Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Not having any type of power is bad.... But having too much is worse

President Obama is scheduled to give his big speech on why he is sending more troops into Afghanistan tonight.

Why are Democrats upset with this?

The President never said that he would end the war in Afghanistan. He said that he would end the war in Iraq. So far he is keeping his promise. He IS withdrawing the troops in Iraq. He said from the jump that Afghanistan was a war that should have been fought and he said that the previous administration DROPPED THE BALL OVER THERE. He even sent 21,000 troops over there within a few short months of him taking office.

So what is the fuss about?
What has he lied about?

Why do people (Black People) think that this man is any thing different from the thousands of Black politicians that we have seen in this country before him?

He is a POLITICIAN.  That just so happens to be Black.

Politicians lie, cheat and steal to get what they want.

What they want is POWER.

Now don't get me wrong, I am proud of our President.
Very Proud.
But I understand that he is an Politician.

I also understand that he has a certain few people that he must placate in order to keep the title of President. And that certain few people does not include your man Dirty Red or anyone that takes the time to read my thoughts.

It is what it is.
I might not like it, but I understand.

President Obama is not the savior of Black People. He is the President of the UNITED States, not the mayor of St. Louis, D.C. or Atlanta.
And if we are to judge him by past Black Politicians, who have done nothing but exploit the people that gave them their power, then I might be so bold to say he is the savior.

I mean think about it for a minute.....

Every Black Congressman/woman in congress, all 50 something of them, represent the worst Districts in the country as far as education, crime, unemployment and poverty goes.

Every 2 years we vote the same do nothing ass Negros into the jobs that they have failed miserably in for decades.

Every 2 years we hear the same tired bullshit about what they PLAN on doing for our communities.

We never see these people until their contract is set to expire and then we get the same 'ole bullshit that we have been getting, or either some Preacher gets in the mix talking about how they will change what has failed to be changed in  how ever many years now that we have been allowed to vote, with the help of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the other 10 rich White People that finance their campaigns.

Power is more important to these Negros than the overall welfare of the people that have been paying them for decades.

And we as Black People continue to fall for the okie-doke . We listen to their tired rhetoric of HOPE and CHANGE, all the while HOPING that they mean it this time.

But Black Politicians are not the only people of power up in our nations capitol. It was founded by White Men, and White Men still have the majority. Black politicians have just learned and adapted to the ways of their masters.

But as far as our President goes.....

At least he is trying to keep the promises he made in all those "feel good" ass speeches he gave during the time when we all thought that it would be a cold day in hell before White People would hand over the keys to their beloved White Mansion on 1600 Penn Ave.

That is a change.

The rest of  our Black "leadership" are only seen when a White person kills a Black person in one of their districts.

But in all honesty, we get what we pay for.


ch555x said...

Out of the sea of criticism regarding Obama's yet to be detailed Afghan plan, this is one of the few that makes sense. He freaking told folks what he was planning to do prior to being elected...wtf@the shock!

Reggie said...

I hear you.

I was thoroughly frustrated when I heard this speech was coming. I remember what he said about Afghanistan during the campaign, he talked about increasing our forces there by a couple of brigades and he talked about the mistakes in that were made in Iraq and apparently he's addressing those as well. Yeah I know, he's kept many of his promises. I was just hoping to see more. He's also gone a long way to keep his promise regarding beginning to train the Afghan army in such a way for them to take on greater responsibilities themselves.

I was hoping to see that by now there were thousands of troops leaving Iraq, I wanted that to so happen by now.

There should be no shock in his Afghan policy though, he's pretty much doing what he said. I just think that our policies across the board in the middle east as fundamentally flawed.

I'm just angry that it's not moving faster is all. Sometimes I'd really like to see more. He's done much in the eyes of the world though to bring respectability back to our country.

It took eight years of that previous oxygen thief's administration to tear us down, it's going to take time to build us back up.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I think a lot of people must have been on a bathroom break all the times Barack said prior to Nov 4, 2008, that he would send troops to Afghanistan. He almost always said it a few sentences after he'd say he'd pull troops out of Iraq.

Hell, I thought then that he was just moving them to down the block, so to speak. His public reason was to "find bin Laden". Yeah, well sure. The big reason is the same old reason: oil, and in this case, some critical pipelines that will determine whether or not Russia wins the strategic upper hand.