Thursday, September 3, 2009

In Loving Memory of Dirty Red.....

How do you want to be remembered?

If you could write your own eulogy what would you say about yourself?

Would you do the typical thing and write, "He was a good man who was loved by family and friends alike," or would you go against the grain and actually write the truth?

Would you write about your accomplishments or would you play the low-key role?

Me personally I don't want a funeral service. I don't consider myself a "good" man. I consider myself a decent man. The "good" that I have done, nobody really knows about it because I do not do "good" for recognition. I do "good" because sometimes it is the "good" thing to do.

That is what I am supposed to do.

You should not get accolades for doing shit that you are supposed to do.

It is just like hearing dumb ass men saying,'I pay my child support', like that deserves an award.

But in my opinion I have done more bad shit than good. The shit I have done in my short life could have gotten me a live sentence if I had gotten caught.
The shit I have done would hurt a lot of people I love if the truth ever came out.

I want to be cremated. As soon as the doctor says it is over, put me in the oven.

I don't even want a column in the obituary section. Alls I want is my family and closest friends to pour out a little Crown and keep it moving.

I don't want a bunch of fake ass tears from people that I didn't give a fuck about and who did not give a fuck about me to say "nice" things about me when I do leave this hell hole.

I mean keep it real man. If you couldn't even say good morning to me when I was breathing, I don't need your tears when I am not.

I don't want anyone in my family to get up and talk about their memories of me and the good times we had.

To me that is all pointless. I don't want T-shirts made. I don't want a memorable DVD made.

In my opinion the only death that should be celebrated is Jesus Christ's. Without his death all my past misdeeds and sins would be my present and future misdeeds and sins.

I think that people should enjoy people while they are here. When they leave, keep it moving.

The only thing I want my family to do is take my ashes to top of The Williamsburg Savings Building in downtown Brooklyn and sprinkle me out over the city that I love the most. Or either take me to DC and sprinkle me out in the Potomac.

So how would I fit this description of myself into an eulogy?

I really don't know what I would say about myself.

Maybe I would just have one sentence....

"Here lies a flawed man that tried his best."


jjbrock said...

Red that's a great thought provoking question.

MoMo said...

Great read and question too, me likes it alot.

rachel said...

nice post & memories...

saint james said...

Awww, nawww, I want the whole thing, man. I want a fitting memorial for a life well lived. I hope SOMEBODY cries for me at my service.

I don't want the cost associated with a funeral. I'm going to have a green funeral. They wrap you in burlap, spead mulch, lime and dirt on you and you return to the earth.

Tonia said...

I understand your point, but the fact is that you do have family namely a wife that cares about you and the farewell is more for the benefit of the family that you left behind. It's closure so to speak and a way to celebrate the memories and life of our departed love one.

We don't care what you say you won't be here to know. (smile) You trying to be usual... We gone say the nice things and the things you did to make us laugh and we are going to love on your you in your absence just as we do while you are here.

Love ya!