Monday, September 28, 2009

The intelligent answer is, there is no intelligent answer

I was over at my man RIPPA'S spot this morning, and I left a comment on his post about how that idiot glenn beck (no caps for that motherfucker)back-tracked on his statement about how Obama hates "white culture".

It seems that beck could not explain what he meant by "white culture".

Mrs. Couric asked him numerous times what exactly he meant, but he couldn't do it. He even admitted that he did not know what "white culture" was. He said that Mrs. Couric was trying to trap him and he said he was not going to answer her question.

Here is the comment I left.....

Does this surprise you Rippa? This man is an ignant motherfucker. He speaks out his ass on every one of his shows. Most racist people do not know why they are racist. If you ask them to explain to you in an intelligent fashion exactly what it is they don't like about a certain group of people, they will probably spout out some bullshit that they heard somebody else say. They are how they are because somebody else told them that is how they should be. The same applies to this asshole. If this man had any smarts or nuts about himself he would research his views before he started talking out the side of his neck. Ignant is as ignant does. But I do agree that the threat of not getting paid will motivate a person ignant or not ignant, to straighten their shit up. At least in public that is.

So the question that I am asking here is, Why are people Racist?
Is it because of some personal thing that has happened to them or is it because their friends are racist, so in order to fit in, they become racists too?

If it is the first question,the one about something personal, what the hell do White People have to be racist about?

Has a White Person ever been denied basic human rights just because they were White?
Has a White Person ever had a cross burned in their yard by Black "Christians?"
Has there ever been a documented case of a White Person being lynched by a crazy bunch of "Christian" Black People?
Has the Police ever pulled a White Person over for driving a nice car in an affluent Black "only" area?
Has any White Kids ever been kicked out of a Black recreation center for only wanting to swim there on a hot summer day?
Has a White Person ever been railroaded in a trial where they were completely innocent by a Black jury of his "peers?"
Has a White Person that is looking to start up a business ever been denied a loan by a Black loan manager just because they were White?
Has White People ever been targeted by Black owned and operated Mortgage companies with Predatory loans?
Has a White President ever been interrupted during a speech about anything, by a Black Congressman with the words "YOU LIE?"

To answer my own questions...... No, to all the above.
(If someone, ANYONE, out there in Blog Land can send me a credible example that proves me wrong in any of the above questions, hit me up here in the comment section and I will gladly post a retraction.)

From what I see, the only people that have a credible reason to hate and despise anybody here in AmeriKKKa is the non-whites in AmeriKKKa.
Correct me if I am wrong, but from where I sit, the only people in this country that have not been discriminated against, used, abused and targeted, is the White portion of the population.

So what is the White excuse for hating anyone that does not look like them?
What kind of intelligent answer can any racist give that justifies their hatred?

Am I saying that White Racists are the only Racists?
No I am not.
There are Racists in every sect of Human culture.
But again the question is, Why are people inclined to be Racist?

I think the answer is that there is no intelligent answer. Most people don't like something because their friends and family don't like something.

That sounds dumb huh?

Well I said that there was no intelligent answer.

I believe that as long as there are weak minded people that blindly believe what other people tell them without bothering to check the validity of what is being told them, there will always be racists.

Racism is not a disease. It is a social disorder. It cannot be treated like a disease. It can only be treated with education. As long as there are dumb people that follow what they consider "smart" people there will be racism.

And to be honest, AmeriKKKa is full of dumb people.

Educated people that actually think it is a good thing to have an educated view about something, instead of always agreeing simply because Sally and 'nem said to agree, are the real minority in this country.

There are a few leaders in this country of mine that have a lot of simple minded ass followers.

I guess that is why 1% of the countries population controls 95% of the countries wealth.

The old saying is true, A one eyed man is King in the world of the blind.


saint james said...

Loved this post. A LOT of white people are very scared. They will not acknowledge that they felt safe and better off as long as the balance of power seemed to be in their favor; with white people in the White House. Now that they see a black face "in charge", I think in unnerves them.. It strikes fear in their hearts. I suppose they believe that Obama wil attempt to right all the wrongs suffered by "his people. The most riddiculous comments I here are the protestations against Obama being called black. "He is half white; why does [Obama] never acknowledge his white heritage?" It makes me want to slap somebody, really. They will not be happy again until there is a white MAN in the white house again. To the white people to whom I refer, this will signal all is right with the world.

RiPPa said...

I've had this conversation with a few people at one time or another. And you know what astounds me? Is that somebody will always be quick to say "I never owned a slave; so I'm not racist and 'you people' should just get over it."

Well, it's true that they or maybe even their direct ancestors never have owned any slaves. But there's no denying just how institutional racism has worked against people of color.

White privilege affords them the ability to think and act the way they do.

Folk said...

Fear and ignorance.

As for your situations. I'm sure there are a couple of instances in history. Can I prove it? Nope...

The bright side of being white... hmmmm... Basically can say whatever that fvck you wanna say on the tele and don't have black people call you out as a group.

jjbrock said...

Red great post and I co-sign with Saint James... well said.

Walt Bennett said...


I thought that was well done, asking whites to ponder the actions that can occur only to blacks, not to whites, in this country. I will point out that there is, in some places, much more black on white crime than there is white on white crime, which causes many whites to fear blacks in general. This is certainly true in Harrisburg, PA, near where I live.

I would also ask this question: In out lifetimes, have things gotten better, gotten worse or stayed the same? In my view things have gotten better (they got a lot better in the 70s, then regressed in the 80s and 90s, and are getting better now).

I would also ask RIPPA, do you ever hear thoughtful opinions from white folks? There is something to be said for the fact that a particular white person does not feel obligated to pay for the sins of the past. Your reference to institutional racism is absolutely correct; but should an individual white person feel that guilt? And what forms of redress do you support?

I guess I'd say the only way forward for us all is to lay aside the guilt trips.

Reggie said...

Excellent post, I enjoyed RiPPa's post as well.

Oh and I'm sure that ignorant bastard could explain what he meant when he said White Culture. He's just not quite that stupid. People like him are prone to be blind to many colors.....except green.

It's amazing that we as people of color have seen much of our American legacy; and yet, the voting booth is a place where all of us have voted WHITE. We've had no choice; and yet, there are millions of Americans out there petrified at the prospect of a man of color living in The White House.

I've often said that Glenn isn't a deep thinker, but his ass was thinking that day!!!

MoMo said...

good post, you've had a lot of deep thoughts lately, you wanna talk? i like how saint james mentioned the whole idea of Obama denying his white heritage, cause a few of my white friends have asked me that and i've had to remind them that their ancestors decided that if you had nigga in you then guess what, regardless of the remainder, you's a nigga. that was a white decision not a black one. lol

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Awesome post. Just found your site; glad I did.