Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The only color that matters is Green

Rush Limpdick wants to buy the sorry ass St. Louis Rams.


So what?

A lot of prominent Black Folks and NFL players are against it.

First of all let me say that I think the drug addict currently known as Rush is a major asshole. I think he is a throwback to the early days of our beloved country. I think if he had his way, Black Americans would still be in the cotton fields and we would still be pissing and shitting in "Colored only" toilets. We would still be drinking "colored only" water. We would still be drawing big audiences in major night clubs, but we would still have to get to the stage from the back door to entertain those White Only audiences.

That being said.....

I think it is wrong ass wrong to deny somebody something they want just because you might not agree with what he thinks.

I know I am going to hear the famous lines from one track minded Black Folks saying, 'Well Red, Black Folks were denied buying houses in White neighborhoods back in the day. We were denied jobs back in the day. We were denied basic human rights back in the day...blah blah blah....'

My response is....


What does that have to do with now?

Just because we were mistreated and discriminated against, that gives us the right to mistreat and discriminate?

If the man has the money and the backing to buy a dead ass dead NFL team, then let him have it.

Why should he be denied spending his money?

I am pretty sure that all those players and coaches on the Rams would still play for Limpdick if the money was right.

Money from Racists spends just like money from a non racist.
When the bills are due, the bill collector doesn't ask where the money came from. Alls they want to know is when the money is coming.

People act like Rush would be the only Racist in AmeriKKKa that owns a major company.

Who cares what this idiot said about Black Americans in sports?

As an AmeriKKKan, he has the right to say that and what ever the hell else he might feel like saying.

Do I agree with it?

No. But I would not want to be denied from buying something I have the money to buy just because of what I say on this Blog.

And one more thing..

I know that some Black Americans will call anybody that chooses to work for Limpdick a sell out and an Uncle Tom.

My response to that?

Black gang bangers sell out everyday by killing other Black gang bangers and sometimes innocent Black People.
Black People sell out everyday by not cooperating with the authorities when they see a crime committed against other Black People.
Black people sell out everyday by selling drugs to other Black People.
Black People sell out everyday by supporting rappers and other "entertainers" that demean and belittle other Black People.
Black People sell out everyday by voting for Black politicians just because they are Black.
Black People sell out everyday by supporting Ministers and "Mega" Churches that do nothing but exploit other Black People.
Black men sell out everyday by choosing not to take care of their families and kids.
Black men sell out everyday by choosing to fill up prisons instead of schools.
Black women sell out everyday by not demanding the respect from the above mentioned Black men that they deserve.

So do Black People consider the above Black people "sell outs" and "Uncle Toms?"

So it is OK for Black people to exploit other Black People, but it is Racist if a White man wants to do it?

Get the Fuck outta here!

I could care less if this fool wants to buy a losing NFL franchise. I could care less about the players that choose to play for him. I could care less about the Coaches that choose to coach for him.

I will choose not to support him. I will choose not to buy anything that says St. Louis on it. I will not watch any St. Louis games. That is how I will stand up and say fuck Rush Limbaugh.

But to deny this man the right that every AmeriKKKan has just by being AmeriKKKan is wrong.

Until Black Americans start supporting and loving other Black Americans and until we start EARNING the rights that our Ancestors DIED for us to have, we do not have the right to say anything about how some insignificant White man wants to spend his money or what that same dumb ass man says.


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Folk said...

....Where do Folk start?

Okay. Folk all with everything you've said here with exception of some of the harsh language used against the beloved Saint Louis Rams.

Folk a Rams fan and was it necessary to dig into a wounded pet?

Other than that, cosigned!

MoMo said...

it doesn't matter if he buys the team, their games aren't televised anyway. i like that other stuff you said, many many good points.

George F said...

We go down this road so often about the resposibilty of Black people with the same results- ZERO,ZILCH, NADDA & UNGATZH