Thursday, December 3, 2009

The way things were....


If the "Founding Fathers" were to skip through time to the year of our lord 2009, how do you think they would react to today's world?

Would they be appalled with the way things are now, or would they be proud of the way their ancestor's have "evolved"?

Would they be upset with the way or "leaders" have twisted the constitution they wrote to fit whatever they want it to fit?

How do you think they would react to all the crime and violence that plagues our world now?

And I have to ask.....

How would they feel about the 3/5ths of a person now running the "company" they invented?

I would love to see the faces of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Ben Franklin and the others if they were to leap frog through time and see that the slaves they left on their plantations, are now are in charge of the Plantations they just left.

Would they accept the changes, are would they denounce them?

Would they accept the slaves rise to some sort of acceptance or would they continue with their backwards ass way of thinking?

I think that they would denounce the changes and they would not accept that their slaves are now higher up on the food chain than them.

I think that they would revert back to the "master" and "slave" role and call some poor brother or sister out of their name and either get killed or beat down.

I think that they would denounce the way politicians have twisted and corrupted their design for a better country and try to change it back to the way they meant it to be.

I don't think they would adapt to well with the way things are now.

What do you think?


Lady-Cracker said...

That is a hell of a thought, but I think we might be surprised. I am not sure, but my read is that there is in fact less violence now. At that time dueling was permitted if frowned upon. Servants, let alone slaves, were beaten and destroyed.

Crime, depends upon how you define crime. Hey they owned people. There is so much more to steal, so much more wealth to fraud, such a fat and heavy land to despoil. Speaking of what I have read about Franklin and Jefferson, I think they would be able to roll fairly well with the changes.

Washington, for all his character, did not appear to have as flexible or agile a mind.

Speaking of then and now, it just struck me the number of people that are trying to force the present into a paradigm two millenniums old.

Anonymous said...

Average black i.q 70. Says it all really. Why slag off people who are dead? They built a great nation, what have black people ever built? Don't say Egypt either because they was Mediterranean. Hapsetsute's mummy has blond hair, Nefertiti's bust is clearly a European and Cleopatra was Greek. Stop blaming the white man for your failings, people are getting fed up with you savages.

Reggie said...

I think you're right. The good old days weren't always good.