Thursday, May 21, 2009

The past is exactly where it should be, behind us

I have written two blogs about Michael Vick. The FIRST one was when he first went to prison, the SECOND was when his people came up with that lame ass idea about how he expects to continue his reign as the top money maker in the NFL upon his release from prison.

This will be my third and and final installment of my Michael Vick saga.

In this post I am not going to bash Mr. Ron Mexico.

I am going to bash all those hypocrites in America that preach all day about redemption and rehabilitation and forgiveness and giving second chances to people that have made mistakes, but forget all that "love thy brother" shit when ever it is not convenient or politically correct for them.

I am going to hit in the head all those motherfuckers that place an animal's life above a humans.

I am going to talk bad about all those hating ass sports commentators that think that just because they know who scored the first touchdown in the first Superbowl, that gives them the right to judge somebody.

Yep all the above mentioned bastards can die a very slow and agonizing death.

All those people that think they have the right to judge a man who has already been judged by a federal judge can kiss by Black Ass.

All those fake ass Christians and religious Zealots that feel the need to pass judgement on people, while they stand by and watch their pastors bilk their congregations out of millions of dollars a year, can go straight to the hottest part of hell.

I am in no way endorsing what Mr. Vick did. I am an avid Dog Lover. In fact my beloved Dog, Snowball, just had to be put down because he had an incurable nerve disorder. That dog was part of my family and I loved him dearly. I think about him everyday, so I think what Mr. Vick did was deplorable.

But, (yes here is the but), Michael Vick did what was required of him by the Federal Government to atone for and pay for his crimes. He passed all the tests that were set before him. He abided by the stipulations that the court placed upon him. He has suffered financially, spiritually and mentally. He has lost "friends", probably some family members and the trust of some people that once depended on him.

However, there are some people in this country that think that he should pay more. They think that he does not deserve to pursue his chosen occupation because of his past crimes. They think that just because he killed dogs, he should be labeled an axe murderer and have to be stigmatized the rest of his life like a convicted sex offender.

There are some organizations that think that Michael Vick should have gotten a harsher sentence than what he got.

I would bet you my next 3 paychecks that if the role were reversed and it was these assholes that are condemning Mr. Vick, and they were the ones that were looking to start over, they would be deathly quiet. They would be begging for public support and they would be screaming about how they have paid their debt to society and they deserve a second chance.

I believe that Mike Vick is a stupid man. I believe that he did what stupid people do, he made stupid choices in friends and he made stupid decisions based on his stupidly.

But he manned up, took the hit and now he wants and needs to move on.

He should be allowed to do so.

At least that is what I think anyway.


MoMo said...

I totally agree with your comments in regards to Mr. Vick, it reminded of a quote, "Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit". Lets hope he can learn to turn the other cheek cause he's going to have to in order to make it work.


jjbrock said...

Hello Dirty Red! I did a post about Vick also...And I total agee with your post...Michael Vick has paid his debt to society,and he should be allowed to pursue any profession he is qualified for or that does not violate the law.

It's true we're products of our past but we don't have to be prisoners of it!...I believe Vick should be given a second chance.

From a spiritual standpoint, all he has to do is ask forgiveness, his sin is no more or less sinful than anyone else sin.

From a social standpoint, he has served his sentence and paid his debt to society.

This remains one of the most unjust aspects of our society that nearly all convicted felons are treated as social out casts for the rest of their lives, even if they pay their debt and live a transformed life.

Most people in that situation will be excluded from a decent job or a decent place to live for every... We set people like Vick up to become repeat offenders by treating them like nobody.

tr.baskin said...

I've read many comments the last couple of days regarding Mr. Vick. Many with hateful words. It's way past time we move on and let this man start to live again. He paid his debt that was handed to him by our justice system.

I pray that he truely has learned for the better and hope he is able to continue on with his life.

Walt Bennett said...

We've been going at this with the PeTAheads over at the NYT Fifth Down blog, and my basic question is: What would they be saying if it had been Brett Favre who had done these things?

I'm not saying he would, but it's a fair question what else is behind this pure hatred.

And as I have also noted, it is too bad that People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals don't consider humans to be animals worthy of ethical treatment.

Did you see where PeTA called for a scan of Vick's brain? I predicted that when the general population gets ahold of that information, it will rebound in a harsh way against PeTA.

Or maybe I'm just naive.

StillaPanther2 said...

Brother BlackMan... I lived on Pennisula (Newport News, Hampton,VA) on/off 58 years and followed the careers of many of the 757 atheletes. Our record for the area is dismal and like you said "once you do the time". That baing said'I can only hope for the best. But to open a box about crime and punishment lend me to believe that the system is so polluted that I invoke the "rotten apple" doctrine. If the system is rotten..then the punishment is rotten..therefor the "I did my time' is on shaky grounds. I had a friend that got drunk and walked his dog. During the walk my friend pulled the leash and choked the dog. He is serving 5 years in Southampton Correctional in VA. My friend had the misfortune to do this stupid act during the time when Mike was out on bail/bond pror to his trial. Shortly after Mr. Vicks misdeeds, there was a fresh rush to harsh judgments for any infraction on dogs. ( I have never had a period in my life without dogs} Now, my friend gets out in Nov 09. I will be going to all these people that say "he served his time..let him continue his profession" and see how many of them will give Tyrone L a job. Here in Virginia ex-offenders are stripped of many rights for life, Brother Vick got a bigggg break.

FreeMan said...

Man they aren't going to ever forgive him for drowning Lassie! Black folk know when whites are taking things a bit too far and we all know it should be over and it never should have went this far in the first place. Am I disappointed NO because anyone of these high paid slaves should know they will revoke their money if you have any issues. White guys can beat their wives and do drugs but Black guys have to damn near be perfect at least in the public eye.

Vick is Black and thus the past is never forgiven. Why should we think they would act differently with him. If this theory was true then all your convicts should get a job. So let's not fall for the con because of PETA that this is about a lower life form. He embarrassed the institution called the NFL so his punishment will endure as long as the NFL draws flack from keeping him throwing a ball for his massa!

Walt Bennett said...

A man got five years for choking one dog? Is that true?