Thursday, April 16, 2009

So tell me how you really feel....

I am all for freedom of speech.

I truly believe that a person has the right to say whatever the hell they feel like saying, to whomever they feel like saying it, where ever the mood strikes them to say it.

What I don't agree with is people saying shit that they do not really mean, or saying some shit to hint around to the real shit they want to say, instead of being grown with it and saying what they really want to say.

'Dirty Red what in the hell are you trying to say'?

Be patient my little chick-a-dees, there is a method to my madness.....

The so-called "tea parties".

Now what was the point of these little demonstrations?

Well supposedly it was to protest the President's 'wasteful spending' of our tax dollars.
This was a nonviolent protest against 'taxation without representation'.

Who attended these little nonviolent protests?
Well let me see.....

I believe there were Neo-Nazi's, Skinheads, "right wing" republicans, all those clowns from Fox News, and just plain old scared of change, White Folks.

There were the people out there protesting that supported the previous administration's wasteful spending of OUR tax dollars with no-bid contracts to his buddies and TEN BILLION dollars a month of OUR tax dollars in Iraq.

There were people out there protesting that stood by and watched HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of OUR tax dollars given to private Armies like Black Water that were caught abusing the civil rights of civilians in those countries that we are at war with.

There were people out there protesting that said nothing about the tax breaks given to people that did not need them.

There were people out there that supported the previous administration's lack of regard of our Nation's border security.

There were people out there that supported the previous administration's lack of regard for our public schools and the health care of our elderly.

There were people out there that supported the previous administration's total disrespect of the Hero's that returned broken from that TEN BILLION dollar a month fiasco in Iraq.

There were people out there that supported the previous administration's total lack of regard for human life during Hurricane Katrina and also the miserable condition our countries infrastructure is in.

And to top it all off, all of the people that attended the "tea parties" around our beautiful country yesterday consider themselves die hard, red,white and blue dyed, PATRIOTS.

How is this putting "country first"?

Now I admit that I hate paying taxes just as much as those White Folks that were out there protesting.
But I know that without my taxes, there would be no roads that were used by those people to get to those "rallies".
Without my taxes there would be no poo-lice to keep those protesters safe at those rallies.
Without my taxes there would be no medics and first care responders to administer first aid to those protesters at those rallies in case one of them falls over into their tea bags with a heart attack.
There would be no public transportation that some of those protesters used to get to those rallies.
There would be no Senators and Congressman to represent those protesters while they are protesting 'taxation without representation.'

I hate paying taxes, Lord knows I do, but Taxes are necessary to maintain the things that we take for granted everyday.

'But Dirty Red, you still have not explained what you are trying to say. Why don't you get to the point?'

Well my point is this....

Those rallies had nothing to do with Taxes.
Those rallies were against Obama's blackness. (Or half blackness).
Those rallies were a 'politically correct' way of saying that there are some people in this great country of ours that still think that a Black man is not smart enough to run anything but a drug ring or a basketball court.
Those rallies were a way of saying the things that they really want to say, but are to scared to say.

While the previous administration was busy stacking their own bank accounts with our tax dollars, not a word was said.
But that was a-ok, because the people fucking them looked like them and they could relate.
Now that we have a new HNIC, those same people that were applying the lube to their own asses before bending over voluntarily, are scared.

I guess it is cool to be fucked as long as the person fucking you speaks the same language you do, so you can understand him when he whispers in your ear how good your ass is, and how this is hurting him more than it is hurting you.

I guess it is called 'rough sex' when you know the person that is sticking a broom stick up your ass, but it is called 'rape' if you don't.

Yeah, that has to be the explanation....

So folks in my usual way, with no sugar coating, that is what I was trying to say.


truth said...

Great post,
There's no reasonable logic to their madness. With the huge deficit that Obama inherited, what was he supposed to do? Nothing?

Bush already did heavy tax cuts and deregulation, which did not work, but this is what they want to repeat.

Can you believe that idiot Rush Limbaugh, he criticized Obama because he ordered the killing of three black Muslim teenagers? Just the day before, he said Obama was being soft in not taking care of the situation quicker. That idiot Sean Hannity said Obama didn't have choice, he had to make the order, so he shouldn't take credit for the success. Imagine that, the leader of the free world had to give the order, he had no other choice available!

There's no logic to their attacks on Obama. There's no reasonable logic to the tea baggers. By the way, someone might want to tell those idiot's what tea bagging means!

Wilfredo said...

It's true. These folks, who are in the minority (I hope), find a black man as president hard to swallow! It's so obvious, why can't the media (other than Fox) call it for what it is? Oh, yeah... ratings.

tolivetodream said...

