Thursday, August 20, 2009

Get your Hands outta my pocket!!!

The title of this post came from the movie Malcolm X.

These words were shouted as a distraction right before the assassins killed Malcolm X.

A distraction.

I have a feeling that our Presidents life is in danger.

I mean how else can you explain how people are being allowed into a Presidential meeting with LOADED WEAPONS?

How can the Secret Service fix their mouths to say that the protesters that had the LOADED WEAPONS did not do anything wrong?

Why is the media not talking about how the President gets THIRTY death threats a day?

What the hell does carrying LOADED WEAPONS have anything to do with a discussion on Health Care reform?

How did these idiots even get allowed to get within 10 blocks of the President?

A distraction.

What do you think would have happened if the Black Panthers would have shown up to a Bush rally with LOADED WEAPONS?

Why isn't the media telling the truth about how all these "protesters" are plants, whose sole agenda is to disrupt the discussion so that nothing gets discussed, which mean nothing gets accomplished?

Why are they saying that these protesters are just average American citizens exercising their rights?

A Distraction.

This is AmeriKKKa's version of 3 card Monty.

Health care is not supposed to be fixed.

It is not even supposed to be talked about.

It is the way it is for a reason.

And that reason is MONEY.

Our President is starting to Fuck with too many people's money and they don't like it.

And I know first hand from growing up on the streets and doing street shit, that there are two ways to definitely get killed here in AmeriKKKa.

1. Fuck with someones money.
2. Fuck with someones woman.

Seeing as how there is not a woman involved with any of this..... well....

What is left?

I know that some people are still upset that there is a Negro family living in the house that most people thought (including me)would stay home to a White Family, but I think eventually that the love of money and the fear of losing it, will out trump the President's skin color.

Didn't Eddie Murphy say in the movie Trading Places that the only way to hurt rich people is to turn them into poor people?

So I hope that the Secret Service is up on their job, because I have a feeling that they are going to get tested.



MoMo said...

I can't lie, I was surprised he survived the trip to TX last year. I thought they was gonna get him coach. I mean if America's favorite family boy was killed here why expect anything less for the negro that wanted be in the white house.

Anonymous said...

You might be right. The problem is if that happens the whole country will go up in flames. All hell will break lose and that is a promise.

Anonymous said...

This is AmeriKKKa's version of 3 card Monty.... this was a black man with the AR-15, whitee ain't doing this.

Dirty Red said...

You and me both. And you are right.

This counrty would implode if something did happen to Big O.

Anon #2,
What part of DISTRACTION did you not understand? I believe Malcom X was killed by a Black Man also, so according to you "Whitey", as you call him, was not involved in that murder either?

Go B. said...

Oh WOW I've been news deprived since moving out here to Cali...but WHAT? Loaded weapons are you serious?

Humph if they really want to know who fucked their money up they need to head to TX!



George F said...

And Plexico gets 20 months!! Something ain't right. You gotta wonder who picked the Secret Service agents

Walt Bennett said...

The Burress thing is a whole nother matter.

Those folks were behaving legally and were demonstrating their 2nd amendment rights, which Obama has been (falsely) accused of threatening.

Tie the two together and the picture becomes clear: Many people have been led to believe, for purely political purposes, that Obama is a socialist. These deluded people believe they are defending America, and liberty, by demonstrating in this way.

cheryl said...

I think that you should stop the worry about this or that...When you become a better person it impacts the world! Change Yourself Change the World! Are you spreading love? To yourself? To Others? Or are you spreading the same thing that you dont like in the world? Im just saying..........