Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What the hell is Reverse Racism?!

Reverse Racism....

This term was first put out there by the Rethugs favorite racist drug addict, Rush Limpdick.

Now it seems to have caught on like that late '80's saying, "gag me with a spoon."

Everybody is talking about Reverse Racism now a-days.

The latest is the Supremes ruling in favor of the WHITE FIREFIGHTERS in Connecticut.

It seems that 19 White and 1 Puerto Rican Firefighter sued the city of New Haven for discriminating against them by promoting less qualified Black Firefighters to higher positions within the department.

The Black side of me wants to say so what, who cares? How many times have Blacks been overlooked when they were more qualified that Whites and in this case a Puerto Rican?

But the Human side of me is saying, Good for them. They deserve this ruling and all the back pay that they would have accumulated up to this point, if they would have gotten the higher position that they earned.

The city of New Haven was dead wrong and I am glad that the Supremes got this one right.

Hiring or promoting to meet a quota is dead ass wrong.

If the 19 White and 1 Puerto Rican Firefighters worked harder and studied more for the Firefighters promotion test than their Black brother's did, then they deserve the promotion and the Blacks need to suck it up and work harder.

This shit should not have even made it to the Supremes.

And in my opinion, the Black Firefighters should have stood beside their fellow Firefighters and declined the promotions.

But that would only happen in a perfect world.

All this case did was divide the Fire Department down color lines that will take years to fix.

This case is one of the problems I have with Affirmative Action.

Do we still need it?

In some cases, yes we do.

Affirmative Action has put (and continues to put) minorities into positions or schools that they would not have gotten a chance to be in without it.

But hiring a person just to say, 'Look my company is not racist. We have Jerome down in the mail room, Jose is in the Kitchen, Consuela is cleaning windows and Ming Chow is at the help desk', is wrong.

Wrong ass Wrong.

Me personally, I would not accept a job if I knew that I was only hired to meet a number.

Hire me for my qualifications, my education, my personality or my deep chocolate good looks.

But don't hire me just because I just happen to be African American applicant number 9.

To me that is degrading.

But I already know that some of my brothers and sisters are going to comment talking about how the White Man has kept us down for so long that this is only pay back.

In some cases this might be true.


Now a days the only man holding us back is the man or woman in the mirror.

That bullshit excuse that I know is coming is nothing but tired rhetoric that condones people getting over for doing nothing to earn what ever they get.

Racism is still alive and well here in the good ole US of A, but now two can play that game. There are too many resources available to us to just accept any and everything that is thrown off the kitchen table as scraps.

So my hat is off to my White brothers and one Puerto Rican brother that won this decision.

Because me personally, if my crib is in flames, I could give two hot shits what color the help is.

The only thing I would be worrying about is when is Help coming.


blackwomenblowthetrumpet.blogspot.com said...

Hey there,

Opponents of affirmative action have ALWAYS claimed that unqualified minorites would be given preferential treatment!

They highlight EVERY case where affirmative action has been misused in order to discredit affirmative action across board.

The reality is that affirmative action has benefited WHITE women more than any other group...

Chad Angola said...

"Reverse Racism" is non-existent, there is only racism. But inherent in the idea of "Reverse Racism" postulated by Rush Limbaugh and others of his kind is that Racism is practiced by whites only, all others practice "Reverse Racism".

Non-whites can be prejudice and bigots but they can't be racist. That is a title reserved for whites.

Walt Bennett said...

If you think your race is superior to another race, you are a racist.

Thus, a black person who believes their blackness makes them better than a white person is, in fact, a racist.

I think it was Malcolm who said that blacks cannot be racist. He said that in the early 1960s when blacks were severely oppressed in much of the nation. Those were different times, and if I remember, his point was that hating your oppressor is not racism. That I agree with.

Just a point of clarification.

Nice post, Red. Happy 4th to you and to all.

MoMo said...

Nice post, its true that opponents of affirmative action use any all excuses to discredit it, but as long as there are glass ceilings in the work place, it will still be needed by not just blacks but anyone that does not look like the men on the U.S currency.

Anonymous said...

At least they could have passed the test on to a few blacks instead of hugging it. We know they paid good money for it. For everyone to pretend that all of the blacks did not study is a farce. Judge Sonia knows the deal. Come on...who are we really trying to fool ? Not that wise Latina !! HA HA HA !!!