Wednesday, October 14, 2009

There are 3 sides to everything... My side, Your side and the truth

When I first started this blog about 2 years ago, I had a series of posts called "To my Uncle Larry."

These posts were about the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Redskins.

See my Uncle is a die hard Redskins fan. I am a fair weather Cowboys fan. I like them sometimes, but I find it hard to blindly follow any one thing. I also like the Carolina Panthers. When I was younger I liked the Pittsburgh Steelers. I still follow them now. I love football, it is my favorite sport, but I cannot tie myself down to blindly supporting one team.

The same goes for College football. I like all the Florida teams.... Florida, Florida State and Miami.

I believe that a person has to have options in life. There is no "one" way to do anything. I believe that there is no completely "right" answer for anything. I think that any person that blindly follows one way and ignores the fact that there could be a better way or an easier way is a fool.

I don't understand how a person can support and defend one certain thing even though that one certain thing is fucked up.

I don't understand how a person can get mad at another person that points out that their one certain thing is fucked up.

I think that everything needs to have some type of constructive criticism. I believe if you truly love something, you will point out that sometimes that that something is wrong.

To me that is the definition of "loving something".

If you are having trouble following were I am going with this, let me break it down.
I have a partner that is a die hard Republican. I have wrote about him from time to time here on my lil 'ole blog. He goes by the name of Daddio911.

He is one of those types of people that has tunnel vision. His way is the only right way and he refuses to see that maybe his way might not be all that right.

If something does not fit inside his "perfect" little box, then it is the Devils creation and it ain't even worth considering.

I don't understand that mentality. I like talking to this guy and we have a lot of very enlightening conversations, but sometimes he can get on my nerves.

I will listen to his point of view and sometimes I agree and sometimes I don't. But if I say anything that contradicts his point of view, he doesn't want to hear it. The other day we were talking about Politricks, which is the usually our topic of conversation,and the Clinton's came up. This guy blames the Clinton's for everything. If Armageddon was to start at midnight tonight,it would be Hill-Billy's fault. He does not want to place blame on anything that he believes is "right" and "just".

I don't understand it.

If that is what Loyalty means, then I guess I am the Antichrist of loyalty.

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Mail said...

Well I don't believe that people only see one way. People may say they only see one way to do things. Trust me it's just another lie. There is no way we can know how everything is. I'm one person in a world of many. I don't act like I know everything. I only know what I see in front of me.If your friend shuts down because he heard something he has a problem with. I would look at that as him knowing he's wrong.