Monday, December 28, 2009

Is it a mistake if you meant to do it?

My  wife has a friend that is pregnant by a sorry ass dude.

She is having complcations with the pregnancy and is always calling my wife crying about how her baby daddy ain't shit.

Now I feel for the woman because she is having a very hard pregnancy and she should not be forced to handle this on her own.

I don't feel bad for her situation.

My wife told me that she started messing with this dude while he was with another chick. She caught this dude with other chicks besides her and his "main" girl.

But she got pregnant by him anyway. She knew this dude wasn't shit, but she thought she could convince him to just be with her.

Now that she is pregnant, the dude has lost what little interest he had in her. She was crying to my wife last night about how he did not call her on Christmas. I told my wife to not tell me anymore about this stupid woman and her stupid problems.
And here's why......

She knew that this dude was not shit, but she had unprotected sex with him anyway. She knew that this dude was fucking her and 50-leven other chicks but she got pregnant by him anyway. She knew all this because he met HER on the creep and she has caught him creeping on HER.

So why should I care about her dumb ass when it is obvious that she did exactly what she wanted to do?

She knew that this little boy was fucked up, but she chose to make him the father of her child. I do not know if she planned on getting knocked up, but with all the knowledge she had about how this guy was, for her not to insist on using some protection was, well in my opinion, stupid.

She made her choices, so why is she crying now?

She knew, but she did it anyway.

So who is the dummy?

I feel for the baby, because it is the only innocent party here.

But my wife's friend?

She is just a stupid woman who thought that she could mold a boy into the man that she thought she needed.
She made her choices, so she needs to deal with them and don't cry about the choices SHE made.

Women should stop blaming MEN for the actions of BOYS.

Am I wrong for feeling like this?

I don't think so, but am sure that I will hear different.


Don said...

i hardly believe you are wrong to refuse wanting to hear about ignorance. i too feel the same. there are times when i empathize with the misfortunes of others as some have done the same with myself.

but even then i'd rather a person be straight up with me, no matter how much the truth hurts. my thing: allow me to see what he or she can see that i am/had been blind towards.

Sherri said... You do hoodrat shyt, you deal with the consequences. The only one I feel sorry for is the baby, because it will have a supremely stupid wench of a mother.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

This is a not uncommon hole people fall into when they get too lonely.

I've seen smart, educated and well-off folks do it, but women get hurt hardest and more because of their [generic] in-born emotional temperaments and the baby connection in relationships, while young guys get caught up in stuff like gang affiliation. The roots are often the same - the overwhelming need for company.

They really ought give mandatory classes in 9th and 12 grades on how to recognize and then deal with loneliness. We might see a lot fewer of these kinds of situations.

ATLGirl73 said...

I completely agree with Kit. Loneliness, and the inability to work through it, has caused many people (including me in a previous life) to fall into COMPLETELY AVOIDABLE traps/circumstances like this one. Hope your wife's friend gets herself together - and quickly.

Dirty Red said...


Thanks for the comment man. I understand that love or the perception of love will make you do some strange shit, but I think that this is straight ignorance.


The thing is that this chick is not a hoodrat. She owns her own buisness and she makes decent money. But she did grow up in the hood though. I guess that the hood mentality stays with some people.

I never thought of it that way. I just assumed that she thought like most women in the fact that she thinks that she can change a dude into what she wants him to be instead of what she knows he is. But I guess that loneliness could and is playing a role in her decisions. This is why I like you.. You make me see shit in a different light.

Thanks for the comment. Kit does make you think huh?

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Thanks, Red.
BTW, I LOVE the new look of your blog.

♥PrettyPacino♥ said...

It's kind of sad how often things like this happen...and the same women who do dumb shit like this are the one's with the "Can't tell me nothin' about my man" attitude...

SMH. She shoulda bought a puppy.

The Unclassified Truth said...

It's definitely not wrong for you to feel the way you do. It's sad because many women feel like there are a shortage of men and if they don't know the other woman then it's not their problem that the guy wants them (at the time or for sex). It's so sad that women shortchange themselves and innocent children have to come into a very unsolved equation full of drama.
I believe it stems from a poor foundation in the woman's life honestly. Because if she knew what she was worth, she wouldn't accept the mediocrity in her life and stoop to such a pathetic level.

Reggie said...

Amen brother, preach on!!!

We've all heard this type of stupid shit time and time and time and time again; and I don't feel sorry for these women either!!! It's just a sad and tragic story that they can just keep to themselves. I'm sick of hearing tired ass shit like this and how hard it is to find a good man and so on and so on and so on. It's all bullshit!! I've got lameass single friends who can't get a sister to look their way because they're not flashy or handsome or balling or whatever......the whole thing, it's just tired.

Men and women need to take responsibility for their actions and stop bitching and complaining about the stupid choices THEY made.