Thursday, October 1, 2009

If a Black Man kills another Black Man in the "hood" and there is no Video, Does anyone see it?

I swore to myself that I was not going to write about this, but.... well, damn it to hell, it just kept calling me.

The kid that got beat to death in Chicago was a very, very bad thing.

But the 30 school age kids that have died in Chicago this past year is also a very, very bad thing.

All the kids that have died in Baltimore, DC, Philly, New York and Atlanta can also be considered a very, very bad thing.
Did I happen to mention that all of these kids I have mentioned were BLACK KIDS?

So what makes Derion's death more important than all the others?

Derion's death was caught on video. Somebody taped it and sent the film in.

So again, what makes Derion's death more important than all the others?

A white man had to put it on the national media.

It was not a "tragedy" until a white man decided to talk about it.

This is what pisses me the hell off.

There are thousands of Derion's every year in the Black community, but no one cares. The Black Community doesn't even care.
But the minute a White man starts to care, now everybody is blogging and crying about this one death like it is a first.

How many memorials are dedicated to young Black Men every week in some Black neighborhood?
How many will be today?

This problem has been going on in our communities ever since... well ever since.
This is nothing new.
Where has all the outrage been?
Where have all the activists been?
Where have all the preachers been?
The politicians?
The media?

It takes a white run news outlet to tell us that our shit is fucked up?
All of a sudden it is a problem because a White man says it is?

I have been blogging about shit like this for the past 2 years.

Sometimes I think that my people are the slowest people in America.

We (some of us)accept bullshit like it is the norm. We accept the "music" that is being played everyday all day on radio stations as if it is cool to glorify negativity.
We accept the fact that our neighborhoods are the most run down of all the neighborhoods in every city in America as if that is how it is supposed to be.
We are cool with our Children dropping out of school and going to prison like that is how it has always been and that is how it will always be.
We love motherfuckers like R Kelly and defend his bitch-ass when ever somebody White says anything about him.
We defend stupid ass niggas like Plaxico Burress for doing stupid shit that we know in our hearts is dead ass wrong.
We allow Preachers and Ministers to rape us every Sunday with "tidings of good news", by giving them total access to our wallets and minds while most of them are the most crooked ass crooked bastards around.
We allow Politricksters to lie to us about "change" only to see that not a damn thing changes except the numbers in their bank account.

I could go on and on.... But what would be the point?

We have conformed so much just to be accepted here in our "adopted" homeland that we have forgotten who the hell we are.


I guess you can't forget something that you never knew.
Maybe that is the problem.....
Anyways back on topic....

It ain't like my lil 'ole blog is going to be featured on CNN or MSNBC. And most definitely not Fixed Noise.(Fox News for all you out there that I lost with that)

No White man is going to read my thoughts and do an expose about the feelings of Dirty Red.

So if I stand in a crowded room and scream until my lungs are sore, if there are no White People in the room, will anyone hear me?


Folk said...

Define anyone my blog friend. Unfortunately in America to be someone is to be of non-color (my caucasian cousins).

RiPPa said...

I hear you man; I fuckin' hear you loud and clear. That's the reason it took me a few days to even hit on the story on my page. And even then, I wanted to counter the bullshit that "our folk" was gonna say about it.

And why?

Because it's like you said: it took a white man puttin' us on blast - like they always fuckin' do - for people to pay attention and throw out this fake-ass Black rage.

Shit, I was on Twitter yesterday and there were links to a story where people could donate to the family to help with the funeral. I don't usually say shit without knowing or just foolish speculation. But I bet over half the niggas talkin' all this shit after the fact wouldn't even pitch in a dime.

Man, on the real, thanks for comin' thru my post and saying what you said in your commentary.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I loved those questions. Now if we could just get a good white liberal person to ask them on tv...


Max Reddick said...

I thought about this the other day when I was writing my post. I don't think the kids actually meant to kill him. They just were too foolish to see the danger in the game they were playing. And not only that, beat downs like this occur in the inner city on a daily basis; I have witnessed some myself. However, the only reason this beat down got all the press it did was because someone died and even further, there was video of it.

truth said...

Brother Red,
Great post! I understand your frustration because I feel the same way most days.

Although, I think it's important to focus on the fact that we have no time machine. There's no going back in time. Many of us have not done what needed to be done at that time it needed to be done.

We've ignored the trash on the ground. We've ignored the killings in the inner city, acting like everything in this world is just and they got what was coming to them. We've all co signed on sexist, anti black music.

Like I said before, we can't go back and change any of it. We can say from this point forward, we will no longer be silent. Every time a black child, woman or man is killed unjustly, we can call for these kinds of senseless acts to end. Every time a black child is molested, we will say that it is wrong and disgusting. Every time a black woman, any woman for that matter,is raped or attacked, we call it a crime that only a coward would commit.

I think the focus should not be on what a white man has said or what the black community has not done in the past. The focus should start with each individual and what is it that they have not done for themselves, their family and community.

Truth be told, we've all fallen short. To change anything, it's going to have to start with us.

saint james said...

We don't HAVE to wait for white media to put issues on blast. We continue to vote in black politicians who do nothing to ensure change in the community and then cry about what ain't happening. WE can start by throwing out some of these black apologists for dysfunction in our neighborhoods. Bill Cosby told Black America about this 3 years ago; even wrote a book about it and he was villified in black media for even mentioning it!
15 kids die in our communities and the music keeps on playin' and the rims keep on spinnin' and the bling "still be shinin". Our destiny is in our own hands. Awake you mighty people; you can accomplish what you will!" (paraphrase of Marcus Garvey)