Sunday, September 27, 2009

Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die to get there

The other day the FBI caught a dude that was planning to blow up a building here in Dallas. The guy was an Illegal Immigrant from Jordan. He caught the attention of the FBI by posting on his Face Book page about how he wanted to declare Jihad on America.

What sense does that make?

This is the era of the Patriotic Act.

Common sense should have told this idiot that posting illegal intentions on a site that is visited by Billions of people every day was not a good idea.

This makes me wonder if this guy was for real with his thoughts or if he is just another Stoolie that our government is using to make us believe that we are actually making progress in Bush's war on the "axis of evil".


This little episode got me to thinking about something.

American Blacks are some of the most die-hard religious fanatics on the face of the earth.

You cannot meet a group of 10 Black People here in America without at least 10 of them proclaiming their love for Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Every Black Family has a preacher somewhere down the family tree and every Black community with at least 50 people has at least 20 churches within walking distance of each other.

But with all this religion that has been forced down our throats since the day of our births, How many Black People will be willing to strap a bomb to their chests and blow themselves up in the name of Jesus?

How many Black People will drive a van filled with explosives into a crowded area screaming 'In the Name of Jesus I rebuke thee!' before pulling the detonator switch?

How many Black People would be willing to leave this world of Escalades,Pit Bulls, Madden 2010, 80 inch Plasma TVS, summer vacations to Brazil and Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles to become Martyrs for 'The King of Kings'?

How many?

As religious as my people claim to be, it would make sense that the line would be around the block and up the street.

Don't you think it is the ultimate test of faith to give your life for your God and your beliefs?

I mean think about it.....

Black people (men) give up their lives daily for money, women and "respect".

Black people (men) die everyday fighting for a street that they do not own.

Black People die everyday for material shit that they did not make and are not getting paid to represent.

Black People die everyday for not being smart about their sexual endeavors.

So why not go one further and die for some shit that actually matters?

What is more important than one's faith?

I mean besides being the first to cop the latest Jay-Z CD that is.

A person has to have priorities right?

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