Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hypocrite and AmeriKKKa, what is the difference between the two?

I am glad this week is over.

I bet my blood pressure has risen 10 points this past week.

I have never felt this much dis-like towards Politicians and some white folks before in my life.

First, some white folks did not want the President to speak directly to their school age kids. One white woman even had the audacity to say that she was an American and her kids were Americans, and she did not want them to be subject to that.

Subject to what, bitch? (Yep I said it. With all the hostility I can muster.)
Subject to a Black man telling your White kids something that should be coming from your AmeriKKKan ass?

Then came the now famous "YOU LIE" remark.
This motherfucker felt like he could just straight up disrespect the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. I would have gotten upset even if this President was not a bit darker than the past Presidents we have had. There is just some shit that you do not do.

But it gets worse....

The day after this nation remembered the most horrific act of terrorism on American Soil.....

Some White people took it upon themselves to demonstrate against the President and his "spending" habits.

Now don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with people demonstrating. Hell, while Jr. was in office, every time I went back home to visit family, there was some group on the national mall protesting and demonstrating his administration.

The difference was that those demonstrators were actually demonstrating for a cause. Those people actually had legit reasons to protest.


1. The bullshit reasons we went to war.
3. The reasons on why it was cool to spy and eavesdrop on American citizens.
4. The bullshit of giving tax breaks to people that did not need them.
5. Hurricane Katrina.
6. No bid contracts to the Vice President's buddies.
7. Hurricane Katrina.
8. The dick rider Attorney General firing state attorneys that did not agree with the bullshit the administration was doing.
9. Donald Rumsfeld.
10. Scooter Libby.
And did I mention Hurricane Katrina?
And so on and so on.

Now what were these assholes protesting?

Taxation without Representation?


Do those people forget that they ARE represented?
Everyone of those bastards have a STATE and FEDERAL representative that they can bitch to to their hearts content.

This administration is spending too much of their hard earned tax money?


Where were the "teabaggers" when the previous administration gave away their money to the richest people in America?
Where were they when 10 BILLION dollars a month of their dollars were being spent on a lie?
Where were they when HALIBURTON and BLACKWATER were wasting BILLIONS of their hard earned tax dollars?
Where were they when it came out that there was BILLIONS of taxpayers money that was UNACCOUNTED for in a government audit?
I know exactly where they were....

They were on FOX news calling anyone that disagreed with what the President was doing "UNPATRIOTIC".

Health care for Illegal Immigrants?


I wonder if the protesters know that the man that sparked this debate with the "YOU LIE!" remark actually voted yes on a bill that would pay hospitals TAX PAYERS money to provide medical care for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?
I wonder if they know that the President's proposed bill DOES NOT condone government sponsored health care for illegal immigrants?
I wonder how these protesters would feel if they or their loved ones would have to file bankruptcy because of medical bills?

They were protesting socialism?


Do any of those ass backwards thinking people even know what socialism is?

Well according to Wikopedia THIS is the definition of socialism.

What is so bad about it?
Hasn't this country been leaning towards socialism for a long minute now?

Or do these stupid ass people not keep up with the past deeds of some of our Presidents?

I just wish that those "protesters" had the balls to say what they were really protesting.

The real "protest" was about having to be represented by someone who they have always been taught was inferior to them.

If these "protesters" were really concerned about "God and Country", then more of them would vote. More of them would open their eyes to the fact that ALL politicians are full of shit and they would hold them accountable for their failures and lies.
More of them would have opened their mouths when a white man was fucking up the country they claim to love so much.
More of them would try to clean up their on backyard before they try to clean up their neighbors.More of them would actually read the whole Bible instead of reading one sentence out of it and then try to use that one sentence to justify their bullshit.

All this "protesting" that some simple minded white people are doing has nothing to do with God or Country.

All those loud ass people at those town hall meetings probably could not even spell HEALTH CARE REFORM.

All those Politicians that so openly disrespect the President of the United States are not concerned with the Presidents Politricks.

All those Red Necks that are afraid that Obama is going to send the FBI to confiscate their guns, do not really think that.

All those AmeriKKKan women that do not want the President to talk to their AmeriKKKan kids are not concerned with him brainwashing them.

What all those people I have just mentioned are concerned with is the fact that their kids are probably saying that they want to be like the President of the United States.

And Lord have Mercy on this country if little White Kids actually admire a Black Man that is not rapping, running, or dribbling.

We can't have that, now can we?


MoMo said...

are you sure you didn't get this from me?

RiPPa said...

And on the very next day after 9/11 no doubt. These sorry muthafuckas were all patriotic and talking that unity in America talk right after 9/11. But naw, we can't have that when we have a Muslim president. I just wanna know what country they're trying to take back and who the fuck took it from them?

MoMo said...

what happened to Carolina? them eagles put the beat down on them. How bout them Cowboys????

Constructive Feedback said...

Both wars CONTINUE TO-DAMNED-DAY - you are free to continue your Anti-War Protests.

Maybe THIS is what they are protesting today:

If evil Bush was attacked for a $454 billion deficit I can just imagine what it will take for you to make a critical word against the present occupant of the Oval office.

Dirty Red said...

Uncourse not Dear! Oh and by the way the Cowboys did look pretty nice Sunday. But we will see in January where they are.

I believe the country they are talking about is the original states that fought in the civil war. They still want the South to rise again.

