Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jack Bower, your days are numbered!

What is torture?

Is torture threatening to commit an act of violence against someone?

Is it threatening to kill a loved one?

Is it faking the murder of one prisoner in order to get another prisoner to talk?

Is it simulated drowning?

Is it harsh talking?

What is it? What constitutes torture?

According to THIS, all of the above is torture.

I have my own definition of torture. My definition of torture is you do what you got to do to get the information you need. Sometimes inflicting physical pain and discomfort might be needed. Sometimes lying might be needed. Sometimes inhumane treatment might be needed. Sometimes killing a loved one might be needed. Or sometimes none of the above might work and you have to change strategy and treat the prisoner humanely. I believe it depends on who is being interrogated and how crucial the information. If lives depend on whatever the prisoner knows, if killing him/her would save hundreds or thousands of lives, then I believe you do the unthinkable.

But this is just my opinion.

Me personally, I don't see anything wrong with torture, especially in a war time environment.

Maybe this is just the soldier in me talking.

I will do whatever I have to do to save anyone I love, or to keep the way of life I am used to. Even if that means WATERBOARDING, lying, killing, tricking, feeding a prisoner pork, or taking naked pictures of them.

Whatever it takes.

The Obama administration has it's own definition of torture.

I do not agree with what Big O'S ADMINISTRATION is doing to the CIA.

Some things need to be kept quiet. Some of the tactics that are used by this countries intelligence agencies need to be kept confidential. This bullshit about prosecuting intelligence officers for doing their jobs is exactly that, BULLSHIT.

We pay these brave men and women to protect us by whatever means is at their disposal and then we threaten them with jail time when we find out how they protected us?

Does that make sense?

Do you think other countries give a damn about how Americans are treated if they catch one doing something that they consider wrong?

Didn't BILL CLINTON just rescue 2 journalists that were railroaded in North Korea?
Isn't there some Americans being held in Iran just for CROSSING THE IRANIAN BORDER?Why does America always have to follow the "rules"? As if this country is above reproach?

The Geneva Convention does not work.

War is not civil. It is not sexy.

War is brutal and very uncivilized.

The whole purpose of war is to kill.

How is killing supposed to be civil?

With all the violence that is permitted on the streets of this country everyday, American on American violence, how can this country even fix it's mouth to say anything about torturing a person whose sole purpose is to harm Americans?

To me torture is growing up in a gang infested neighborhood.
Torture is going to a school that does not teach.
Torture is not being able to afford basic health care.
Torture is not knowing where your next meal is coming from.
Torture is being lied to by the same government that says it is protecting you.
Torture is losing your whole life savings because of a crooked ass crooked CEO.

Torture is not TELLING someone that you will kill his mother.

But this is just my opinion.

So all you people that disagree with me, give me your definition of torture.

I'll be waiting.


Go B. said...

I agree with you Blackman...I've questioned why have we been at war so long..are we not powerful enough to end all this shyt! "Ya don't want to talk? Kill the whole damn country I don't care"

Playing nice guy during a war will only get us (Americans) hurt!



N.P. Lopez said...

I followed a link and got "hooked" but this is one of the most immoral positions that any "decent" human being can take on an issue.

Torture is a war crime that we as a "civilized" nation agreed not to engage in. Hell lets execute prisoners and murder every civilian that refuses to collaborate with our military occupation. lets just call it military necessity because those brown "terrorist" fuckers refuse to surrender their nations to our imperial dictates.

Funny how you are so brainwashed by our imperial war machine that you fail to consider one basic question. Why are we killing poor third world darkies?

Be the good soldier don't question why we are killing brown people thousands of miles away. Its war and "good" soldiers don't question they obey! Morality...pfft, who needs that!

Don't question nothing Mr. intelligent BlackMan because "America" is the land of milk and honey with no history of mass murder, land/resource thief, enslavement, or imperialism. God bless the USA and all these "just" wars that we are fighting against all those violent darkies bent on destroying the purity of Merika!

Yup fuck that old saying, "do not do to others what you would not like to be done to you!"

How brave Mr. Lets torture and hide the evidence because its might expose us as hypocrites. Ohh, torture is soo wrong when darkies do it but not when We do its the "right" thing to do. Funny that morality thingy, it gets so incovenient at times.

Torture = Terrorism, only a moral and intellectual pygmy cannot see that basic fact.