Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Was I that damn Dumb at that age?

I have been working at my Reserve Unit full time for the past month. I have been activated for a little while to help out our new Supply Sgt get his office straight because the guy that he replaced left shit straight fucked up.

I mean for example....

How in the hot ass Texas hell does a Unit "misplace" 3 damn dump trucks?

Ya'll did read DUMP TRUNKS right?

I mean the BIG ASS trucks with the bed that goes up and down to allow the driver to pick up and DUMP shit that is too much shit to be put in the back of a regular ass Pick-Up truck.

Yep, that kind of DUMP TRUCK.

Anyways, as you can probably guess, this past month has not been an easy one.

During this month I have had the opportunity to work with people everyday that I normally only see once a month.

You learn a lot of things about people if you see them every damn day, all damn day.

The people that you thought were assholes turn out to be pretty cool and the people that you thought were pretty cool turn out to be assholes.

The people that you thought were mature for their age turn out to be sniveling little spoiled rotten ass little punk ass kids.

For real.

One guy, my Private, whom I have been picking up and dropping off everyday because he does not have a car or a driving license, who is 18 and married to a 17 year old, with a 6 month old baby, who is living with her parents, ....takes a deep breath after writing all that,.... does not know how to wash clothes. He does not know the meaning of lemon fresh, ya feel me? I have had to tell this dude 3 times in the past month to stop wearing the same old nasty, sticky, clogged up with dirt and funk ass uniform.

We have been feeding this dude everyday because his money is shorter than a midget on his knees.

One of my partners gave the dude a bike so that he can ride through the city and put in applications for jobs that are near his house.

Another Private has volunteered to wash his clothes if he brings in his dirty ones.

But irregardless of all the shit that people have been doing for this dude, he told us today that he did not want to work in August because it is going to be too hot.

Pause for dramatic effect

It has been 100 degrees every damn day in the DF-DUB for damn near the whole month and this cat does not want to work in August because it is going to be too hot?


We all felt like taking this dude to the back of the hot-ass warehouse we have been slaving in and giving him a little wall to wall counseling.

We all cussed this dude out and told him that he has a son to take care of and until he has a definite gig somewhere else, he needs to make the little bit of money that the government is giving him temporarily and handle up on his business.

He looked stupid the whole time we were tag teaming him on his responsibilities and on the way home he said that we were right and he is going to do better.

I don't know if he meant it or if he thinks that he can mind fuck me into getting off his back.

All I could think was, 'Was I that damn dumb at that age?'

I must be getting old.


Lester Holloway said...

Dirty Red, how do I contact you? Can you drop me an email on

Lester Holloway
Operation Black Vote

Dirty Red said...

Lester I can be reached at Feel free to hollar at me anytime.

lincolnperry said...
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lincolnperry said...

I'm glad you have military training, brothers need the disclipine, also access to the cache!

MoMo said...

Are you returning to your usual job on Monday? You gonna miss being at the unit.

David Sullivan said...

you are born dumb or not dumb...i'd venture to guess you weren't that dumb...

Nakia, a Social Butterfly said...

I don't know how to feel about this blog.. This represents all, ok most of the men in my family and the men I saw growing up as a child. Always an excuse not to.. do something, anything. The worst part is their mother, my grandmother and great aunts, now aunts.. allow/ed it.. I'm getting irratated thinking about it, so I'll just leave it at that, before I end up writing my frustration out all night!

Remnants of U said...

Sounds like Pvt. needs to be active duty. If the child is from TX, he should no how to handle hot. Yes, indoors, but really He needs to be given an ultimatum by the people that are putting a roof over his head.