I have read some of your assinine comments over at Field's site. I guess that you did not read in my post about how there is nothing wrong with Protesting? Every President of these here divided states of AmeriKKKa from the past to the far distant future will have a good number of people that disagree with them. They will protest against something (anything) that happens that they don't agree with. But these assholes are not protesting this President's policies, they are protesting this President's skin. That is the difference between Big O's 8 MONTH old administration and Jr's 8 YEAR administration. I admit that there are probably 1 or 2 teabaggers that actually could care less about Obama's skin, they are really upset with how the country is going. But they are getting overshadowed by the douchebags that are carrying signs that say "we are unarmed. This time."
Or the fools that have a picture of Obama dressed like a witch dr.
Or the fools that are carrying guns to a debate on Healthcare. Or the idiots that are still crying about Birth Certificates. Are the rednecks that are hollering about 'I want my country back'. Or the fools that pitched a bitch about the President speaking to their children while they are at school, but took their kids OUT of school to hear Bush speak. Should I go on, "Constructive"?
If you cannot see that this is way beyond protesting Political points of view and more on the side of 'Nigger don't let the Sun set on you here', Then I don't think that the name "Constructive Feedback" suits you. Because there was sure as hell nothing constructive about your comment here at A BlackMan's View, or the ones I have read over at Fields place.

MoMo said...

ooh wee!!!! its hot over.
Red you have to remember that its hard for people to look beneath the surface and get to the real deal. Its hard work taking the high road and manning up about how you really feel.
The sign that pissed me off was the one that this lady had of him painted as the joker. I think they itching to turn me back to the old me. Know what I'm saying?

Constructive Feedback said...

[quote]But these assholes are not protesting this President's policies, they are protesting this President's skin.[/quote]


You are carrying a "Soft Tissue Injury". No one else can tell YOU that YOU feel pain.

You say the above quote based upon YOUR PERSPECTIVE on what people SHOULD BE thinking about President Obama's policies. Since you have concluded that there is no way that someone could credibly be angered or concerned about Obama's policies........they must be motivated by something more unseemly. Something nefarious.

YOU thus conclude that they must be protesting against Obama's RACE.

I disagree with you.

In fact - knowing that I can't tell you about your experiences with your soft tissue injury I can only set up comparisons between today and a time when IT WAS RACISM and there was no doubt about it.

Thus the lynching, firebombing and assaults of the past was met over the past weekend where the "Tea Party" was in the same space as the "National Black Family Reunion" both held in Washington DC.

What, ON PAPER, should have been a bloody assault for the Black people in attendance - turned out to be NOTHING. The only Black people killed in DC and Baltimore over the weekend got killed by the same forces that killed them the week prior and the week before that.

My goal is to force people like you to not CHERRY PICK. You need to be made to present a comprehensive set of solutions for Black people and not just focus upon the SUPREME WHITE THREAT to us as Black people. In as much as our people are threatened by forces that remain unchecked by the Black establishment that is focused upon RACISM CHASING - this must be held up as a gross weakness in your agenda.

Constructive Feedback said...


Your "look between the surface" can only be viewed as YOUR attempt at mind control for people you don't agree with.

America is a nation of LAWS. Not of thought control where one's "motivations" are made illegal.

You say that they took "YOUR BLACK PRESIDENT" and made him look like the Joker. You were angered. THEY almost turned you into your old self.

Can you tell me what about this manipulation of the President of the United States' image was UNIQUE in real world terms? We've already established that this was offensive to YOU per YOUR SENTIMENTS of this BLACK MAN who is now "America's President".

I am struggling to understand how THIS SPECIFIC MANIPULATION caused YOU have a different response?

Is it possible that YOU have something different "below the surface" as well that describes this difference?

Dirty Red said...


I wrote a blog a couple of months ago that dealt with people only reading one sentence of what I write and then making a baseless and stupid comment based on that one sentence. You fit into that catagory. Please reread my entire post and then come back and tell me just where in the hell I blamed White people for anything that is going on in the Black community. Please reread the ENTIRE post and come back and tell me where I said anything about a "SUPREME WHITE THREAT". What the hell did you read? It certaintly was not what I wrote. Let me paraphrase my post for you since it seems that you are not capable of reading more than 1 sentence of something that to me is so damn clear it is like looking through a freshly windexed window......

The purpose of my post was not to blame the "Supreme White Threat" for anything. It was to point out the obvious. There are a lot of people in this Great Country of ours, White people and in your case (I guess I can call you Black) Black people, that do not want a Black man to do anything but entertain them. There are a lot of people in the good 'ole US of A, White people and people like you, that think that a Black man is not worthy of anything but a jail cell. There are a lot of problems in My community. Notice I said My community and not ours, because again, let me point out the obvious,it seems that you have a "soft tissue injury" also, OUR problems are OUR problems. No one is to blame but US. That being said, if you cannot see the in your face, blatent, 'I don't give a fuck abut this nigger', racism that is being displayed against MY President, then man, well... Either you are blind, dumb or you live in an alternate reality. This is not about blaming White People for anything. This is about what is really going on and how people like you are fooled by the MSM, certain cable news hosts and radio personality's into thinking that all thse teabaggers and birhters and other wingnut fools actually care about the country that claim to love so much. Presidents are going to get marched against, protested against and disagreed with. That is part of the job. But this shit right here is deeper than that. I don't agree with everything that Obama has done. I don't agree with some of his Politricks. But he is the legally elected PRESIDENT of THE UNITED STATES, and he DESERVES the respect that that title holds. If you refuse to acknowledge the fact that some people in this country refuse to recognize who he is because of his father, then Brother..... Damn.... I am going to end this right here.

My "soft tissue injury" is hating to deal with bullshit, and you my blind friend, are full of it.