Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How Big is your World?

In my Contemporary Literature class I have to do an annotated bibliography on the author Tim LaHaye. For those of you that don't know who that is, he is the author of the "Left Behind" series. He is a very good writer and I have read all of the books in the series and a couple of other books he has written. All of his books are considered fiction, but they are based on biblical events. Which I think is kind of ironic, since most people that read the bible consider it fact, not fiction.


I am reading "The Secret on Ararat", by Mr LaHaye now and it is a pretty good read.

It is about a college professors search for Noah's Ark.

The story does flashbacks on how Noah came to build the Ark and the ridicule he faced from his neighbors while building it, however the main story takes place in modern times.

I find biblical history very interesting. I must have read the bible front to back 30 or 40 times. I am no expert, but I do know a little.

The story about the flood has always been one of my favorites.

But I have a question.....

Did the whole earth really get flooded, or was it just the world that was known back then?

Let me clarify....

The flood happened some time after Adam and Eve messed up in the Garden. I don't know how long after, but it had to have been no longer than 300 or 400 years.

So was the whole earth populated or was it just a portion of it?

I ask this because the bible makes no mention of any one traveling to uncharted places back then.
I also ask this because I know people who's whole world is one city. They know nothing about other places. So if their city was destroyed, that would be their world.


So was it the same way for the author of Genesis?

The bible makes no mention of people relocating until the Tower of Babel was being built, which was some time after the flood. After God stopped that tower from reaching the heavens, that is when he made the different languages we have today, and that is when people that spoke the same language grouped together and moved on.

So, from my understanding, up until that time, which was before the flood, everybody spoke the same language and all the cities that existed were close to each other.

So again I ask, did the whole world actually get flooded or was it just the world that existed then? And if it was the whole world that was flooded, did the Ark circle the Earth before stopping on Mt. Ararat, or did it just float around the general area it was already in?

Most of the cities that are mentioned back then can be traced to what is now the Middle East.

The Ark ended up on a mountain in the Middle East.

So if the whole world flooded, and the ark bounced around for who knows how long before the waters subsided, how come it did not end up in North America or Russia somewhere?

It ended up basically where it started, the Middle East. So did it circle the globe or did it just go around the block, so to speak?

Anyways, that is my question for the day....

Please, all you people that read my blog that claim to be Jesus experts, don't bash me for questioning the 'good book'.

I am not doubting what is in the bible, I just have a question about what is not in the bible.


jjbrock said...

Red great question!I believe It’s a matter of faith, but the geological record is on God’s side...If the Bible say's the whole earth was covered –at least 15 cubits above the highest mountain peak then I will go with that.

I don't believe in the local flood concept because if it was local all Noah needed to do was move to another area why build and ark?

Walt Bennett said...

The bible is a collection of interesting fables.

Of course.

Folk said...

Folk down with the localization of the flood event. It's been difficult for Folk to really take the Bible quite literally when one of the biggest follies that is known has not been corrected (reed sea vrs red sea).

don't get Folk wrong. Folk loves the good book and was raised by it's principles. Folk just believes people get too bogged down in the details while missing the biggest point of the plot. Humans have fvcked up. Humans are not perfect. We need God. God loves us. There is nothing we can actually "do" to please God other than unconditionally choose to trust and love God back. Just like a child can not buy their parents love. God loved us so much to sacrifice everything. And we should love each other. Love our spouses. And enjoy this gift called life. Oh and Sh!t will happen to the best of us, sometimes just because. Don't piss God off.