Sunday, September 6, 2009

I think I am going to walk 10 miles while chewing this double mint chewing gum....

Today I was asked 2 things that spawned the idea for this post.

1. How long should a woman wait before she does the nasty with a new 'friend?'

2. Why do certain women attract a certain type of man, and then use the tired excuse that there are no good men left?

I am going to tackle the second question first.....

The first thing I think a woman should ask herself is,'What am I doing to attract the same type of dude?'

If a woman meets the same type of no good men that keep doing the same type of no good men shit, Do you think it is her or the men she meets?

Think about it for a second, 2 total strangers should not do the same type of shit unless it is a conspiracy against her right?

So what is the common denominator in this equation? Besides the dudes that is?

My answer to question number 2 is, Look at yourself and what it is you are doing before you generalize that all men ain't shit.

The way I see it is, if a person keeps getting burned in the same spot over and over again, it is not the lighter's fault. It is not the lighter fluid's fault.
It is the person holding the lighter and the person holding the lighter fluid that should accept responsibility for getting burned.

So the questions that a woman in this situation needs to ask is, "What the hell am I doing to keep attracting these no good ass little boys? What about ME is attracting these losers? What am I doing to keep getting MYSELF in this same situation over and over again? What do I need to change about MYSELF?

Common sense tells me that if a woman keeps attracting the same type of dudes, either she likes these type of dudes,she likes getting used and abused or she thinks that she can change this no good ass man into the man "he is supposed to be".

So in my opinion the men ain't at fault. The men are only doing what the woman allows them to do. If you don't want to put up with bullshit, then stop accepting bullshit and stop making excuses for your own stupid decisions.

To me it is a simple as walking and chewing bubblegum.

Question number 1....

How long should a woman wait before she lets a man explore her nether regions?


It depends on what the people involved want.

Me personally, speaking from a man's point of view....

Fast pussy scares the shit out of me. With the different ways that you can die or get scarred for life from having sex, I do not want to jump into nothing to damn fast.
I do not want to meet a chick and in five minutes be in the stall of a bathroom or in the back seat of my car. But on the other hand, I do not want to wait 6 months either.

So this is a very slippery slope. A woman's body is the most precious thing that she has. She should not want to give her body to just anybody at anytime. There should be qualifications that a man has to meet. There should be guidelines that she sets.

The only way I can explain this in Lehman terms is like this....

A woman should go about sex the same way she goes about preparing a meal.

A person never rushes a good meal. It takes time to decide what you want to eat, how you want to cook it, how you want it to taste, and if you want to eat the leftovers after it is over.

You have to preheat the oven, you have to add the right spices and seasonings, you have to decide on the right temperature, you have to decide how long you want it to cook. If you don't cook it long enough the food is not done, so you don't enjoy it, so the left overs gets thrown away. If you cook it too long it is dry and you don't enjoy it and the leftovers gets thrown away.

Either way your time and energy was wasted and you feel dumb about yourself.

Now if alls you want is something quick, then you just throw it in the microwave, 3 minutes later you are done, you throw away the container and you keep it moving.

But if you want leftovers, you have to ensure that the meal was prepared so that you want to eat it again.

Sex is the same way. Giving it up too soon is never satisfying, as is waiting too long, unless your whole objective is a little Stoufers microwave Lasagna, then you nuke it for 6 minutes, eat, throw away the leftovers, because microwave leftovers is not good reheated, and you keep it moving.

It depends on the type of meal you want.

Again, to me this is as simple as walking and chewing bubble gum.

Everyone should be able to do it, but not everybody does do it.


Anonymous said...

Stamp of Approval! Great Post!

I use to attract the losers cause I would only date when I was horny.

Folk said...

amen on both points.

fast pu$$y scares Folk too.