Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I got that White Girl!! 2 for 10!

I am going to talk about something that has been on every Black Person's mind since we were born Black, but no one has voiced to anyone outside of their Black Circle.

No one has voiced this outside of their Black Circle.... until now.


Why the hell does it seem that 5 out of 10 Black-White Interracial couples I have seen in my short time on this Earth has been a Black Man with a White woman that looks like she she just fell off the back of the truck headed to Jenny Craig's house?

Why do my Brothers always fall in love with the White Girls that White Guys don't want?

Why do they always pick the most homely, trailer trash looking, meth head looking, dirty stringy greasy hair having White Women to take home to their Black Mother?

Unless of course they are Millionaire sports stars. Then they all have the Blond Haired Blue eyed Cheerleader. But that is the subject for another post.

Why is this?

There is nothing wrong with Interracial dating, marriage, or having a bunch of mixed kids. If a person falls in love with a Turnip and has Radish kids, then God Bless em.

But this shit right here....

I don't understand it.

I know a dude (Black Dude) that just divorced his (White) Wife after he found out that she was cheating on him, with a White Dude. Now how often does that happen? I have never heard of a White Woman leaving a Black Man for a White Man. Usually once a White Woman crosses over, there is no turning back. I guess that does not say too much for my dude huh?

Before the very nasty divorce, the Sun shone out of this woman's ass. Now she is a Bitch, a slut, a skank and every other nasty thing that comes out of his mouth. Keep in mind that he has 2 beautiful kids with this Bitch, slut and skank. He is living proof on how thin the line between Love and Hate really is.


My guy will not even look at a Black woman.
He has gotten involved with those Dating Web Sites and all his "friends" are White Women. He told me that he does not want to deal with the drama that a Black Woman brings.

Could this be the answer to my questions?

Could it be that some Black man would rather deal with a homely ass homely looking White Woman than deal with the "drama" that a Black Woman brings?
There is a verse in the Bible that says it is better for a man to live on the corner of a rooftop than to live in a spacious house with a quarrelsome woman. (Proverbs 21:9) Seeing as how most Black People are so "religious", are they simply doing what God wants them to do?

Or could it be that 'ole cliche about how a Black Man will choose a White Woman over a Black Woman simply because she is White?

Is White Skin really that Powerful of a drug to some Black Men?

If it is, I want to be the first to bottle that shit, patent that shit, and sell that shit.

I got the potential to be the next Nino Brown of slanging that real "White Girl".

Lord knows I would never run out of Clientale.


Max Reddick said...

I was sitting with a group of men that consisted of a few brothers and one white guy. We were laughing and joking and having a good time when a rather heavy white woman walked pass. One of us took a look at her and then told the white guy "There's one for you. Go get that." The white guy took one look at her and then said, "No, that's what you brothers like. We leave those for the brothers." All of a sudden, everyone stopped laughing.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I've heard a lot of black men and a few black women say they thought they were ugly. These are the same people who will never lay out in the sun out of fear of getting darker, and hate their nappy hair. Their solution is to improve the odds their kids won't suffer from what they have - and suffering is what they feel - so they find a light skinned black woman or man to have their children with.

With some black men, I'm not sure their reasons to date ABB (anything but black), is conscious. In a hostile environment to dark skin and African hair, it's like their decision becomes a genetic strategy for survival.

I once dated a med student from India. A lot of them have the same issues due to the skin-color based caste system. You see a lot of them marry white women too, so their kids will look like they belong to the Brahman class. He said I would probably never see an Indian married to a white woman. Well, I did - one. They were very happy. Otherwise I've seen some really successful Indian men married to white women who literally had nothing going for them in terms of IQ or beauty. But when they visit their relatives back home, they glow with pride over their Braham-looking children, who in turn elevates their social status.

Social status... that's what it boils down to. Sad.

Rottnkid said...

This past weekend I went my aunts 60th "red" birthday in Greensboro NC. After the party me, my sister
and my female cousin were talking outside. My cousin asked me "Why do you only date white girls?" Explained to her I dates a few sisters, I never gangster enough I guess (This was through the 90's. Everybody was a wanna be gangster then.) My Dad stayed the streets (his words) and I have some of that in me but that's not me but I do have hella street smarts. I told her I just recently discovered why a couple of months ago why (I'm almost 40) she was like "yeah, yeah now you getting ready to just make shit up." I had to explain. And this is just me. No black man can step to a respectable, educated black woman without bringing something to table. I'm not going to waste a sisters time when I don't have shit. My cousin says after my explanation, "I have different level of respect for you now." The thing is nobody ever asked me why, which is cool, but don't assume it's about the white skin, the white girl trophy and all that BS. I've been "doing" it for so long I can give a shit about that. I'm not ugly, I'm fairly intelligent and I'm pretty funny. I was in the Air Force for 6 yrs, have a 2 year degree, I have a really good job and excellent benefits BUT my credit sucks ass. I don't own a house and I barely can get a car payment. I pay $800 in child support. Hell, I wouldn't even bother with me. I met this young black woman at a job a few years ago and we flirted back and forth for a while sending emails, eating lunch and all that. Called each other on the phone and all that but she was married. She was going through isssues her husband at. He didn't work, he sold drugs, didn't he pay child support. But he was a pretty boy and thugged out. Mind you I'm in my 30's and once again I get trumped by the thugs - again ..lol.. Not cool but at this point it's what it is. And also I will not settle with someone who lives in the projects whose not at least trying to make it out of there. I tried that route about 2 years ago - Hell no. Tried to bring the young lady to my house in the Fan (I live in Richmond VA) to show here a different side...neh too white for her even though my neighborhood is super mixed. And I tried to explain to her from the 'hood to the good it's all the same, except I don't have roaches. Once again not thugged out enough. But I'm not giving up.

David Sullivan said...

People like what they like...hell some dudes like to do it with farm animals...I don't judge...but if I'm gonna bang a cow, she is going to be a blue ribbon champion, not some nasty "back of the barn" heifer. I know you know what I'm saying DR!!! How've you been?

Nakia, a Social Butterfly said...

I went to my son's football game. 8th grade football game. All the little white girls sat dressed alike with the boys' numbers plastered on their backs and cheered and called out at the appropriate times. They all sat at the edge of the field to make sure the boys saw them. All the little black girls huddled together and talked about music videos and talked about the only cute little black girl to sit with the white girls with a number on her back.

I wished like hell I had sat my butt down and watched the game and cheered because it became clear to me when I once asked my 13 year old why don't you like black girls. My son has the most humble spirit I have ever seen in a kid. He said "well, at my school they are always so mad, and loud, and mean to each other, and aggressive."

I really wish I had a daughter, so just like my son, I could instill in her values, attitudes, and actions that are important in a woman.

Reading A BlackMan's view put some things in perspective for me today, including the comments!

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