Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What the hell is Reverse Racism?!

Reverse Racism....

This term was first put out there by the Rethugs favorite racist drug addict, Rush Limpdick.

Now it seems to have caught on like that late '80's saying, "gag me with a spoon."

Everybody is talking about Reverse Racism now a-days.

The latest is the Supremes ruling in favor of the WHITE FIREFIGHTERS in Connecticut.

It seems that 19 White and 1 Puerto Rican Firefighter sued the city of New Haven for discriminating against them by promoting less qualified Black Firefighters to higher positions within the department.

The Black side of me wants to say so what, who cares? How many times have Blacks been overlooked when they were more qualified that Whites and in this case a Puerto Rican?

But the Human side of me is saying, Good for them. They deserve this ruling and all the back pay that they would have accumulated up to this point, if they would have gotten the higher position that they earned.

The city of New Haven was dead wrong and I am glad that the Supremes got this one right.

Hiring or promoting to meet a quota is dead ass wrong.

If the 19 White and 1 Puerto Rican Firefighters worked harder and studied more for the Firefighters promotion test than their Black brother's did, then they deserve the promotion and the Blacks need to suck it up and work harder.

This shit should not have even made it to the Supremes.

And in my opinion, the Black Firefighters should have stood beside their fellow Firefighters and declined the promotions.

But that would only happen in a perfect world.

All this case did was divide the Fire Department down color lines that will take years to fix.

This case is one of the problems I have with Affirmative Action.

Do we still need it?

In some cases, yes we do.

Affirmative Action has put (and continues to put) minorities into positions or schools that they would not have gotten a chance to be in without it.

But hiring a person just to say, 'Look my company is not racist. We have Jerome down in the mail room, Jose is in the Kitchen, Consuela is cleaning windows and Ming Chow is at the help desk', is wrong.

Wrong ass Wrong.

Me personally, I would not accept a job if I knew that I was only hired to meet a number.

Hire me for my qualifications, my education, my personality or my deep chocolate good looks.

But don't hire me just because I just happen to be African American applicant number 9.

To me that is degrading.

But I already know that some of my brothers and sisters are going to comment talking about how the White Man has kept us down for so long that this is only pay back.

In some cases this might be true.


Now a days the only man holding us back is the man or woman in the mirror.

That bullshit excuse that I know is coming is nothing but tired rhetoric that condones people getting over for doing nothing to earn what ever they get.

Racism is still alive and well here in the good ole US of A, but now two can play that game. There are too many resources available to us to just accept any and everything that is thrown off the kitchen table as scraps.

So my hat is off to my White brothers and one Puerto Rican brother that won this decision.

Because me personally, if my crib is in flames, I could give two hot shits what color the help is.

The only thing I would be worrying about is when is Help coming.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The greatest Hustler of all

This morning I watched a little bit of an old episode of the SOPRANO'S on A@E.

In this episode BOKEEM WOODBINE played a Rap music Mogul that was trying to negotiate a distribution deal with the Jewish guy (Hesh, I believe his name was) that was in bed with the thugs that the series was based on.

Now I was never a fan of the Soprano's because I know that mobbed up Italians could give a damn about Black people. I have never understood why so-called Black Thugs would try to mimic a group of people that were responsible for most of the drug traffic in Black neighborhoods.

I don't understand why some Black People feel the need to try to be everything but Black,and deny everything that is Black, just to fit into the box that some White people think that all Black people should be in,(which by the way is the same box that White People invented),instead of being proud of the fact that Black is beautiful and realizing that self hate is not a good look.

I never understood why Rappers glorify the Mafia Life-style, when in reality there has never been a Black "made" guy, and there never will be a Black "made" guy, because to be considered "family" to those people you have to be a full blooded Italian, and I can count on 1 finger how many full blooded Black Italian's there are in the world.

Or maybe 1 finger is a little too much.

Anyways let me get back to what I was trying to get at.....

The thing in this episode that gave me the idea for this post came from the scene where the Italians, the Jewish guy and the Rappers were at the Jewish guy's ranch and the Rapper's were talking about how the Jewish guy got rich off of the Black artists that he worked with back in the 50's and 60's when he had Black entertainers on his record label.

