Saturday, December 5, 2009

Men Cheat Down, Women Cheat Up

The idea from this post was inspired by the recent events that the Choblasian, or whatever the hell Tiger Woods thinks he is, has been through the past week.

Personally I could give a hot damn about Tiger Woo, his wife or his jumpoff(s).

All this shows me is the hypocrisy of the American Main Stream Media.

The Media puts these celebrities up on high and proclaim them to be role models for  kids of all backgrounds and nationalities and then when they find out that the celebrity is just like everyone else, they tear into them like the old Star Jones would at a CICI'S Pizza buffet.

In my opinion, this is what America gets for putting their faith and hope in an imperfect MAN.

But anyways I digress....
On with the post....


Why in the hot ass hell do men always cheat with the most broke ass woman that opens their legs to them?

In my case, If I decided to go out and explore the nether regions of another woman, she would have to have just as much as I do, if not more. I am not saying that I am gutter-ass rich or nothing, but I have been blessed with a pretty good life. So If I were to cheat on the woman that has been with me for the past 12 years who has had to pay my car note for me or give me gas money to get to work or even give me money for food when my account was in the negative, then the cheatee would have to have something that can compare to what I already have.

Example.... Everyone gets caught. Everyone. So if my cheating ass was ever exposed I would need a place to stay because Mrs. Red would most definitely kick me out of the house. I would need a job because Mrs Red would most likely come to my job and clown. I would need a car because Mrs. Red would probably fuck up the one I am driving now. I would need some cash because Mrs Red would for sure drain the little bit of money I have accumulated. I would also need bail because if Mrs Red did all these things, I would be the next "innocent" Black Man incarcerated by the "man".

So I would have to have someone to go to that could provide all of these things.
Could a waitress at DAVE AND BUSTER'S do it?
Could a NEW YORK PARTY GIRL do it?

What about the cutee that works at the neighborhood Starbucks?
Or the absolutely beautiful woman I met last week in the club that has 3 kids by 3 different men?

I do not think they could. I have gotten a little bit spoiled lately. I have a lot of needs. So in order for me to jeopardize what I have, there has got to be something better on the table than a nut. Excuse my french, but I can jack off and get that.

So why do these dumb-ass rich assholes cheat with the first thing that opens their legs for them?

I don't understand it.

You will never see a successful woman give up the goods to the dude working the drive through window at Wendy's.

But don't be surprised if you hear this time next week about another "role model" that has got caught with his dick in his delivery girl from Dominoes.


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Heh, heh, heh, I'm chuckling now.

Men are more visually aroused by a woman's appearance than vice versa.

Strictly from an evolutionary perspective, they have less to lose from a sexual encounter and actually more to gain by (unconsciously) using the sexual opportunity to spread their genes.

Women, on the other hand, had more to lose from casual sexual encounters; it could turn into a 16 to 21 year commitment that tied up much of her resources, which wasn't much if the guy bailed out and snuck back to his village over the mountain or across the river, where he could blow off her claims.

"I did not have sex with that woman! I was just hunting with my bow and arrow and she offered me a drink from her clay pot. My boys will back me up on that."

No Facebook, newspapers, blogs, or DNA testing, ya know?

Ahh, but now we're in the modern age of technology, tv, text messages, the Internet and condoms. While the instincts of over 300,000 years haven't changed, everyone's under a microscope, especially the famous. Sucks for them.

Reggie said...

There are no perfect men, only perfect intentions.

Men cheat down, because it's not necessarily about the individual, it's about the man and his ability to get some strange.

I have a good friend with a gorgeous wife; and he'll lay down with the foulest scalawag that you've ever seen. He always says the same thing....she's just some strange.

truth said...

Great post,
I think KIT nailed it, men are more of a visual species than women.

Also our culture promotes the idea that a man who can have a lot women is a powerful guy. The media loves focusing on these stories and spending time talking about them, thus reinforcing the behavior. They don't spend a lot time focusing a successful marriage, like Will and Jada for instance.

In fact, when Will Smith said divorce was not an option for him, he got criticized. His comment got taken completely out of context.

What can I say, it is what is.

Don said...

Funny post, as absolutely true where you speak of a man needing to cheat with a woman who is on the level of the woman he has at home.

Cause as men after we've called our woman everything in book, if she cheats, the first thing we are going to say if we see the other dude is: you cheated on me for that? so I have to believe our woman thinks the same.

Tiger Woods probably just has a ditzy broad for a wife. She doesn't really appear to be the overly sexual type. Although I could be wrong.