Thursday, April 23, 2009

Uncle Red, why are you and my Aunty wrestling with no clothes on?


How old is old enough to start talking to your kids about sex?
I ask this because I have an eight year old nephew who recently asked my sister what a pussy is.

When she told me this I could not help but smile,because that is my little man, ya know?

But I got to thinking.... Where did this little dude hear the word "pussy" and who was he around when he heard it?

Now I kinda consider my nephew my son, since I do not have one yet. So I guess I can speak for all men out there when I say that I was kinda of proud of my little man when I found this out.

I know, I know, that sounds so wrong, but every man wants his son to be interested in women. That is just how we are.

I also know that if my daughter ever asked me what a "dick" is, well there is going to be some repercussions. My daughter better not even start to form the letter D until she is 35 years old. Again I know that sounds so double standard, but if I ever have a daughter, every time I look at her I am going to think about all the things I have did to all the "daughter's" I have known over the years and well....

I'll just be double standard, OK? So sue me.

Anyways back to my question... How young is too young and how old is too old?
Even I have to admit that 8 years old is too young to be asking about pussies.

But with today's society, with sex everywhere, when does a parent start to prepare his child?

How do you explain to an 8 year old child that a man does not go around having sex with any and every woman that comes his way?

How do you explain to an 8 year old child that sex should only be between 2 people that love each other, that a woman's body is the most precious thing that she can ever give away to someone, and that if you are the one she chooses to give it to, you do not mistreat her?

Will an 8 year old child understand that sex is not a game?

Will he understand that having sex with multiple women does not define what a man is?

Will he understand that women are a gift from God and they should be treated as such?

Will he understand that "pussy" and "dick" are slang for Penis and Vagina?

How do you explain all this to an 8 year old child in ways that an 8 year old mind can understand?

Will he understand that sex can kill you if you do not protect yourself?

How can you explain this to any child, from 8 to 80? Maybe it is a good thing I don't have any kids yet.

But my sister has tasked me to talk to my little man. I guess she thinks I can tell him what he needs to know.

If it were up to me he would have to wait until he is 35 also.

But we all know that if I don't talk to him, he will see that new Burger King Commercial with the theme from baby's got back. Maybe that is where he heard the word "pussy".

Ain't that some shit? Now they even got Sponge Bob doing the "butt".


Georgia's Angels said...

My granddaughter wrote a note to a boy in her 4th grade class and tol him 'I want to sex you up" In todays school system that is considered sexual harrassment. The principal who happen to be a former class mate of mine, called my daughter and her husband and they called me. when we get to the school both families, the father of the boy looks at my granddaughter andand says"she such a pretty little thing what harm was done"? So i understand what you mean about the double standard. I raked her over the coals the way only a grandma could and assure her if she wrote that word again on anything until she had a husband she would come and live with me. Her parents were just relieved that his parents didn't want to make a case out of the situation. I think our children are exposed to more information than they know what to do with. I'm 60 years old and i'm still trying to remember when i learned the word sex.

Bellini said...

when my daughter was 6/7ish she asked me why her dad stands up to use the bathroom and she sits down and i informed her because that we have a vagina and her dad has a penis. i also informed her to ask her dad what a penis is -- he shut down and absolutely thought i was ludicrous for telling her to ask him about male genitalia!

RiPPa said...

Small doses Red, small doses. I don't know how to explain it because like you, I'd be stuck on where the hell did he hear the word pussy. He'd have to tell me and then I'll probably tell him to go ask them. And if its his momma, he needs to be sure to ask when the Pastor is around.


The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey Man, I've got 2 boys, both under 8 and both bright and curious. The Birds and Bees are gonna' have to come a damn sight sooner than I wanted.

Before I had kids, I used to get annoyed by all of the talk about too much sex and violence on TV. I thought these people were prudes. Now that I have kids - I'm with them 100%! Even the TV channels like Nickeloden have shows after 8 with teenagers kissing and making out, girls kissing girls and all kinds of mature themes. Sex is everywhere and you nephew and my boys and everybody else kids are gonna' see it too.

Hey - I think the "pussy" talk should come from you or his dad. You guys can water it down to simple simple terms he can understand. Tell him not to listen to the potential teenage parent that introduced him to the word.

Good luck... my turn I guess.


Freeman Press said...

Depending on the level of stupidity that surrounds your neighborhood is the determining factor for when you should tell your kids. Now I'm not talking about ignorance I'm talking about stupidity because things happen to smart people to. So if you look down the street and there's kids having babies then it's time, if you look up and there's teenagers having babies then it's the time, if you're lucky and your kid graduates from high school and no one had a baby then definitely it's the time.

Overall whenever you think the risk of a mistake happening is the time you should get it out. Use your 3rd eye! LOL