I think the line in the show went something like this...




All the Italians laugh, and the rappers look stupid.

This was about the realist thing I have ever heard the few times I have watched this show.

From my point of view this pretty much sums up some Black Athletes, some Black movie stars, and some Black "Music" entertainers.

Not all of them mind you, just the ones that are in the news all the time for doing stupid shit.

The ones that most White people think speak for all Black People.

White people know that anything "Black" will make them money. They know that most Blacks do not have money, and that the money we do have gets recycled right back to them in the form of drugs that they supply, cars that lose value, clothes that are only worn once and lavish bullshit that only ends up with us coming back to them with our hands out.

Some Black people do not understand that. They don't understand that just because you might be rich today, there is no guarantee that you will be wealthy tomorrow.

They think that just because Mr. Charlie invites them over to his house for dinner and introduces them to his niece, they have finally turned the American Dream into a "Black" reality.

I don't know if this is due to the fact that most Black people just want to be accepted by White people and treated as equals.

Or maybe some of us still think that we have to prove to the MAN that we are humans too and we can be just as good as everybody else.

Or maybe it is due to the lack of education.

Or maybe it is all of these things.

In any sense all this does is make Black people look stupid and make us more dependent on the people that are controlling everything, which in reality is nothing more than slavery without the whips.

My Uncle has always told me that the White man is the greatest hustler of all time.

Think about it...

Who else can come to a foreign land, convince the indigenous people to sell or give away their native land, force another group of people to build the greatest nation on the face of the earth on that land, and convince them all that they are doing it to better themselves, when in reality the only ones that are getting "better" is them?

In other words...

Pimps up, Ho's Down.

And guess who the Ho's are?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fools fall in Love just like everybody else

I have a friend that just separated from his wife of 4 years.

He has 1 daughter by her and he is step-father to her daughter from a previous sperm doner.

Everybody that knows this dude told him not to marry this chick, but he followed his heart and well, here he is 4 years later.

I am not saying she is a bad woman, I only know what he tells me about her. But I also know that there are two sides to everything.

All I am saying is that she was/is bad for him.

Check it....
He was cheating with her when he was married to his first wife, who by the way was a good woman.
The only reason he got caught was because the jump-off called his wife while he was going home after a night with her, and told his wife to smell his dick when he got home and to call her back to let her know how her pussy smelled.

So as you can guess, that pretty much ended his first marriage.

Well about a year later he surprised all of us with the news that he married his jump-off.

Shit has been bad for him every since.

He has caught 3 cases for domestic violence, even though according to him, (like I said there are two sides to everything)the only thing he has ever done to her was slam her down on the bed to get her off of him.

He has lost 4 good paying jobs because his drama at home leaked over into his jobs.

He was diagnosed with diabetes,high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and his Kidneys recently failed forcing him to have to be put on dialysis.

And now that he is at his worst financially, mentally and health wise, what does she do?

She leaves him, does not tell him where she is living because she is 'afraid for her safety' and at the recent child support hearing, she hits him in the head for $600 a month.

There is a good thing that has came about during this time though, he has dedicated his live to God and he is know studying to be a minister.

But here is the kicker....

He is still trying to make it work.

The court mandated counseling before the divorce can be finalized and he is like a school boy at recess at the opportunity to try to prove that he can still be a good husband to her.

He told me yesterday that they went out on a date, which he paid for,went to a semi expensive restaurant, which he paid for, got a Hotel room, which he paid for, and at the end of the night he gave her some money to wash clothes and to get gas so she can go to her part time job.

She did all this, but he still does not know where she is living with his daughters because she still 'fears for her safety' when she is alone with him.

He told me that if the counseling sessions go well, he will drop the divorce proceedings.

All I could do was shake my head in wonder and be like how much pain and heartbreak can a person endure for love?

Me and my wife have our typical marriage life problems, but this shit here.....


That is my mans and all and I will support him no matter what, but to me he is a damn fool.

What say you?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The real State of the Union

Everybody living here in America is prejudiced.


I say this because of the recent comments made towards the First Lady of these here divided states by a SOUTH CAROLINA REPUBLICAN and the RACIST EMAIL of the 43 Presidents that was sent by a White Republican staffer in Tennessee.

