Sunday, August 30, 2009

A few dabs of OxiClean will take that stain right out!!

Post Racial America...

That is the hot new saying in AmeriKKKa now that we have a half Negro sitting behind the big desk, in the funny shaped office, in the big WHITE house on 1600 Penn Ave.

But does that saying hold water, or is it full of holes?

From where I sit, I think it is full of holes.

AmeriKKKa was founded by men who believed that their skin was the most beautiful of all skins.
AmeriKKKa was founded by men who believed that their skin entitled them to rule the world.
AmeriKKKa was founded by men who believed that other skin tones were weaker and inferior.

And all these beliefs are still being held as truth in the year of our Lord 2009, by some of the people in this country with the same skin tone as the "founding fathers".

Not all, I have to say, but some. There are a lot of "light"skinned people in this country that wish that all this talk about skin color would just go away. There are a lot of people that could care less about how dark my skin is, or how big my nose and lips are. They could care less if my hair is kinky. All they see is who I really am, a man, who just so happens to have a darker skin tone than they do.

But on the other hand there are a lot of color challenged people that hate me for all the reasons that I mentioned above.

Basically, they hate me cause they ain't me.

Take this for example, MILITIA groups are on the rise here in the good 'ole US of A.
As is straight out HATE GROUPS.

Why you may ask?

Well, it seems that these people strongly believe that "their country" is being taken from them.

They believe that their rights are being infringed upon by all these "darkies" that have infiltrated the government that was set up by their forefathers.

They believe that their heritage is being disrespected.

They feel that too much emphasize is being put on the accomplishments of the non-whites that actually built this country into what it is.

They feel just like the "founding fathers" felt, that White Skin is a blessing from their God and that Black or Brown skin is a curse.

And to make matters worse, this ideology is not confined to the illiterate, back woods, inbred motherfuckers that traditionally think like this.

The people with this mentality are involved in State and National politricks, they are hosts of popular cable "news" programs, and they run multi-billion dollar corporations.

These people own Media corporations which include newspapers, T.V. stations and "think-tanks".

In other words they control what we see, hear, buy and most off all, what we 'believe' to be true.

And they all feel threatened by what they believe is an "invasion".

But instead of coming out and professing their heart-felt beliefs, they play on people's fears. They perpetrate stereo-types and play on people's sense of loyalty. They tell people lies disguised as "news".

They tell the masses that the boogie man is coming to take their jobs and fuck their daughters and that they are sneaking across our holy borders by the millions. But they neglect to tell the masses that the boogie man that is coming across the borders to the land of milk and honey is being tricked into coming by false promises of equality and "good paying" jobs that Americans will not do.

They orchestrate the delivery of drugs into this country, give it to poor people to sell to other poor people and then throw the sellers and the buyers into prisons that are controlled by them. They fill these prisons with the fathers of the poor communities, leaving a generation of broken homes to be headed by overwhelmed women.

They purposely under fund schools in these communities filled with broken homes so that the fatherless children that are forced to attend these schools have no chance of competing with their children in the global arena and most of them follow the paths of their fathers.

They pay illiterate men insane amounts of dollars to run a ball for them, shoot a ball for them or to run around a track for them while telling them that education is not important as long as they get paid. And then they fine them and fire them if they resort to doing illiterate shit.

They constantly bombard us with images of what they feel is beautiful and paint anything that is not considered beautiful by them as lazy no good people that are looking for a hand out.

They bad mouth any religion that disagrees with their religion and label said religion a "terrorist" organization.

All this is done under the guise of "patriotism" the First Amendment and for the love of America, the land of the free.

They get PEOPLE OF COLOR that have gotten used to the scraps that they allow to fall from the big dining table to bad mouth anybody that openly disagrees with the establishment and then say that if this PERSON OF COLOR is agreeing with their distorted views, then it cannot be racist.

This is all taking place in a "Post Racial America" right under our big noses.

I could write all day about how all this talk of a "Post Racial America" is a bunch of bullshit.

America was built around skin color and "racial pride".

And I believe that there are some stains that just will not come out.

No matter how much bleach and hot water one might use.