Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Freedom ain't free... Someone always ends up paying for it

Yesterday I had a conversation with my man Daddio911.

Of course it was about the President and his administration.

He is totally against Big O and he thinks he is leading the country down the wrong path. He thinks that so far his policies have done nothing but hurt the country and it will only get worse.

Well, I will be the first to say that I do not agree with everything that the President has done.

I disapprove of the bailout.
I think that he should stop going to all those foreign countries apologizing for shit that happened before he came into office.
I think that he should stop trying to please every damn body in the world and accept the fact that most of the people that he is trying to please could give a hot shit about him.
I think he needs to focus on the problems here in this country and let other countries either destroy themselves or come up with their own solutions to their problems. (I.E. the Middle East, which includes Israel.)

Anyways, that is what I think.

Me and Daddio911 were talking about taxes. You know the one talking point that all die hard Rethugs talk about. All Rethugs cry about government spending, and taxes, but where do they think the money comes from that pays for all the resources that they take for granted?
Where did the money come from to pay for those wars that all the Rethugs applauded for?
Do they think all this shit is free?
All the money that has been borrowed from other countries, how do they expect it to be paid back?
Don't they realize that that when people don't have health insurance, they go to State Operated Emergency Rooms to get health care and the prices are always triple than what they would pay a normal health care provider for?
The only way to alleviate that problem is to provide health care for people that want it.

Who is going to pay for it?
We are, with taxes.

In the long run it would be cheaper, but most Rethugs are not thinking about the long-run. They want to keep all their money and resources to themselves.

All my man was talking about was Big O is going to tax everything and that the money will not be going into shit we need, but it will be going to misfits who do not want to work and people that are only looking for a free ride, or another Rethug key note address, Illegal Immigration.

I do not like paying taxes, and I will probably bitch about paying them, but if I got to pay an extra .50 on a gallon of milk, I don't think that that extra .50 will cause me to default on my mortgage.

It trips me out how most Rethugs are quick to call someone that does not agree with them unpatriotic.
Well I don't know about you, but I cannot think of a more patriotic thing to do than sacrifice a little for the country you claim to love so much.

Don't get me wrong, this is not a pep rally speech supporting the Dumbocrats. I think both major parties are full of shit, so I do not throw my allegiance behind either one.

I think that anybody that follows blindly behind one person or one idea is a damn fool.
I like to have options. I like to have choices.

Another thing just hit me.....

Another one of Daddio's pet peeves with Big O is his lack of experience.

Riddle me this....

If you have never done a job before, how can you be expected to have experience in that job?

Has any elected official ever had experience in the job they were elected to do before they actually got the job? Has there ever been a President that had experience in being a President before they were elected President?
Did any of you ever have experience in your current profession before someone took a chance on you and gave you the opportunity to gain experience in your current profession?

Things that make you go hmmm....


Walt Bennett said...


The last man who had never served as a governor before winning the presidency was JFK in 1960.

Generally, it's hard to get elected president with that "experience" of being the chief executive, presiding over the budget, handling the administrative duties and so forth.

So, this is unusual to say the least.

I blogged recently that it is now clear to me that we did not elect Obama for his fiscal policies, nor for his foreign policies, both of which strongly resemble what we might have expected from McCain or Hillary. No, we elected him to make peace with Islam. The speech in Cairo was just one of many efforts he has made and will make to ask them to please stop killing us.

What I disliked about the Cairo speech was that he didn't put it on them: They put up with terror as a political tool; how can we expect them to stop doing it to us?

As regards taxes and such: no doubt the point is that our presidents are spending us into horrible debt. If we raise taxes to cover it, that leaves less money for the mortgage, the Starbucks, the Nikes. In other words, bad for the economy, which is bad for all of us.

That's the Repub view and it isn't entirely wrong.

One way to spend less on the war: COME HOME.

boukman70 said...

Lyndon Johnson and Harry Truman. Those are just off the top of my head. Personally, I'm waiting for Obama to go Africa and apologize for slavery.

CareyCarey said...

What's up Mr. BlackMan with a view?

That always makes me laugh ...a black man named Dirty Red *lol*.

Hey, I think I am riding with you on this one. I get so tired of people talking about their tax dollars. Hell, if they really knew where "their tax dollars" were going going, they wouldn't be so quick to jump on the popular "cry me a river". Like you said, a little money in the right place or from the right side of my pocket is not really going to affect me. And what's this american debt shit? Shit, most don't have a clue about how that affects the day to day running of this country.

Again, I agree with your sentiments on "that's not being patriotic". Again, give me a freakin break do we-you-they, spell patriotic?

Obama just can't win. In fact, I hit on that in a post today. Well, the post wasn't entirely about Obama but I wouldn't want his job.

MoMo said...

What most people don't realize is that those people whom we are "begging for forgiveness" from hold the lien on 70% of the government's T-bills (treasury bills) and commercial paper via corporations. We have to make nice with these people or they may just decide to collect. One of the things that need to change is the fact there is no taxation on commercial paper thats is owned by foreign entities, now if we taxed all that 70%, we would have alot more money to knock down the deficit. Also we just didn't get that deficit, its been around longer than a lot of people have been alive. Except for a few years with Clinton(when we actually operated on a surplus), we've been in a substanial deficit since WWII.

As for the bailout, this wasn't the first time banks and auto groups came to the government for money. They've been doing that for years too. You say no government involvement in business, but tell that to the businesses that come knocking with their hand held out. For example Citibank has been bailed out in the 80s, 90s, and 2009. Now Dubai has come in and bought a crap load of preferred stock in exchange for cash, now another foreign entity owns the second largest banking company in America.

National Healthcare is a good thing, its being used in other countries and is doing very well.

I don't think that being the governor of a state makes you any more qualified than the next person to be president. I think it just makes you feel more entitled as if your shit don't stink and more full of your own self importance. Palin and G. W. Bush both of them are full of you know what.

MoMo said...

I almost forgot, Yankees got spanked. ha ha

RiPPa said...

Stop it with the begging for forgiveness talk. That's the damn problem: the arrogance or hubris of this country and just how it has damaged international relations.


Suggested Reading:Democracy Matters by Dr. Cornel West.

FreeMan said...

The ReThug argument is a common one amongst people who think they work so why should they have to pay. Its like they don't enjoy paved streets, water at the water fountain, mowed grass at the parks and mail service. The conveniences of like have to paid for but when things are bad these cats always want to say they pay their way.

When I was in Law School one guy tried to tell me that he was paying my way. Kind of a Affirmative Action argument tied in with taxes. I told him I had a job since I was 13 with taxes taken out so most likely I was paying for his education.

Some people don't make the connection. They really think they are on a island and their measly taxes taking out of their check actually is enough to keep water running to their tap. What makes me laugh is these cats probably make 30K and they identify their selves with the super rich like they don't need health insurance. Like their income is above the 250K cutoff. You got to love the insanely delusional who really don't use their brains. Isn't it ironic that the same taxes they argue against make sure they have a decent life, and yet they want to get rid of it!

Anonymous said...

Whats up Black's Sunday afternoon an I haven't seen a new post in awhile. I look forward to them. You are doing a good job. I have at times used Some of the verbage in your posts giving you the credit of course,Thanks man.