Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear Joe......

Below is a letter I emailed to the office of Congressman JOE WILSON OF SOUTH CAROLINA
I doubt if he will read my letter, but I am pretty sure that somebody on his staff will. His little outburst pissed me off royally.

I know that I talked shit about President Bush. Right here on my little 'ole Blog. We all probably did. All politicians should expect some kind of shit talking from people that do not agree with their views.

This is AmeriKKKa after all.

The land of Free Speech.

No one is going to be 100% satisfied with anything.

But I never straight up disrespected who he was or the office he held. Like it or not, he was my President and he represented me to the world.

What this asshole Joe Wilson did was.... Well... Straight up childish and full of hatred.

If you did not see Big O's speech the other night, go back and U-tube it. You could feel the hatred in the room that those people have for him. You could see it in their eyes. And I believe that it was not just because they disagreed with his views. They actually hate the man.

They hate him.

And for what?

Is it because he is a Dumocrat?

Uhhh... No.

Is it because he represents what AmeriKKKa preaches to the world we are supposed to be? A country of unity and love and'Give me your tired, poor and hungry'

Uhhh... No.

Then what is it?


Could it be that they hate him because of.... gasp...His Kenyan (African) Father?

I think you should let that marinate for a while and get back to me....
(especially you Daddio911.)

Anyways here is the letter I sent.

Hello Joe!

Notice I addressed your sorry ass as "Joe" instead of your title "Congressman". Since you feel that you can disrespect YOUR President during a nationally televised speech, then I believe I have the right to forgo your title and the respect your office is supposed to hold also. What you did was beyond words. Who the hell do you think you are? Have you forgotten why the good people of South Carolina hired you? Where was your outrage when the former President was actually lying to the American Public about the reasons behind the unjustified war that you voted for? Where was your outrage when the former vice president was actually lying to the American Public about his ties to his former company Haliburton? Where was your outrage when officials in the former administration was actually lying about outing a CIA operative who was getting TRUTHFUL intel about the war that you and your hypocritical buddies were applauding? You, sir,(oh my bad)Joe, are a Fraud. You are the reason that people in this country do not trust the people it hires to represent them. You are the main reason I think that all of you lying, hypocritical, God fearing "Christian" assholes (Dumocrat and Rethuglican) need to be limited to two terms, just like the man you so blatantly disrespected the other night. Two terms. If you cannot accomplish what the you told the people that support you that you could accomplish in two terms, then don't let the door hit cha in the ass on the way back to the trailer park you came from. I can only speak for myself here, but since I am a citizen of this so-called Democratic Country, and I feel that you disrespected me as well as the office that was given to you by the people of South Carolina,and I feel that since you are a Congressman of the Divided States of America, you represent all of the people, not just the people of your state, I do not accept your so-called apology. Why even "apologize" for what you meant to say? Either your outburst was a lie or your apology was a lie. In either case you Joe, are a damn liar and I hope that the people of South Carolina fire you in 2010. But seeing as how this is SOUTH Carolina we are talking about, the home of that man of good faith and morals Strom Thurmond, you will probably be given the keys to the state and have a parade thrown in your honor. Seeing as how you called out the big Black boogie man sitting in the house that you and all the people that support you think he should not be in. It will not surprise me if they put up a statue of you right next to the statue of the "great" General Robert E. Lee.

Oh and by the way, if I watched FOX news, I would look forward to seeing your new show that I know they offered you right after your little "mistake". They probably offered you the time slot right after Glenn Beck and right before Hannity. We all know that those assholes are probably masturbating to your little "outburst".

Holla at me in the comments.

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MoMo said...

You seem surprised, by this behavior, I'm not. Every address whether public or private that the President gives to the Senate and to Congress is met with disdain if not outright disrespect. If you didn't notice, none of THEM stood and applauded DURING his address until he referenced an idea of THEIRs specifically. And we all know that the apology that came later is the actual lie. We all know the first reaction is the truth and he should not have wasted his time apologizing, THAT is the true affront in this situation. That whole "Post racial" slogan came from THEM not US. Cause WE know the real deal. As to Fox, I have elected to boycott that station, so I'll be watching replays of the football games on NFL instead.