Monday, March 30, 2009

The gates to the asylum have officially been opened

This morning before I jumped in the shower to start off a Monday morning, I came across some straight niggerish bullshit over at one of the best blogs out right now, OHH HELL NAWL.

Usually this is the blog I go to in the early morning hours so I can get my daily dose of ignance. This blog always gives me that good hearty laugh we all need everyday to stay sane in this insane world.

Well, as I was scrolling down the site, they have a new layout over there now, I came across this hot ghetto mess.

All I could say was, 'Lawd Lawd Lawd. Just take me now Jesus'.

Why does my people constantly make excuses for niggas that no excuses should be made for?

This animal killed FOUR men that were only doing their jobs.

Now granted I do not know how the Fuzz are in Oakland.
I have never been there.

I also have to say that I do not totally trust the Poo-lice.
I have had some bad experiences with local law enforcement that has left a very bad taste in my mouth.
But I know that the majority of Cops are really dedicated to doing the right thing. I also know that we need the Fuzz, because this world would really be in chaos without them.

BUT.... (there is always a but) there are some weak spineless men that do not need that type of power.

But this mess right here?
Throwing a parade and honoring the bastard that MURDERED four men?

I have not heard anything about this being another case of bad cops doing bad cop shit.

These men were only doing what we pay them to do.

This dude was a career criminal that had terrorized the streets of Oakland his entire life.

He had vowed never to go back to jail and I guess we all see that if we can say one good thing about this sorry excuse for a Black Boy, he kept his word.

But it pisses me off to no end to see MY people condoning and applauding negativity.

'He was a good man that was only looking out for his family. He loved his babies mamas and his kids. He was always polite to his mother'.... Blah Blah Blah.

I do not for the life of me understand this shit.

This guy has caused 4 women to be left without their husbands.
4 fathers and 4 mothers have to bury their sons.
This guy has taken 4 fathers, 4 brothers, 4 uncles and 4 friends away from the people that loved and needed them..

All because he vowed never to return to jail.

And the people in his community that he terrorized for years turn him into a martyr?

What is wrong with this picture?

It is shit like this that makes me want to sometimes turn in my Cool Pass and say to hell with all yall.

The shit we do.....


I extend my most gracious and heart-felt condolences to the families and friends of the 4 brave warriors who lost their lives protecting the decent people of Oakland.

But to the fools that participated, planned or attended the parade that honored that
murdering motherfucker.....

May you be reuinited with your loved one that you miss so much and that NEVER did anything wrong, in hell.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who is to blame?

According to the National Urban League's annual report, Black Americans still lag behind every other American racial group in almost every category that has been invented.

We are still last in Education and health care.
However, we are first in AIDS cases, single parent homes and adults in prison.

Our life expectancy is lower and we are more prone to heart disease and high blood pressure than the other racial groups that we share our streets with.

The unemployment rate among us is double that of Whites.
We are more prone to be racially profiled by the Poo-lice while driving our cars, and more prone to be denied the loans that are needed to provide our families with adequate housing.
Well, let me back up a little....
We are more prone to be given loans that over the course of the loan, the original loan agreements change, which forces us to default on the loan.

Our streets are the most dangerous streets in America. Our neighborhoods are the worst kept up. Our schools perform the worst, which is why we have the second biggest drop-out rate in the country. We are behind Hispanics in this category only because of the language barrier of first generation Hispanic Americans.

What is the reason that we (Black Americans) are so messed up?

Is it racism?
Is it laziness?
Is it illiteracy?
Or is it we just do not give a damn?

I believe that it is all of the above.

Yes racism is involved, because this country was founded by men that believed that Black People were nothing but property that can be bought, sold or discarded at will.
Property, that did not have a mind to think or a right to do anything other than what we were told to do. 3/8's of a person is all we were considered to be.
And there are still remnants of people in this country that hold on to that ignorance.

I believe that laziness is involved because even though racism is still alive and well here in the good Ole US of A, we cannot use that as an excuse for not trying to improve our situations. There are too many opportunities available for people of color today.

