stupid. Common sense told by Steve Harvey and seconded by Oprah and 1000 testimonials on the radio by the ignorant make it Heaven Sent.

Game recognize game homie! This is why they want celebrity spokespeople for everything even Male Enhancement.

Bellini said...

Write the book, I'll support a brotha - (although i may not read it)!

Dirty Red said...

Ms. Puddin,
Thanks for the comment Boo. I agree that some self help books are supposed to be a motivator, but some people follow them as if it is the new Bible. Tha tis the problem.

Yep they damn sho do act like we need someone to tell us everything.I wonder how our Grandparents survived?

Yo DJ,

According to our current society if a celebrity says it, It gots to be true.


I have never learned anything from anyone that I had not known personally. My Granparents, my mother, my father and my Uncles (some of my Uncles) were my inspiration. They were all the self help I ever needed. Especially my Moms with that braided up switch. I knew if I did not self help myself to do what she said, she would help herself to some of my naked ass! LOL.

You are right. Today's society does have a it's not my fault mentality.

As always. you dropped some knowledge that made me think about shit. You have so many thoughtful posts over at your site, most of the time i don't know what to comment on because you say everything that needs to be said. Sometimes I feel that a comment would be stealing from your words. Keep up the good work man.

The book is coming Boo. Make sure you cop that. I needs my paper!! LOL