Excellent Post and the truth, great combination.

StillaPanther2 said...

Brother Blackman...can't say a thing. You have covered the bases. America and her inhabits are so simple. The truth hurts but I am looking for the day when an accounting of all her crimes are exposed and attached rightly so.

StillaPanther2 said...

Brother Blackman..comment is to "truth" and all. Methinks Brother Obama was placed in the position of " is you or ain't you" with us(US). This old Blackman have seen more than a half a century (I'm 58) of propagranda and downright "I'm white and I'm right". My mind tells me that something is not right to shoot 3 boys dead when you are towing them (they were towing their small lifeboat). In towing them, you just put them on your rifle range. All veterans can relate to 'STAY IN YOUR LANE" These Navy SEALS just had live target pratice in murdering these three boys/men. Stay in your lane means to shoot straight ahead. They had no intentions of not killing these brothers. How sad for Brother Obama to have to demostrate that one white life is more valuable than 3 lives of people of color. He will be tasked by the white military brass to kill other people of color. PS..You see how they used Roland Martin of CNN to waste three days on herotizing(my word) this white man. People... you nor I was there so we can only know what 'they" say; after 50+ years I know they lie, lie, lie.

DJ Black Adam said...

Red, I'm going to link this.

daddio911 said...

You have got to be freaking kidding me. We're playing the race card in conjunction with taxes now?!?! Are you out of your damn mind?!?!?! I understand that a lot of people believe that the white man is keeping the black man down, but I thought you were beyond that anticquated and irrational posture. We keep ourselves down because we don't link together in a positive way and accelerate the advancement of our people. Look what the hispanic population does. They risk their lives to get here and stack themselves in houses to help eachother get a step up. Hell. even the asian population does it. Do We??? YOu know the answer to that. WE actively try to screw our brothas instead of help. We don't come to help of our black neighbors until a white guy writes the "N" word on his front door and lights the cross. We don't take an interest in the black senior adult until they are denied something by the enemy....The White Man. Obama is an inexperienced goob who speaks a really good game. Don't get me wrong. Obama could talk the panties off a nun, but wtf has he done to rival some of the more experienced leaders in the country. The last guy was a goob too, but for all he may have wanted to do, he couldn't talk his way out of a wet paper bag and was too stupid to put the people that could front and center. He also tructed his friends too damn much. Obama is adding to the deficit....not aiding it. Obama is adding to the pain the middle class is experiencing....not alleviating it. Obama and his flunkies in office have increased pork barrell spending by a larger percentage than the white guy ever did, but I'm sure that's his fault too even though he's now in Dallas trying to build a library. Don't believe me check out CAGW.ORG. Tax cuts work.....when done correctly. Kissing big business ass works.....when done correctly. Supporting social programs like education are a great and responsible thing to do and no one wants the injured taken care of as much as I do, but look at the trail and see the origin and realize it didn't start with Bush and it won't end with Obama. Are there racist assholes out there... YES!!! But Obama is getting more than his fair share of love for honestly doing little to make my life easier. I'm giving the guy time and not expecting much in return. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see him being the Knight on the shining horse bringing this country back to a golden stance.... but again I hope I'm wrong. As for the teabaggers.... like all attention whores, they are talking the game that they think takes car of them. The only people that are talking a good game in the area of taxes and and recovery are the ones who see the problem being solved by us. You and me!!! We are the base and we are the fix. Those trillions of dollars should have been put in our pockets so that WE can buy the market back from doom and despair. WE buy the cars, the houses, the stocks, the groceries. We hire the staff that builds the roads, the homes, the businesses the whatever that put this country ahead. If the trillions of dollares where at the bottom...OUR BACK POCKETS...and not at the top, then GMC wouldn't be going bankrupt. Southwest Airlines would be touting their continued success. We make this country suceed, not the non tax paying demotits in the Obama administration. It is You and I who will fix this problem.

Dirty Red said...

Daddio, Again you miss the point.
I was not trying to pull any race card. You know me better than that...
Or do you?
So let me explain it to you like I have to explain it to my 8 year old nephew...

There are people in this country that honestly feel that people that look like me or even you do not deserve to be here in the land that was given to them by their God. That is a fact. But now in the era of political correctness, they have to save face when out in public. That was what I was trying to say. Again it seems that you are not as tuned in to the real world as I think you are. Open your eyes man!!!

bustabitch said...

oh the hypocrisy of America. I asked some of those same questions, where were those protesters during the Bush regime?