Monday, September 14, 2009

A hard Head makes a soft ass

There is some shit that has been on my mind for a long minute now.

It has to do with what some of our people will do for money.

MAGIC JOHNSON has a commercial running in the DFW area that advertises RENT-A-CENTER stores.

I think that this is exploiting the community that he claims to love so much.

Let me explain.

Rent-a-Center is a business that can only be found in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. They "rent to own" used appliances, TVs, computers and furniture to people (Black and Hispanic and some poor Whites) with poor credit. They do not run a check at all, the only stipulation is that you have a job. You can either pay weekly, biweekly or once a month.

The concept is good, but there is a small catch.

They charge prices that are more than what you would pay for brand new shit.


When I first bought my house I wanted a Big Screen TV for my Rec Room. I could not afford one at the time so I decided to go check out the Rent-a Center that is up the street from my house. I knew from talking to my boys that Rent-a-Center was a rip off, but I justified my going by telling myself that I would try them out until I could afford to buy a TV straight out.

I went in the store that is located in my neighborhood strip-mall and told the salesperson what I wanted, filled out the paperwork and a 60 inch TV was delivered to my house the next day.

My payments were $75 dollars every 2 weeks. I could afford this so I was like fuck it.

Well the TV showed up when they said it would, but.....

It was not the TV I saw in the store. It was 60 inches but it was not brand new as the store advertised. It was used and dented. It did not have a remote and the DVD player that was attached to the TV did not open.

I called the store and told them that they made a mistake. Of course the manager apologized and he told me that they would bring out another TV. Later that afternoon another TV showed up, but it was another used TV. This one had a remote, but no internal DVD player. I called the store again and told the manager that this was some bullshit. He apologized again and told me that they never give out brand new stuff and that they would give me a DVD player at no extra charge.

I asked them WTF did he mean they never give out Brand New shit when they advertise that they give out Brand new shit. He told me that it is company policy to just recycle shit that people bring back or do not pay for. He offered to reduce my payments by $10 and still throw in the DVD player. I said OK (LIKE A DUMMY)since I knew that I was going to buy my own TV in a couple of months.

Well a couple of months turned into 6.

One day when I went into the store to make a payment I asked the girl at the counter how much longer I had until I payed off the damn thing.

She told me another 72 months.

My mouth fell open and I was like WTF? I had been paying $130 a month for the last 6 months and this heffer was like I still had another 72 to go?

I told her that there had to be some kind of mistake, that I had been paying $130 a month for the past 6 months. She told me she knew that, but not all the $65 was going towards the TV. She told me I was only paying $12 a month after all the fees and other bullshit was taken out of my payment.

I started cussing and I told her to get the manager. He came out, verified what the girl told me and told me that they would let me get a newer TV at the same price, but my time would start over. The 6 months would have been wasted money.

I told them to kiss my ass and to come get their damn TV.
The manager tried everything he could to get me to get another TV, but I told them to fuck themselves and come get their damn TV.

They followed me to my house and pitched a bitch when the delivery dudes found out that my Rec Room is upstairs and my stairs curve. It took them about an hour to figure out how to get that big-ass floor model 60 inch TV down my stairs. They scratched my wall a little so I told the manager that he needed to break me off something and he let me have the DVD player as compensation.

To make a long story short, for someone like Magic Johnson to advertise a company like RENT-A-CENTER, that is known to exploit people with the promise of owning "Brand New" appliances and other shit at reasonable prices, is wrong ass wrong.

This dude has to know the 411 on this company, but he chooses to say fuck the people he claims to love so much and get a paycheck at their expense.

Ain't that a bitch?


My neighbor told me yesterday that he went to a different Rent-a-Center to get a computer for his daughter. They gave him a computer with someones Else's password and personal log-in.

But they continue to advertise (Magic Erving Johnson) that all their shit is "brand new".

I understand the need to get paid, but this shit right here, is dead ass wrong.

Magic, you have lost the respect I had for you with this one.


RiPPa said...


I ain't even read the whole post. But lemme tell you: you are my muthafuckin man! Me and the wife been talking about Magic Johnson and these fucked up commercials for weeks now. It bugs the shit outta me.

It's fucked up because it's not like he needs the money. If anything a rich and successful businessman like him should be teaching poor people of color how to save and get ahead.

Folk said...

My neighbor told me yesterday that he went to a different Rent-a-Center to get a computer for his daughter. They gave him a computer with someones Else's password and personal log-in.

Now that's funny

The Sphinx said...

WOW. I had no idea they were that bogus. And this is so sad, because there are people that have "no choice" (there's always a choice, but I digress), this is where they go to get stuff. Stuff like this makes me just want to slap black people that are still using this stuff because the company only does it because it's working. What's that saying about don't hate the player, hate the game. But shame on Magic for endorsing this shit.
But wait, isn't false advertisement illegal anyway? Someone should report them!

Dirty Red said...

I thought that those bullshitass commercials were running down here. I guess Magic is nation wide huh?

Yep Folk and this was after I told him about my experiance. And guess what? He is still paying like he got a brand new computer.


Yep Rent-A-Center is straight gangsta. And if you read the fine print of the contract they give you, it is not false advertisement. I only found htis out after I got bent over for 6 months.

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