Friday, August 7, 2009

Respect is earned, not given


If a you were offered a job that was willing to pay you a 8 figure salary before you even did a days work and offer you umpteen millions of dollars of guaranteed money, would you tell the company that is offering you this once in a lifetime offer no thanks, because in your mind you deserve more?

Would you tell this company that the guy that was hired by their rival company to do the same job that you are interviewing for, gave their recruit more money and incentives even though he scored higher on the entrance exam than you did?

Would you do all this even though you are still recovering from a very serious injury that could impact your performance in the future?

Would you tell this company that unless they match or even double the offer that was offered to your rival, that you will go home and stay home for a year and reapply within that year so that other companies will have a shot at your "talents", since this company does not recognize who you are and what you are worth?

Well would you?

This is exactly what MICHAEL CRABTREE is doing to the San Francisco 49ers.

This does not make not nan sense to me.

Playing Professional Football is a privilege, not a right.

The 49ers does not owe this stupid youngin nothing.

Not a damn thing.

He is very lucky to be picked up by any Pro squad considering the ankle injury he suffered and had to have surgery on.

This is one of the many reasons I am starting to hate Professional Sports.

There is no reason under the hot ass Texas sun that a ROOKIE that has not played 30 seconds on the Professional level of anything, has not won any college championships, played for a mediocre college system, and suffered a very serious injury, should even be this arrogant.

Who does this Nukka think he is?

If this dummy wants to try this shit, then the 49ers should let him.

Fuck Him.

Let him rip his draws off and try to reenter the draft next year.

Let him.

How many teams will draft this fool next year in the first round that has not smelled astro turf for a whole year?

How many teams will draft a fool in the first round that suffered a serious ankle injury before this years draft after he has been inactive for a whole year?

How many teams will take a chance on a fool that has proven he thinks he is above the rest of his team, even though he has not caught one pass in a Professional arena?

I understand that a person has to make a living doing something.

I understand the need to get paid.

But this shit right here....

This shit right here is exactly what is wrong with today's youth.

There is no desire in today's youth to work for and earn what they want. They want everything given to them.

There is no desire to work hard and prove that you are good enough to get recognition and respect.

Today's youth wants it all now, even though they know they have done nothing to get it all.

My Grandmother used to say that if you don't work, you don't eat.

If that was taught and applied in this day and time, there would be millions of starving kids in America.

And they say the Children are the future.

The future looks pretty bleak right about know.