Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It would be my pleasure to help you sir..... For a small fee

I am very surprised that the health care reform bill made it out of Congress.

I doubt if it will make it out of the Senate though.

Why do I think that it will not pass?


According to former Senate Majority Leader, Republican, DICK ARMEY, If the Pharmaceutical companies can't make a profit, then the cutting edge world of innovation would go down the toilet. He says that if the Government gets involved and mandates that drugs that people need to live is provided at a price that those people that need them can afford, then the companies that are tasked to provide those drugs will go out of business.

In other words, If it don't make dollars, It don't make sense.

Which proves what millions of people have been saying for decades..... The Drug Companies, the Pharmaceutical companies, the Lobbyist that represent these companies and the politicians that get a check, boat, house or a night out in Vegas from these companies, could give a nice good fuck about the people they claim to be representing.

It is all about the Dolla Dolla Bill ya'll.

That is why I think that the Health care reform bill will not pass. Even though I am pleasantly surprised it has made it this far,there is no money in helping people.

There is no money in cures for people. The money is in the disease (that is manufactured by men in Laboratories) that kills people.

Can you imagine the money that these "cutting edge" companies would lose if the cure for AIDS (that has been sitting on some CEO or General's desk) was ever made public?

Can you imagine the money that the Drug companies would lose if they were forced to sell the pill that cost them 50 cent to produce, for 50 cents?

Can you imagine the Houses,Boats and expensive hunting trips that the Politicians would have to give up when the money from these companies start to dry up?

These companies and Polictricksters, want us sick. They want us to have bad health. They want us in Hospitals. The insurance companies want us to pay their high premiums for years Just In Case something happens where we have to use them.

All this means money for their Grand kids and Great Great Grand Kids.

This country was built on the premise of 'get yours at all costs' so that you can achieve the "American Dream". Is that not the whole idea behind the "American Dream",
Wealth and Prosperity?

'If I have to go to a job that I can't stand to make the money I need, then why should I care about someone who chooses not go to work like I do? Who cares if he has one leg, no arms and he's blind and deaf? He can still do something to better himself. My Grandparents came here with nothing, they could not speak the language and look how they turned out.Blah Blah Blah....'

This is the mentality of the average Republican. They believe in the "trickle down effect" that their golden boy actor from California believed in.

It all makes me sick.

I think that a man should work to provide for his family.
I believe that hard work builds character and self dependence.
But I also believe that sometimes a person needs a little help.
Sometimes a person needs to be given a pair of boots with straps before he can even think to pull himself up by them.

But this is what I think.

And if the world gave a fuck about what I think.... Then I would be a multizillionaire that owned my own string of Islands in the Caribbean filled with nothing but half naked Brazilian women.

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