Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The real State of the Union

Everybody living here in America is prejudiced.


I say this because of the recent comments made towards the First Lady of these here divided states by a SOUTH CAROLINA REPUBLICAN and the RACIST EMAIL of the 43 Presidents that was sent by a White Republican staffer in Tennessee.

I am used to this type of shit because I have seen it my entire life. I expect to hear about shit like this from White people. I know that there is not a White person in the country that has not called a Black Person a nigger. They might not have done it to the face of the person they had a problem with, but I believe they have done it at least once or couple two three times. And when they said it, whispered it, or thought it, they meant it with every bit of malice and hate they could muster.

I also believe that every Black person here in the divided states of America has thought ill towards our fellow White Brothers and Sisters. I know I have. I have to stop myself from referring to a grown ass White MAN as a White BOY, even though I know if a White dude called me BOY, I would have a big problem with it.

I believe that some Blacks resent Hispanics and Asians because they are slowly taking over our neighborhoods, that they automatically reap the benefits of what our Forefathers died for without working for or deserving it and they seem to be 3 steps ahead of us when it comes to building wealth in this country.

I believe that some Hispanics and Asians resent Blacks because they feel that Blacks take for granted every thing that we have here. I think they believe that everything is handed to us on a platter, while they have to bust their asses to make it and it seems that they are always the ones being excluded. I mean think about it for a second....
How many Hispanic or Asian people do you see on TV? It is always Blacks and Whites living in a perfect, make believe Harmony.

I believe that some White people resent every body that is not White because they feel that this country was founded by them for them.
Who gets all the accolades for founding this country?
Nobody with a little color in their skin. So I think that some Whites feel that we (Blacks, Hispanics and Asians)are riding the coattails of their forefathers and that we don't give them the respect they feel they deserve for providing the life we have grown accustomed to.

So I believe everybody is prejudiced.

That is why it burns me up to hear White people talk bad about the current President, even though I have talked bad about the former President and did not think nothing of it.

That is why we have Black Neighborhoods, White Neighborhoods, Hispanic Neighborhoods and Asian Neighborhoods.

That is why I am not considered just an American, even though I was born and raised on American soil and cannot trace my roots farther than the coast of North Carolina.

Instead I am called an African American even though I do not speak any African Dialect, I do not have any African relatives and the closest I have ever been to Africa, is to the Africans I work with every day.

That is why we hear shit that was supposed to be said in private around people that were supposed to be "like minded", leaked to the world for all to hear.

Everybody is biased towards anyone that looks or thinks like them and could give a damn about anybody that does not.

That is why this blog is called "A BLACKMAN'S VIEW" instead of just 'A MAN'S VIEW'.

It is a damn shame, but it is what it is and I don't think it will change.

I do not hate anybody, but I do feel a little dis-like for anyone that disrespects me or my people. I take assaults on the President and his family personally, even though I have never met the man and I damn sho do not agree with all his decisions.

I have friends across the Ethnic Divide that I talk to all the time. Friends that I would defend to the death, but I feel the most comfortable around my own.

Is that wrong?

I am not a racist, but I do think I am prejudiced , just like everyone else in AmeriKKKa.

At least I am man enough to admit it.


FreeMan said...

Nope you're not racist. All and all we know all these race/colors/languages that separate or a bunch of bull and realistically are not enough of a difference that Pizza Hut will serve a Black/White/Hispanic/Asian pizza right?

The issue is exclusion by whites that makes the other have to take pride. I grew up in LA so if the Crips came over to terrorize we formed our own gang to protect our interests. It's natural once a people organize to another's exclusion that the others organize. So what we have here in this country is White people feeling although the consitutition says this we have the right to interpret it as white only. Black folks understand that Asians and Hispanics will soon enough.

Now the hate Blacks feel towards Asians and Hispanics is misplaced fighting over crumbs. It's almost like fighting over most favored minority so we can say we are better. The game is rigged for them to be at the top and you and every other race to prove that you are Clean, Articulate and American aka supporting white control and views on the world.

Hispanics and Asians are the immigrant population that will accept our poverty because they have lived worse. They will take the crumbs and not understand that someone is controlling the whole game and just letting you have crumbs. Blacks on the other hand know someone is responsible and it's obvious through the neglect of our neighborhoods from taxes not being allocated equally and propaganda put on television. We have kind of opted out of playing that game as a group and the others think that we are lazy. Some of us see the game for what it is and stay away others join in and will take generations to find out no one wants them around.

We are all biased in this country because this is the set up of the country. As long as we fight amongst each other over dumbshit like who runs liquor stores none of us will ever think who runs the country!

hiphop10.com said...

Of course we are all bias/prejudice. At least all who have any life experience. How could one be raised in a society full of class, race, gender. etc... warfare and be anything but skewed to some degree.