Monday, June 1, 2009

Will build your car for a bailout

After our government gave GM BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of OUR tax dollars to keep from filing bankruptcy, those bastards declared BANKRUPTCY today.

Ever since this shit was first put out in the news last week, I have been getting madder and madder.

Want to hear why?

I'm about to tell ya.

First why in the hot ass hell did our President authorize all this money to be given to a company that had no chance of making it?

Second, correct me if I am wrong, but when you file chapter 13 or 11 or whatever the chapter is, is not all your former debts forgiven?

Third, could not that money that was GIVEN to a failing, mismanaged company, that was run into the dirt by it's crooked ass crooked CEO'S, been applied to this national health care system that Big O promised to initiate?
Or to the failing school system that he promised to fix?
Or to create more "green" jobs that he said he was going create so that we can quit massaging the balls of the Saudi elite?
Or better yet, what about paying back the Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Russians and everybody else that we owe TRILLIONS of dollars to?

BILLIONS of MY tax dollars given to a company that everybody knew was going to fail if it did not straighten out it's incompetence.

This shit makes not nan sense to me.

Those motherfuckers should have filed bankruptcy last year. The "bailout" should have never been given.
Those CEO's should have been prosecuted and jailed for bilking their company, stockholders,the Mexicans that manicure their lavish yards and the ones that take care of their spoiled ass kids.
They should have been made to give up their white only country club memberships, their summer homes in the Hampton's, and their ski lodges in Colorado.
They should have been made to give back all the money that their Stepford Wives spent on plastic surgery, botox injections and designer clothes.
Their kids should have been made to quit their exclusive private schools and attend Rosa Parks Elementary like my kids will have to do.

All this and heaven knows alot more, should have been mandated to be done BEFORE the President authorized any type of rain to fall on those lying, begging bastards.

GM and all the other American car makers should have known for years that if they did not stop making big, gas guzzling overpriced cars and trucks that sooner or later they were going to have to apply for section 8.

Have they not heard of Global Warming and the depletion of Fossil Fuels, which we get from certain countries that do not like us?

Did they not see what Honda, Toyota, KIA and Hyundai were doing?

I think that it is a damn shame that your number one seller is a Truck or SUV that only gets 8 miles an gallon, when we have been involved in 2 wars over the shit that is needed to power those big Trucks and SUV'S.

To me that is a form of treason. I mean look it, these American companies were aiding the motherfuckers that are giving money to the motherfuckers that we are fighting against!

If this was Dirty Red Inc. that was ran down to the sub basement of hell, would I have been eligible for a "bailout"?

I will wait for the answer.


Walt Bennett said...


I've been critical of Obama for creating "U.S. Auto" over at my blog for several months.

Just so you know, his plan to get the money back comes from the 72% of the company "U.S. Auto" now owns.

His dream-like theory is that the stock will one day be worth enough to sell to recoup the investment.

Yeah, sure.

This is the "change" we were promised?

MoMo said...

In defense of the president, when the initial request for money came from auto groups, no-one would have guessed that 2 of the largest credit consumer companies would file for bankruptcy immediately following approval of the bailout. I'm talking about WAMU who filed w/ assets totaling more than $300 billion and Lehman Brothers with more than $691 billion in assets. That led to an alomost complete lock up in purchasing power for consumers. Besides, he did what his auto task force team suggested was the best thing to do at the time. thats all you can do. and to Walt, change is never fast, when you have to get approval from Congress for every single thing.

Walt Bennett said...


Change would have meant something other than this giveaway.

He has many chances every day to demonstrate how he intends to be different.

More and more it seems he simply played the game very well, and he's figuring the rest out as he goes.

RiPPa said...

It's not the end of the world, and the money was a loan with contingencies. It was not like a throw away thing. The gov't will stand to gain, and they will be repaid. One thing for sure, is that you cannot file bankruptcy on the gov't or federal loans. They'll bounce back through reorganization just like Chrysler did when the gov't stepped in to helo back in the day.

RiPPa said...

Ohnand one mroe thing...

instead of blaming Obama, you forgot that this was voted on and approved by our legislators prior to him signing anything. And lets be honest, they were a lot tougher and unfair in some cases than they were with the Banking industry.

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CareyCarey said...


Am checkin' in to see what's going on in Dirty Reds house. With a name like that, somethings gotta be poppin off. Also, it's always good to get "A BlackMan's View" on thangs.

Let me look around, I see some big hitters in town.

Btw, folks (blog) is trying to get us a discount on some of the cars "we" own. Yeah, if our "Uncle Sam" is in the car business I think we should get a hookup ...don't you think?

ghetto whiteboy said...

Ghetto whiteboy from Detroit.born so far in the ghetto, that ghetto called it ghetto,Cass Corridor for those who have been in the 313.G.M first they
donated the buses. for the civil rights movement in the 60's.They gotta build cars people want.When the Government let other country's built in the south.with no unions.the northern companies were under cut.Then the government wants to change the rules every couple of years and the car companies can't retool that fast. The car companies and the unions ,lifted the poor to the middle class.for a poor man of all races with out an eduction.I agree. they should have let them go bankrupt. not much money is made per if they don't out sell the other auto companies their fuck. Now for the CEO'S.what your problem with a man who cuts the best deal he can, when hes gets a job? Don't we all ? Lee Iacocca saved Chrysler ,He don't deserve his money ? like I said born in the ghetto went to the same ass poor schools everybody else father moved up north to work like everybody else .he was a share cropper ,working some body else fields.fucked around like every other poor ass kid did.instead of trying to get ahead.worked the line came home with my forty and sat on my ass, being white ain't done jack shit for me.Poor is Poor no matter what color you may be.But being poor and when you get home put that forty in the frig and pick up a dam n,book and get ahead, don't get pissed at me if I'm making BLING no matter what my color ! i bet you ain't driving no pinto ! what are you sneaking around in anyway?