Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh, to be 16 again!!

Sometimes I hate teenagers.

The other day I decided to go to one of my favorite fast food joints, Taco Bueno.

I pull up to the drive through, order my food and pull around to the pick-up window.

The first thing that pissed me off was that it took forever and 3 weeks for the little heffer that worked the window to come to the window and take my money.

The second thing that got me hotter than this Dallas 102 degree weather was that
it took them another 3 weeks to bring my order out. I started to think that they had to make the short trip to Mexico and get my Tia Consuela to cook the mixed Fajita platter I ordered.

The third thing that made me want to choke the little gum smacking ass @#$%! was this....

I have posted before about how I like Rock music.

Well on this particular day I felt the need to jam a little Linkin Park.

Those White Boys be jamming and while I was waiting for the cooks in this "fast food" joint to kill the chicken and cows that come with the steak and chicken platter I ordered, I was nodding my head to track number 6 on their CD, Hybrid Theory.

Well this little !@%$# finally came back with my food, looked at me like I stunk and asked me, and I quote,

"Why are you listening to that mess?"

By this time I was already hotter than a Jehovah's Witness at a Baptist convention and I lost it and said,

"Because @#$@! I am a grown-ass man and I f#$%^!ing feel like it!"

Well the little young-in slammed the window shut and stormed off.

I laughed at the whole thing and drove home nodding my head to those white boys.

Have you ever had an experience at a "fast food" place like this?

Please Share.


MoMo said...

I haven't had that experience, but I know you wouldn't have been able to cuss me out like that w/o a comeback or my middle finger salute. Bet :)

Dirty Red said...

I think you know me by now. You know good and damn well if you would have came at me sideways like she did, I would have had something to say to you. I admit that that my initial reaction was wrong, I could have handled this situation better seeing as how I am old enongh to be this little girls father, but it is what it is.

But on the other hand if she WAS my daughter, she would not be so damn close minded and ignorant.
But I was wrong I admit that.

Reggie said...

Oh yeah, I've had a slew of bad experiences at fast food restaurants.....and even not so fast food places too. Fast food restaurants generally hire shitty help, but that's what will work for minimum wage usually. It is what it is.

By the way, Arby's needs to hire cute girls with big tits, because they've gotta make up for that tasteless shit they pass off as roast beef.