Sunday, November 29, 2009

Better late than never

I have had a very busy holiday.

My Uncle Larry and my Auntie Loretta made their annual Pilgrimage from Maryland to the Big D to see the Deadskins get beat down. We took them on a tour of the "Boss Hog Bowl" the Saturday before the game and I thought that my Auntie would have a heart attack when she saw how King Jerry does thangs. My Uncle, who is a die hard Foreskins fan, couldn't find one nice thing to say, but that is to be expected. Anyways the Cowboys beat the Foreskins (barely), and as usual my Uncle was yapping about how the Cowboys cheated.

I really enjoy it when my peoples come out to hang with me and wifey. My Uncle is in my opinion, standing right next to Colin Powell as men who can still give me shivers when ever I am in their presence. (I have never met Colin Powell, but he is a man whom I greatly admire and look up to.)

Every man needs another man that he can look up to and try to emulate. We all need that role model. My Uncle is mine.

My Uncle makes me want to try harder to be a good man. He never actually tells me what I need to do, but he always gives me hints about what he thinks I should do. He lets me make my own decisions, but he doesn't judge me when the decisions I make are not the right ones.

Even though I loved my Father, my Uncle is the man I have always looked to for help when I need it the most. He has always been there and well... he is my man.

Anyways I know that this post is a couple of days late, but I am thankful for my Uncle Larry for being the man I am striving to become.

Even though we have very different views about football teams.


As I write this I see that the Foreskins have just scored on Philly . I bet that Uncle Larry is jumping up and down in his basement screaming. That poor delusional man loves his team. Oh well, it just goes to show that nobody is perfect.

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