Saturday, August 1, 2009

Sometimes we (MEN) can be so full of shit, our eyes are brown

I might be violating a man law with this post, but if I see or hear bullshit, I have to speak on it.

Since the state of Black Radio is currently going through a famine, I have been listening to Rock stations when ever I am in my car.

Yes my dear readers, you are reading the thoughts of a Black man that likes Rock and Roll. I have been a fan of Rock since I was little. As a matter of fact, my dream as a child was to play drums in a Rock Band. I was pretty good for a minute if I do say so myself.


The other morning on my way to work I was listening to a morning show on one of the stations I surf every morning and the subject of the morning was Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian breaking up. The DJ's asked their listeners (male listeners) if they would date a chick that they knew had a sex tape circulating the web.

Now as a man I have to admit that I have seen my share (and probably yours too) of Internet porn.

I don't see nothing wrong with looking at some titties every now and then.

Some of the stuff out there is straight disgusting, but some of it is alright.... in a freakish kind of way.

Saying that I have to say this. Sex is natural. God did not invent men and women to sit around and watch TV together all night.

He made us to get freaky with each other. That is how I came to be and how everybody else on this Earth came to be.

Whether you want to admit it or not, all of our mothers were freaks. All of our mothers at one time or another had their legs open and their jaws full.

Ain't nothing wrong with that. That is the way God wanted it to be.

So for a man to say that they would not date a women that they knew had a sex tape out, to me is hypocritical.

Especially since every man wants to star in a Sex Tape.

Yep I said it.

Every man wants to be the star in his own little version of DEBBIE DOES DALLAS.

We want to do it just so we can have some bragging rights.

We want to look at ourselves and say "Damn.. I am in that pussy right there! Look at me go! She can't get enough of Big Poppy! Whose Pussy is that? Mine, that's who!"

Yep I said it again.

That is how we (men) think.

And if any woman thinks that they can trust that their man will not share this tape with some of his boys or upload it to U-PORN, she is a damn fool.

Me personally, I don't see a damn thing wrong with dating a Woman that has made a sex tape with another man.

But I guess I can say that because I am secure with what I can do and with who I am.

As far as I am concerned, what a woman has done before I come around does not really matter.

Especially if she is as fine as Kim Kardashian.

That woman right there would make me do shit I promised God that I would never do.



Reggie said...

Guilty as charged!!! Sometimes I'm so full of shit that my eyes are brown.......well, they're really hazel, but I'll go with brown!!!

Richard Pryor once said, "that bitch was so fine that I wanted to suck her daddy's dick!!!" I remember at the time thinking........huh?!? But the truth is the truth Kim Kardashian is absolutely gorgeous. Sure she's a wench, but she's a gorgeous wench!!! Rarely have I seen a woman that looks that incredible, her father should have been an architect, rather than a lawyer. There had to be a plan there.

I've never gotten around to the sex tape thing; yeah in my dreams I've done it many times. I just haven't actually gotten around to doing it in real life yet; but hey, tomorrow is another. Who knows what Sunday will bring?!?

By the way, when I make that porno I'd like to star in it as Myles Long and I'd like Kim, Vanessa Williams, Beyonce and Lauren London's pregnant ass (could be kinky) to co-star!!!

Folk said...

The up and coming generations will have to face the reality that almost every woman / man that has had sexual intercourse prior to their relationship has been the star of a sex tape or photo somewhere on the web. Period. End of discussion.

Technology has made it impossible for momma and papa to keep their freaky eish ways private. Too easy to share sh!t these days. No more polaroids that gets hidden in the attic for no one to find for 200 years.

Hell, Folk and the lil lady has starred in their own little show or two. Folk knows no matter how those files are locked down, there are findable.

Giselle said...

But see you answered why men are being hypocritical about it when you stated why you wouldn't trip... the men won't date a woman with a sex tape out because they scared they can't follow!

Lynne said...

Wow...after having a frustrating conversation with an ex I went to the one place where I knew I could get an answer about his puzzling behavior.. Google. I typed in a simple question-"Why are men full of shit?" and your blog popped up as a related search result. It was totally not what I expected, because it did not yield an answer to my question. However, it was entertaining to read! I especially love the brown eyes part! I will mark your page as a favorite and hope that in future posts you can shed more light into the species that is "black male". Take care brother!

justice angel said...

I'm with you sister! I met this guy who for the life of him will not answer the phone. But will text and send videos, pictures of himself. The question I asked who or what its he hiding. The answer I got was out right stupid. 1st time I asked he said that his 6 year old son was not over the split of him & his to be ex. 2nd time he said he was to sick to answer his phone. I went back and counted over 30 calls that I placed that went unanswered. Let's say I feel like a idiot now. And yes he is full of shit for.real. Not to be bragging but I know I'm fine as hell. I'm my own women pay my own dame bills. Go to school for a double major. And really a mans dream in a lot of ways. So to the fools who are so greedy they don't know when they hit the jack pot. Its your lost game.

casie said...

Im an escort (and Im told Im as hot as Kimmie) and when people try to judge me I tell them that every man wishes they could be a jigolo for women. That shuts em up lol. Im glad you are an open minded male who does not use that double standard:)