Illiteracy is definitely a problem because if you can't read the rule book, you don't know the rules of the game. Education is the key to the prison gates, but not all of us see that. In my opinion, education is the answer to all of our problems. That is why reading and writing was forbidden for slaves. The Slave owners knew that if you teach a person something, sooner or later he will not need you, and he will start to question your motives and intentions. And if he does not get an answer that satisfies him, he will fight you until he gets the answer he is looking for.

I also believe that some of us just don't give a damn. But I don't think this is solely a Black problem. There are people of every racial make up that just do not care about anyone other than themselves. There are people that could care less if their neighbor or Friend or family member is on the verge of dying. As long as they are not directly affected, they just do not care.

All of the above problems can be fixed.

By US.

All of them need to be fixed by US if we are to attain the status that our forefathers dreamed we would have by now. But as long as we sit around and expect Politicians or the neighborhood mega church to come to the rescue, we will always be at the bottom of the barrel looking up.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I only do this because I love you

I am so tired of hearing about how Chris Brown dropped those B's on his girl.

I hate the media.

I hate the media almost as much as I hate it when a man makes excuses about not supporting his kids.

The media makes it seem as if Rihanna is the only woman in the word that has been beat down by a man she loves. There are millions of Rihanna's. There are millions of Chris Browns.

Just because these two people are famous and rich and beautiful, this is all of a sudden a national crisis?

So much of a crisis that Oprah does a show (A SERIES OF SHOWS) about it?

What about the other women (and men) that are abused on the daily? Should their stories not be told? Are they not as important as Chris Brown and Rihanna?

Love don't hurt, huh Ms. Winfrey?

Who the hell have you been talking too?

Love can hurt like a bitch, and anyone that has ever been in love knows this to be true.

Love don't hurt huh...

Is that right....

That is about the dumbest statement I have ever heard.

How many of my loyal readers have ever been in love with someone and that someone did something that just ripped your heart out?

I have and that shit HURTS.

How many of you have loved someone and that love was not returned?

I have and that shit HURTS.

How many of you have had someone you love die?

I have and that shit HURTS.

Domestic Violence is a big problem in the world and it needs to be addressed.

(Men) and women are abused daily. Most of them are abused by people they LOVE.

I get so mad when the average person's problems are ignored by the masses, but one famous, rich, beautiful person problems can cause a national debate.

And then to top it all off I got to hear from one of the most adored people in the world say some bullshit like 'Love don't hurt'?

Tell that to all the people that are going through divorces.
Tell that to someone who has been betrayed by someone that they LOVE.
Tell that to all the people that loves and that LOVE is not returned to them.
Tell that to all the average people,(men)and women that get their heads beat in daily by someone they LOVE,that claims to LOVE them.

Love DOES hurt.

It can hurt like hell.

That is why women and (men)always end up going back to the people that hurt them.
They think LOVE will make the hurt stop.
Even though LOVE is the main reason for the hurt.
I think that in order to know that, a person has to have LOVED someone other than themselves.

How many of you have been hurt by someone you love?


Yall did catch how I kept saying Women and MEN are abused daily,right?
It goes both ways Ms. Winfrey...
Men ain't the only ones that are capable of knocking someone the fuck out.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Gotta Go, Gotta Go

Last week Gov. Richardson repealed the death penalty in his state of New Mexico.

When I first heard about this, I was like that's a good look for the Gov., because we all know that the current system is broken.

In the past 4 years,13 people here in Dallas have been exonerated because of DNA testing.
These 13 were not on Death Row, but they had spent a majority of their lives locked up for crimes they did not commit.

The system we have in place now is full of holes.

Juries do not always get it right, and they can be tampered with.
Judges are sometimes Biased and THEY can be tampered with.
Eyewitnesses do not make good witnesses.
Public Defenders are over worked and sometimes they just do not care about their clients.
People lie.
Some witnesses only testify to get reduced charges for themselves.
Crooked Cops plant evidence.

There are a lot of things wrong with the way the current system is set up, even though I believe it is the best system out there now.

Even though I am a staunch supporter of the Death Penalty, I have some reservations about it due to the examples I have named above.

However, I cannot be told anything wrong about the Death Penalty when I hear about stories like this.
This animal broke into a house and killed 2 men that were trying to protect their house and their family from bitches like him, for TWO DOLLARS!!!
He was eventually caught and shot in a shoot out with the Fuzz.

So my question is this...