I am used to this type of shit because I have seen it my entire life. I expect to hear about shit like this from White people. I know that there is not a White person in the country that has not called a Black Person a nigger. They might not have done it to the face of the person they had a problem with, but I believe they have done it at least once or couple two three times. And when they said it, whispered it, or thought it, they meant it with every bit of malice and hate they could muster.

I also believe that every Black person here in the divided states of America has thought ill towards our fellow White Brothers and Sisters. I know I have. I have to stop myself from referring to a grown ass White MAN as a White BOY, even though I know if a White dude called me BOY, I would have a big problem with it.

I believe that some Blacks resent Hispanics and Asians because they are slowly taking over our neighborhoods, that they automatically reap the benefits of what our Forefathers died for without working for or deserving it and they seem to be 3 steps ahead of us when it comes to building wealth in this country.

I believe that some Hispanics and Asians resent Blacks because they feel that Blacks take for granted every thing that we have here. I think they believe that everything is handed to us on a platter, while they have to bust their asses to make it and it seems that they are always the ones being excluded. I mean think about it for a second....
How many Hispanic or Asian people do you see on TV? It is always Blacks and Whites living in a perfect, make believe Harmony.

I believe that some White people resent every body that is not White because they feel that this country was founded by them for them.
Who gets all the accolades for founding this country?
Nobody with a little color in their skin. So I think that some Whites feel that we (Blacks, Hispanics and Asians)are riding the coattails of their forefathers and that we don't give them the respect they feel they deserve for providing the life we have grown accustomed to.

So I believe everybody is prejudiced.

That is why it burns me up to hear White people talk bad about the current President, even though I have talked bad about the former President and did not think nothing of it.

That is why we have Black Neighborhoods, White Neighborhoods, Hispanic Neighborhoods and Asian Neighborhoods.

That is why I am not considered just an American, even though I was born and raised on American soil and cannot trace my roots farther than the coast of North Carolina.

Instead I am called an African American even though I do not speak any African Dialect, I do not have any African relatives and the closest I have ever been to Africa, is to the Africans I work with every day.

That is why we hear shit that was supposed to be said in private around people that were supposed to be "like minded", leaked to the world for all to hear.

Everybody is biased towards anyone that looks or thinks like them and could give a damn about anybody that does not.

That is why this blog is called "A BLACKMAN'S VIEW" instead of just 'A MAN'S VIEW'.

It is a damn shame, but it is what it is and I don't think it will change.

I do not hate anybody, but I do feel a little dis-like for anyone that disrespects me or my people. I take assaults on the President and his family personally, even though I have never met the man and I damn sho do not agree with all his decisions.

I have friends across the Ethnic Divide that I talk to all the time. Friends that I would defend to the death, but I feel the most comfortable around my own.

Is that wrong?

I am not a racist, but I do think I am prejudiced , just like everyone else in AmeriKKKa.

At least I am man enough to admit it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

God, Guns and Bullshit

I was over at my man's RIPPA'S site this morning reading all his brilliance and I came across two very interesting articles that he wrote his opinions on.

They both include Guns, but one includes God and Guns. I told him I was going to post jack him, because the need came over me to add my 2 cents. And since I am not the one to leave a 10 paragraph comment on any one's blog,I felt the need to come here, to Dirty Reds Blog, to express my opinion.


In the first post by my man Rippa, he talked about a NEW GUN LAW IN TN, that allows people to carry loaded guns in restaurants and bars as long as they are not drinking.

pause for dramatic effect.....

People being allowed to carry loaded guns where there is an ample amount of alcohol, mind altering drugs and testosterone.....


Does this make any sense to any of you?

I know I have been to many a club on many different occasions where there were guns readily available to drunken idiots and the experiences were ones that I will not soon forget. (In my past life I was one of the drunken idiots.)My cousin was shot and killed by a group of drunken idiots at a club/bar/restaurant where damn near everybody had guns and felt the need to exercise their constitutional rights.

So why would the good lawmakers of TN, where their largest city, Memphis, is on the list of most dangerous cities in America, decide to pass a Bullshit law like this?

