Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hate is gonna getcha

I was not going to write about this because I just could not get the words together to speak about something that to me is just 'so can't imagine it stupid' and so blantely racist. But after I heard THIS morning.....

My anger got the best of me.

Arlington, TX the new home of the Dallas Cowboys refused to air the President of the United States speech to the School Kids Yesterday, but the Arlington ISD is sending 500 second graders to see former President Bush speak at the new stadium.

During regularly scheduled school hours.

Like I said, I was not going to talk about how I feel about the bullshit about Big O's speech, because it has been the topic of too much discussion already. If a person cannot see the in 'yo face' racism behind all those patriotic family and country first,Bible toting Christian ass hypocrites that were crying about how they did not want the President of the Divided States talking directly to THEIR children, then you are blind as bat with dark shades on.

But this shit right here......

First I have no problem with the former President or the current President speaking to the kids of this country. It should be considered a privilege to have a PRESIDENT to take time out of his busy schedule to address the kids of this nation.

But for people to just totally disrespect one and totally embrace another is just so not right.

To have people crying about how the President is going to brainwash their children into thinking like him, is just so.... Well there is not a word to describe how ignorant that sounds.

All this bullshit about socialism is just so... Well again it is just so damn ignorant, I feel stupid writing about it.

I do not understand this shit.

AmeriKKKa is the most hypocritical nation on the face of this earth.

All these bible thumping Jesus Freaks who cry about loving thy neighbor and then preach in a church about how they hate the President of the country they claim to love so much is just so....ignorant to me.

For any adult in this country to be so blinded with hatred in this day and time, in this "Post Racial" society that we live in, is beyond my comprehension.

These same people with so much hate in their hearts toward one man and his family should not fix their mouths at all to ask how the Muslim world can hate AmeriKKKa they way it does.

AmeriKKKa is built on hate. This country hates it's on citizens. This country hates it's own children.


Disguised as Patriotism and love of Country.

Lord help us, because this shit cannot keep going the way it is going. Something is going to happen.

Hate and ignorance is killing my country.
Killing it dead.


Anonymous said...

Well they know why the Muslim world hate them. Here in America someone has to be at the bottom and with a black man as president what will they tell their kids. Well blacks our the scam of the earth but oh look a black is president and oh daddy is still better than him even through he doesn't even have a GED. The kids would be like get the hell out here.

Folk said...

They're trying to keep it a secret that He's of color. You know, one of those colored folk. God forbid that the children have to know that he's... well... colored.

MoMo said...

Well you know this nation is an avid supporter of alcoholism, gambling and drugs as long as it's a white guy that used to use and abuse, who comes from an affluent family just like the former president Bush. That's the legacy that Americans want to pass on to their kids so that the kids can be just as ignorant as they are and even bigger bigots too. As opposed to what the current president brings to the table (work hard and you can accomplish many things on your own merit instead of your daddy's and granddad).