Why even waste my money on a trial for this fool?

He was caught red handed shooting at the Poo-lice, after fleeing the scene of a double homicide that he committed for TWO DOLLARS.

If anyone needs to die it is this motherfucker.

I have some ideas for changes I would make concerning the death penalty, if I am ever in a position to implement my ideas.

Want to hear em?
Here they go......

If a person is convicted by a Jury of their peers, and the sentence is death, then that person will get 6 months to go through the appeal process.
This will include another lawyer from a law firm that is on the States retainer, not a PD, re interviewing witnesses, reexamine the evidence that was presented during the original trial, rechecking the background of the jurors, just in case they were paid off, extensive DNA testing, and double checking the credibility of the presiding Judge.

After all this, if the Jurors verdict stands up, then, Gotta Go, Gotta Go.

There is no reason for someone to stay on death row, soaking up $50,000 of my tax dollars every year for 20 or more years.

In the case I have mentioned above, this punk should not even be allowed the 6 months that I am proposing.

He should be executed on the court house steps, live, on national T.V.

But then again this is Texas, so this guy might be getting strapped in the chair as I type this.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Man, why don't you just go away?

Just when I think that I have seen the last of the 'juice man', here his Black ass comes again.

It seems now that this fool has some supporters that has launched a website asking for donations to help out with the appeal he has filed to overturn his latest conviction.


According to his supporters, all two of them, Juice was railroaded. He was treated unfairly. The Jury was biased. Juice is innocent.

How many people do you think are actually going to donate to this stupid Negro's legal fund?

Not I.

Fuck OJ.

This man either killed or knows who killed two people. Either way he is guilty ass guilty of MURDER.

He got away with it once, and once is one time too many.

Now I will admit that I believe the Jury in his latest conviction WAS probably Biased.
I believe that the Judge was biased also.
Everyone in the world and probably the man on the moon knew that this idiot was not going to walk away a free man this time.
OJ was convicted of killing two people, not of breaking into a Hotel room with a bunch of goons and guns.
Let me clarify that... He was convicted of killing two WHITE people. One WHITE woman and a I guess you can say one WHITE dude, even though most people forget about him, God rest his soul.

All this trial was about was PAYBACK.

If OJ would have faded into the background after his first miracle, he might still be playing golf in Florida with another white woman on his arms.

But we all know he did not do that, did he?
Every other month his stupid ass was in the news for doing something niggerish.
He was constantly throwing shoes at White America.

And now that his Black Ass is where he should have been 15 years ago, the fools that support him want us to help pay to get him out?


OJ can kiss my ass and try to block these size 13 Chuck Taylors that are aimed with precision at his head.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

In God We Trust

I just finished watching Alexandra Pelosi's HBO special Right America Feeling Wronged.

It was a documentary by Nancy Pelosi's daughter about the people that wanted John Mccain to become the 44th King of America, instead of the Black Guy we all know won.

It followed The "straight talk express" around during the campaign to find out how people felt.

Well, I think that if they would have followed Obama's tour bus around they would have gotten pretty much the same kind of fanatics. Both sides wanted their guy to win, but we all know that there can be only one winner. If Obama would have lost, it would have been people crying in the streets and hollering conspiracy just like it was with Mccain's followers.

There was nothing surprising to me about hearing some White people say they would never vote for a Nigger.

What got me was all the people that was throwing religion around like God is actually interested in American politics.

'God wants Mccain to win.' 'Obama is a Muslim.' 'We are God fearing Christians.'
'This is a Christian Nation'. 'Jesus is on the side of right'.

Hearing those bible thumping freaks talk like they sit down at the dinner table with Jesus every night, scared the hell out of me.

These are the same people that see nothing wrong with condemning an entire religion (Islam), and it's followers, because of a certain group of crazy fanatics that represent only a small percentage of that religion.

This is why I do not like organized religion. These people sounded like brain washed zombies to me.

I would bet my next paycheck that if you were to ask any one of those people to quote one verse out of the Bible, they could not do it.

In my opinion organized religion has done more harm in the world than anything I can begin to think of.

Most wars are started behind religion.
Most of the hatred in the world is started because of religion.
There are women being killed and treated like second class citizens behind religion.
Some countries base their whole existence behind a religion.