When the White men that wrote the constitution wrote that famous line that says that Americans have the right to bear arms, do ya think they meant for it to be carried this far?

I know that gun rights advocates will say that "GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE", but in my opinion that is straight, un-filtered Bullshit.

People do kill People.... With Guns!

And most of the time People use guns to kill People when they are drunk or have been drinking or getting high on something.

So what sense does it make to make it legal for all three things(guns, alcohol, drugs) to be in the same place at the same time in a State where gun related violence is off the charts?

I just don't understand it.

Now on to the Guns and God part of this post....

There is a MINISTER IN KENTUCKY that is advocating his congregation to bring their guns with them to church services.

All in the name of being PATRIOTIC.

another pause for dramatic effect....

Ya'll did hear me when I said a PREACHER has told all his flock to bring their guns to CHURCH, right?

This idiot even said that America was founded on God and Guns.

WTF man!!

Am I the only one that sees a problem with this?

Has a verse been added to the bible that says, 'thou shalt kill any fool that comes at you wrong, as long as it is done in the house of thine lord?'

Guns, God and Bullshit.

The American way.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Freedom ain't free... Someone always ends up paying for it

Yesterday I had a conversation with my man Daddio911.

Of course it was about the President and his administration.

He is totally against Big O and he thinks he is leading the country down the wrong path. He thinks that so far his policies have done nothing but hurt the country and it will only get worse.

Well, I will be the first to say that I do not agree with everything that the President has done.

I disapprove of the bailout.
I think that he should stop going to all those foreign countries apologizing for shit that happened before he came into office.
I think that he should stop trying to please every damn body in the world and accept the fact that most of the people that he is trying to please could give a hot shit about him.
I think he needs to focus on the problems here in this country and let other countries either destroy themselves or come up with their own solutions to their problems. (I.E. the Middle East, which includes Israel.)

Anyways, that is what I think.

Me and Daddio911 were talking about taxes. You know the one talking point that all die hard Rethugs talk about. All Rethugs cry about government spending, and taxes, but where do they think the money comes from that pays for all the resources that they take for granted?
Where did the money come from to pay for those wars that all the Rethugs applauded for?
Do they think all this shit is free?
All the money that has been borrowed from other countries, how do they expect it to be paid back?
Don't they realize that that when people don't have health insurance, they go to State Operated Emergency Rooms to get health care and the prices are always triple than what they would pay a normal health care provider for?
The only way to alleviate that problem is to provide health care for people that want it.

Who is going to pay for it?
We are, with taxes.

In the long run it would be cheaper, but most Rethugs are not thinking about the long-run. They want to keep all their money and resources to themselves.

All my man was talking about was Big O is going to tax everything and that the money will not be going into shit we need, but it will be going to misfits who do not want to work and people that are only looking for a free ride, or another Rethug key note address, Illegal Immigration.

I do not like paying taxes, and I will probably bitch about paying them, but if I got to pay an extra .50 on a gallon of milk, I don't think that that extra .50 will cause me to default on my mortgage.

It trips me out how most Rethugs are quick to call someone that does not agree with them unpatriotic.
Well I don't know about you, but I cannot think of a more patriotic thing to do than sacrifice a little for the country you claim to love so much.

Don't get me wrong, this is not a pep rally speech supporting the Dumbocrats. I think both major parties are full of shit, so I do not throw my allegiance behind either one.

I think that anybody that follows blindly behind one person or one idea is a damn fool.
I like to have options. I like to have choices.

Another thing just hit me.....

Another one of Daddio's pet peeves with Big O is his lack of experience.

Riddle me this....

If you have never done a job before, how can you be expected to have experience in that job?

Has any elected official ever had experience in the job they were elected to do before they actually got the job? Has there ever been a President that had experience in being a President before they were elected President?
Did any of you ever have experience in your current profession before someone took a chance on you and gave you the opportunity to gain experience in your current profession?

Things that make you go hmmm....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If you tell a lie long enough does it become true?

Yesterday I watched a movie called HEAVENS FALL which was about the trial of nine young Black men accused of raping a white woman in Alabama during the 1930's. This movie was based on a true story and it was based on what was called the trial of the SCOTTSBORO BOYS.

