Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What is that ringing sound? It is just my bullshit detector going off

'America is a nation of cowards when it comes to matters of race'.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Instead of being truthful and honest about how they feel, some people hide and lie about their true selves. Some people are so blinded by their "position" in this country that they ignore what they see going on around them, and just chalk it up as conspiracy theories thrown out by people that are lazy and looking for a handout. In their closed eyes, these people are looking to blame other people for their problems and the mistakes they have made. Such people are called "welfare queens", thugs and urban.

Some people have a little more nuts about themselves and they let people know what is on their minds. They just do it in 'coded" ways.

Nowadays, the worst thing you can call a person is a racist.

The word "racist" has overtaken the word "nigger" as the most inflammatory word in America.

No one wants to admit that everyone has certain prejudices that are a part of them.

Prejudices are not the problem. The problem starts when you let those prejudices turn into hate.

And that is the problem in my country.

Some people hate the fact that "their" country is now being headed by a man that does not look like them.

They hate the fact that this man represents them to the world.

They let their prejudices cloud their thinking. They have listened to all the lies and bullshit that have been spread around by the media, politicians and radio talk show hosts and they hate this man.

For no good reason except that he is somebody that their parents and the media told them to stay away from. They hate this man because influential people on TV and radio tell them to.

They hate this man out of jealousy and envy. They wish they could be him or be with him and they hate that feeling, so they hate the cause of that feeling.

But instead of talking about their feelings and coming up with a constructive way of dealing with their feelings, they lash out and interrupt this man on national TV and then try to blame the man's politricks and policies.

Instead of getting to know this man's positions on things that might affect them on a personal level, they listen to people sing songs on a nationally syndicated radio show called "Barack the magic negro."

Instead of asking questions and doing research about his views, they listen to failed Politicians talk about how he is planning on killing their Grandparents.

Instead of admitting themselves that they got a problem with his skin, they persuade delusional ass Negros to do their talking for them. This way they have plausible deniabilty when the "R" word comes out.

Instead of realizing that most of the problems that this country is facing today were caused by greedy men that looks like them, they orchestrate "tea parties" that are supposedly all about out of control government spending.

Instead of judging one man by his actions, they judge the man's whole ethnic culture by bringing up over exaggerated stats that "prove" that people of the same skin color are nothing but murderous drug dealing sports stars.

Instead of demanding that the government do a better job with providing a better education for their illiterate children, they boycott this man that wants to talk to their kids for them about the value of an education.

And all the while they cringe at the thought of being called a racist. They accuse people of throwing the race card around when they are confronted with their bigotry and hypocrisy.

They have their kids get on TV and say things like 'MY FATHER DOES NOT HAVE A RACIST BONE IS HIS BODY'..

But what really pisses me the hell off is sorry-ass Negros that defend this type of behavior and make excuses for it.
I hate Negros that come on blogs like mine and try to give credibility to this type of bullshit by bringing up shit that is going on in the Black Community that has nothing what so ever to do with the topic of conversation. (This is a shout out to you, Constructive Feedback).

I don't understand their mentality. I want to call it independent thinking, but to me it is really delusional. How can you defend something that you know is fucked up?
How can you make excuses for inexcusable behavior? How can you be so blinded by the illusion of a "post racial society" that you refuse to see what is going on? How can you justify this? How can you be Black, White, Latino, Asian or Native American and not see and understand what is going on?

Everybody has the right to think and feel exactly how they want to think and feel. I understand that the world does not see the world the way I see the world. I only speak for myself and what I see on a daily basis.

I wish to God that what I see is nothing but a nightmare about a bad flashback to the 40's 50's and 60's, but I know that this shit is real,besides I am not a coward.

I see the problem. And with the technology that is afforded to me (A Blackmans View),I am addressing the problem.

I could give a fat fuck about Negros or White Folks that refuse to have an honest dialogue about what is really going on. But believe me when I tell you, I will call out fake ass hypocritical behavior when ever I see it. If you don't agree with what I say, that's cool. I could be wrong and all this shit really is just about Big O's policies.

I COULD be wrong, but I doubt it.
In fact I will donate my next 2 paychecks to the SONS OF CONFEDERATE VETERANS if I am wrong.
And guess who is a proud card carrying member of this God Fearing Christian organization?
None other than Joe "YOU LIE" Wilson.

So is it really about his policies?


MoMo said...

that's real. I mean that was straight up. You racist!!!!! And I do believe there are a few more of the RePUSSYcans that are members too. I read it somewhere.

MoMo said...

Jimmy Carter agrees with you, it is racism.

Reggie said...

You're definitely on point with this one!!!

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