Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Liar, Liar pants on Fire

Everyone has someone that they hate to work with.

It does not matter what kind of work you do, how much you love or hate what you do or how good or bad your organization is. There is always someone that you just do not want to see at anytime during the year, let alone on a daily basis.

There is a dude that works with me that I cannot stand. He is a chronic liar. He got one of my partners fired behind his lies. But he floats around like he is the shit. He is a lazy fuck that uses all his vacation days or sick time like they don't run out. If he has 25 minutes of time, he uses it.

One day he is a Jazz muscian, the next day he is a retired Special Ops dude. The following day he could be a Navy Seal medic. Any and everything that can be done, this dude has done it.

It makes me sick. Literally. Everytime I see this dude, I want to punch him in his lying ass mouth.

But because I needs my paper I have to grin and bear his shit.

I want to tell this cat so bad to shut the fuck up with his bullshit, but I don't. This morning he had the nerve to tell me that he used to work in a forensics lab like CSI. Alls I could do was be like, 'For real'? and I walked away from him.
What The Fuck?

I am starting to feel like a damn punk, because I usually speak my mind when it comes to shit like this.

But I know me.... If I say something it is going to be like, ' Man who do you think believes your lying ass? I have been listening to your bullshit for the past 7 damn years and I ain't trying to hear it no more. Ya understand me? You needs to get a damn life dude and leave the fantasy shit to Halo 3. If I hear one more lie come out your damn mouth, I am going to shove this damn clip board you are always carrying around up your ass sideways.'

That would not be good for my future plans with the company. Like I said, I needs my paper.

So I continue to be like 'For Real?'

And I walk away.

I feel like such a Bitch.

For Real.


Diameter said...

Don't feel like a "bitch." Think of it this way: Is this man worth your job? Who is he to you? Is he the owner of the company? If you have future plan with this company, I wouldn't risk it over this weasel. Try to avoid him as much is possible.

Sometimes you have to pick and choose your battles. And anyways, one of these days he will get what is coming to him somwhere down he road?

Reggie said...

Ignore him, he doesn't matter.

By the way, I think I work with this motherfucker too!!! We all do.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

"I feel like such a bitch. For real.


Thanks for the laugh!

Max Reddick said...

I got a similar problem. Gotta colleague constantly lying about her credentials. Every day she seems to gather more and more credentials. And let her tell it, she is in charge of the whole department.

Everyday I debate whether or not to just go gangsta' and cuss her slap out, or take the high road and let her go on with her illusions of grandeur.

But recently I have taken to asking her follow-up questions when she embarks on a lie until she talks her way into a corner, so she has ceased to go into the BS when I am around.

Amber "Bam" Cabral said...

Every job has one of these. EVERY SINGLE ONE! So I started saying to her, "WOW! MEEE TOOO!!!" Eventually they are as sickened by you as you are of them and they tend to start keeping it real professional...

Unless this is your boss. Then I suggest you suck it up and keep it how its been.