Of course the Black men were convicted even after it was proven that the White Girls were lying. They were granted new trials after a sympathetic Judge overturned the "Alabama Justice" handed out by the all white jury,but they were still convicted TWO more times on the same bullshit evidence that was introduced at the first trial. But that was the way it was back then and in some cases that is the way it is now.


I thought of the title of this post and the basic premise behind it while watching a scene in the movie where the defendant's lawyer was cross examining a guy about why there had never been any Blacks on any juries in any trials in the entire history of the county they were in, even though Blacks made up more than half of the population.

The guy said that Blacks were not picked because we did not have the mental capability to understand the "rules" of being a juror. He said that we were not trustworthy and that we did not have the temperament or the disposition to decide another man's fate, since we were not educated enough to understand the ramifications of making such a harsh decision.

Basically he said we were slow, stupid and incapable of making any sound decisions.

The defense attorney then proceeded to bring out several Black men that were Doctors, Preachers, Teachers and many men who held more than one College degree, all of which were denied a seat on the jury.

Well this scene in the movie got me to thinking that not only did people believe that shit back then, people believe that shit now.

And by people, I mean some Black People.

Don't get me wrong, there are millions of American Blacks that are doing the damn thing here in AmeriKKKa.

But there are a select few, that always make the evening news by doing something niggerish.

There are a certain few that still believe that if you do good in school and try to learn as much as you can, you are trying to "act white".

There are a certain few that still believe that the darker a person is, the truer the African features of a person, that person is too black, which somehow makes them ugly.

There are a certain few that still believe that it is cool to degrade BLACK women in "music" that is brought overwhelmingly by young WHITE males.

There are a certain few that still believe that it is hot in the streets to go to prison for decades by refusing to work for what they want and taking the easy way to get money.

There are a certain few that still believe that the only way a Black man can make it here in AmeriKKKa is to bypass an education and focus on shooting a basketball, running a football or rapping about the "thug life" most of them have never been a part of.

And of course there are FOOLS LIKE THIS that believe that it is the new hotness to have babies all over the place by multiple women that you have no intention of providing for.

But on the other hand,if the WOMEN in the above mentioned paragraph had any kind of self respect and dignity and were taught to demand more from the little boys they choose to lie down with, then I guess this fool would not have humped all the girls in his neighborhood.
Like my Grandmother used to say, "Baby there would not be any dogs if it was not for all these bitches".

So back to the title of this little rant, If you tell a lie long enough does it become true?

I would dare to say Hell Yes.

The proof is in the pudding.

A lot of my people believe they are inferior to White People.
A lot of my people believe that the lighter their skin is the prettier they are, or the closer they are to anybody White, the better off they are.
A lot of my people believe that a "White" education will never be of any use to a Black person.
A lot of my people believe that the White man will never let a Black Man succeed, so they choose to do everything they can to go against the powers that be and do their own thing, even if it means getting killed, ignoring their families or getting locked in a cage for decades at a time.
A lot of my people still blame White people for all the wrong and fucked up decisions they have made.

And all of this was started with a lie. A lie that has been told constantly since the first slaves were brought to the shores of Virginia and North Carolina.

I wonder if I look in the mirror and tell myself that I look like Denzel Washington and my wife looks like Eva Mendez for the next 400 years, will we morph into them?

I mean a little white lie has shaped American Black Culture not only here in the good ole US of A, but all over the world.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How Big is your World?

In my Contemporary Literature class I have to do an annotated bibliography on the author Tim LaHaye. For those of you that don't know who that is, he is the author of the "Left Behind" series. He is a very good writer and I have read all of the books in the series and a couple of other books he has written. All of his books are considered fiction, but they are based on biblical events. Which I think is kind of ironic, since most people that read the bible consider it fact, not fiction.


I am reading "The Secret on Ararat", by Mr LaHaye now and it is a pretty good read.

It is about a college professors search for Noah's Ark.

The story does flashbacks on how Noah came to build the Ark and the ridicule he faced from his neighbors while building it, however the main story takes place in modern times.

I find biblical history very interesting. I must have read the bible front to back 30 or 40 times. I am no expert, but I do know a little.

The story about the flood has always been one of my favorites.

