Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Give me yo lunch money Punk!!

I was just over at the FIELD NEGRO'S site and the topic and the comments by some of Field's regular visitors made me want to come here and talk about it. The topic was about some Asian students getting bullied by some Black students in an all Black school.

Why the hell is this news?

Kids bully other kids. That is what kids do. Kids that appear different,weaker or smaller than the kids bullying are usually the ones getting wedgies or thrown in lockers.
Kids that are in the MINORITY are also easy targets. (I.E. Gay's, Lesbians, Red Haired kids, short kids, mentally challenged kids,poor kids, fat kids and just plain kid kids.)

So why does this have to be about Black Thugs beating up on poor defenseless Asian mathmatic genuises?
If it were a school in China Town and the 1 or 2 Blacks that attended there got beat up, would it be anything different?

I am sure that race was a factor in the bullying, but in my opinion, this was a case of kids doing what kids do.

Some of Fields commenter's are straight racist. Some are educated Negro's that have not been around other Negro's in a while, so they have the same attitude as some of the racist white people. Some of the commenters are Negro's that like to blame everything evil in the world on White People.

There is a mixture of everybody over at Field's.

A lot of the comments were based soley on the race of the attackers and that of the victims. Which is relavent, but it is a small part of what is really going on.

Most of the comments were about Black Thugs and ghetto's, rap music, babies having babies, Blacks not wanting education, Black's being prone to violence, parents on welfare, Slavery and so on and so on.

This does not surprise me at all because some if not all of the above mentioned things could have played a role in those Asian kids getting picked on.


To generalize that these are the sole reasons that those students got beat down is just straight ignorant.
If it were White Students getting beat down by Asian students would any of the above be mentioned?
They got singled out because they were different and because there was not a lot of them.

I am not condoning the actions of these bullies, because bullying is wrong.

But kids will be kids.

There has been bullies in school ever sense there was school.

It is amazing to me how some people want to put Grown Folk's fuck-ups on kids that are still learning how to be Grown Folks.

Getting bullied in school is a right of passage that all of us have been through. Either it makes you a stronger person or it leaves you a bitter old person that justifies your hatred towards anyone that looks like the bullys, instead of admitting to yourself that you were(are) too damn weak to protect yourself and demand respect.

So needless to say I do not agree with most of the Field's regular visitors.
But ya'll know the old saying, "Opinion's are like assholes, we all have one."

And there are a lot of Assholes that comment over at Field's spot.


sunnydelyte21 said...

LOL @ "Opinion's are like assholes, we all have one."

I was one of the commentors on F.N Blog.. I'm not a regular..but I do stop by from time to time.

Bullying is a right of passage, but just go back to all the schools where there were shooting. Those kids brought guns because they felt helpless and they wanted to get back at their attackers.

I'm glad these kids didn't bring guys the following school day. Or I'm hoping that doesn't cross their minds.

Kids look at school as a safe place. Bullying is getting out of hand these days.

I won't blame one race over the other. Bullying is wrong and it could make a small situation and dangerous one.

Enjoyed reading how you felt about the whole situation.

sunnydelyte21 said...


sorry I type to fast some times

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Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I don't know, Red. Depends on where the school is located. My youngest's high school is extremely multicultural. Some of everybody. The fights are few and far between, and I think it's it's because the neighborhood is primarily residential with home owners.

This is a contrast to high schools I've seen in densely populated areas where families are low income and over half live in apartments. Their environment is more stressful, and the kids tend to be more aggressive even when the school is mixed.

I suspect that the level of aggression will correlate with the income of population - which also correlates with education, and this excludes race.

blackwomenblowthetrumpet2.blogspot.com said...

Hey there!!

I am cracking up at what you said about Wayne's comment section!! He knows that there are all sorts of crazies who flock to his blog every day!! *LOL*

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