Saturday, October 3, 2009

Country first in Private, But Fuck the Country in Public. The Republican new motto

So Chi=town got knocked out in the first round of the Olympic bid huh?

Who would have thunk it?

I personally would LOVE to go to a city that sits on a dirty ass dirty LAKE, before I would even think about going to a city that has some of the best BEACH (bodies) front property of the WORLD.

But that is just me.

Let me stop.

I am extending my fist in a "Terrorist bump" to all my Brazilian brothers and sisters. Good job. Ya'll deserve it and I am sure that the Olympics will be a success.
I would have preferred that my country could have beaten that ass, but it is what it is.

Did I say "my country?"
Did I say that I would have "preferred my country to beat that ass?"

Uhh Yep. I do believe I did.

So why doesn't some of our fellow AmeriKKKans feel the same?

Why were some of the "COUNTRY FIRST" assholes cheering the fact that the country they want back, lost?

Why were they dancing in the streets like it was 1999?
Why were they 'raising the roof' like they found some rhythm over night?

I don't understand this shit.

How can you claim to "love" something so much and then cheer when that something gets embarrassed on the world stage?

What kind of hypocrisy is this?
How the hell is this going to define The President's legacy?
Didn't other President's lose their bid to host the Olympics?


I know to hate is wrong, but I am close to saying that I hate Republicans.
I don't see how in the hell anybody can associate themselves with such hatred, hypocrisy and straight out bullshit.

How can you wrap yourself up in the Nations flag, recite the constitution every night, pray to your God to bless the United States of America and then turn around with the same mouth and cheer for YOUR country losing?

How can you call yourself a PATRIOTIC God fearing American, when you clap, dance and cheer when America loses a chance to show the world how "democracy" is the savior of the world?

How can you support this type of madness?

If I had an answer to my own questions, I would be the next Billionaire going to lobby for the 2020 Olympics to be held in my old stomping grounds, Prince Georges County, MD.

But if a CITY with the most Black People per capita of any other CITY in the country got knocked out in the first round, a COUNTY with the most Black Millionaires per capita in the country would not stand a chance.

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givepeace05401 said...

I swear everytime I think the conservatives/GOP can't get any lower, more mean spirited they surpass themselves.

I pride myself on trying to understand the points of view of others, but I cannot wrap my head or heart around this one.