But I have a question.....

Did the whole earth really get flooded, or was it just the world that was known back then?

Let me clarify....

The flood happened some time after Adam and Eve messed up in the Garden. I don't know how long after, but it had to have been no longer than 300 or 400 years.

So was the whole earth populated or was it just a portion of it?

I ask this because the bible makes no mention of any one traveling to uncharted places back then.
I also ask this because I know people who's whole world is one city. They know nothing about other places. So if their city was destroyed, that would be their world.


So was it the same way for the author of Genesis?

The bible makes no mention of people relocating until the Tower of Babel was being built, which was some time after the flood. After God stopped that tower from reaching the heavens, that is when he made the different languages we have today, and that is when people that spoke the same language grouped together and moved on.

So, from my understanding, up until that time, which was before the flood, everybody spoke the same language and all the cities that existed were close to each other.

So again I ask, did the whole world actually get flooded or was it just the world that existed then? And if it was the whole world that was flooded, did the Ark circle the Earth before stopping on Mt. Ararat, or did it just float around the general area it was already in?

Most of the cities that are mentioned back then can be traced to what is now the Middle East.

The Ark ended up on a mountain in the Middle East.

So if the whole world flooded, and the ark bounced around for who knows how long before the waters subsided, how come it did not end up in North America or Russia somewhere?

It ended up basically where it started, the Middle East. So did it circle the globe or did it just go around the block, so to speak?

Anyways, that is my question for the day....

Please, all you people that read my blog that claim to be Jesus experts, don't bash me for questioning the 'good book'.

I am not doubting what is in the bible, I just have a question about what is not in the bible.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Will build your car for a bailout

After our government gave GM BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of OUR tax dollars to keep from filing bankruptcy, those bastards declared BANKRUPTCY today.

Ever since this shit was first put out in the news last week, I have been getting madder and madder.

Want to hear why?

I'm about to tell ya.

First why in the hot ass hell did our President authorize all this money to be given to a company that had no chance of making it?

Second, correct me if I am wrong, but when you file chapter 13 or 11 or whatever the chapter is, is not all your former debts forgiven?

Third, could not that money that was GIVEN to a failing, mismanaged company, that was run into the dirt by it's crooked ass crooked CEO'S, been applied to this national health care system that Big O promised to initiate?
Or to the failing school system that he promised to fix?
Or to create more "green" jobs that he said he was going create so that we can quit massaging the balls of the Saudi elite?
Or better yet, what about paying back the Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Russians and everybody else that we owe TRILLIONS of dollars to?

BILLIONS of MY tax dollars given to a company that everybody knew was going to fail if it did not straighten out it's incompetence.

This shit makes not nan sense to me.

Those motherfuckers should have filed bankruptcy last year. The "bailout" should have never been given.
Those CEO's should have been prosecuted and jailed for bilking their company, stockholders,the Mexicans that manicure their lavish yards and the ones that take care of their spoiled ass kids.
They should have been made to give up their white only country club memberships, their summer homes in the Hampton's, and their ski lodges in Colorado.
They should have been made to give back all the money that their Stepford Wives spent on plastic surgery, botox injections and designer clothes.
Their kids should have been made to quit their exclusive private schools and attend Rosa Parks Elementary like my kids will have to do.

All this and heaven knows alot more, should have been mandated to be done BEFORE the President authorized any type of rain to fall on those lying, begging bastards.

GM and all the other American car makers should have known for years that if they did not stop making big, gas guzzling overpriced cars and trucks that sooner or later they were going to have to apply for section 8.

Have they not heard of Global Warming and the depletion of Fossil Fuels, which we get from certain countries that do not like us?

Did they not see what Honda, Toyota, KIA and Hyundai were doing?

I think that it is a damn shame that your number one seller is a Truck or SUV that only gets 8 miles an gallon, when we have been involved in 2 wars over the shit that is needed to power those big Trucks and SUV'S.

To me that is a form of treason. I mean look it, these American companies were aiding the motherfuckers that are giving money to the motherfuckers that we are fighting against!

If this was Dirty Red Inc. that was ran down to the sub basement of hell, would I have been eligible for a "bailout"?

I will wait for the answer.