And the funny thing is, all religions basically started from the same source.

So which religion is the true religion?
What makes one religion better than another religion?
Just because I call my God JEHOVA, and you call yours BUDDHA, ALAH, YA WEY or even Mr. Frosty, my religion is the true way to heaven?

Give me a fucking break!!

I believe God is in every one of us.

I do not need to belong to a Church to be favored in God's eyes.
I don't need to go and "confess" my sins to another man, who by the way is a sinner just like me.
I don't need to hear some preacher get on a stage in a &3000 suit and yell at me to give the Church 10% of my hard earned money so I can reap the benefits of God's kindness.

I can read the bible on my own.
I know the difference between what's right and what's wrong.

And I learned this by thinking and asking questions. I learned that I do not need religion to be be blessed by my God. I learned all this by reading about religion and finding out for myself what the word religion really means.

I do go to a Church occasionally, but I am not a member of any Church.
I do not belong to nan religion because I feel like I don't need to.

I know who my God is....

But the question is, what God do those people in the documentary that I talked about believe in?

And whoever they bow down to at night, why would he/she give a damn about American Politics?

Does it not say in the Bible that man made Kingdoms will not last?
So why would their God want his followers to pray for a man made kingdom?

Do ya think they could answer that?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

It takes one to know one

Here is a comment that was left on my previous post about all the bitch-ass lying motherfuckers that are on the down-low.

Red, I think you're a stone cold liar. I think you have a big problem with gay people, and I think you should be man enough to admit it.

Now that we're past that, we can have an honest discussion. Surely you know that there are men who would likely sacrifice everything if they were to admit to being gay. Their family would shun them, it would be impossible to stay where they work, their so-called 'friends' would abandon them. Sure they could start over, or they could keep one thing over here and the other thing over there, and nobody has to get hurt.
Furthermore, why do you care how another person chooses to live their life? You make a huge assumption when you say that such a man risks giving his female partner AIDS. You make the ridiculous assumption that the gay man doesn't care if HE gets AIDS.

I know you're capable of better insight than this: I caught your story at Zach's blog about your happy day in North Carolina, and I was moved by it.

But this post...inadequate.


One would think that me and this dude are pretty tight, for him to leave a comment calling me a liar.

But the truth is, I do not know this dude from Adam's house cat. That is what pissed me off.

Here is my response to his comment...


First I could care less if you think I am lying or not. This is my opinion and if you don't agree, then so be it. Where I come from there is no excuse for a man to lie to his family. None. I think you missed the whole point of this post. I could care less how a man chooses to live. It is not my business. But the thing is, too many of our women are being lied too by these punk ass motherfuckers who don't believe they are doing anything wrong. I have a sister and I do not want her to have to tell my family that she has AIDS behind some trifling ass Negro that likes to go both ways. So thanks for your comment, but as far as you coming here and judging MY OPINION, by calling me a liar, well Dude slow your role, because you don't know me like that. I respect your opinion, so if you can't respect mine, then keep your damn comments over at Zach's.

I was going to leave it at my rebuttal comment, but the more I thought about it the madder I got.

First, I like for people to leave comments that have different views from what I write about. I started this blog to get other people's opinions. That is how I learn and that is how I get a different perspective on the world I live in. I can only talk about the world I see, so it is refreshing to hear the way other people view the world they see. So in saying that I will be biased in my opinions here. I cannot talk about the world this Walt person lives in, because I do not see the world through Walts eyes. I did not start this blog to be 'politically correct.' I started this blog to express the way I feel about certain things. Not everyone is going to agree with me, but I am cool with that.

Now on to Walt Bennet's comment.

This motherfucker had the audacity to call me a liar because he did not agree with what I wrote about. I do not know this dude, this dude does not know me. I don't know what the hell he was talking about when he said that I wrote something about North Carolina over at Zach's blog. I do not remember that, but if I did, then I did.
I comment over at Zach's place a lot. Zach has one of my favorite sites to go to.


Let me repeat that I could care less if this dude agrees with me or not.

But I do demand a little bit of respect when a person steps into my house.

Where I am from and the way I was raised, this right here could only end up one way.

A fight.

Yep that's right Walt.

Dem dare is fighting words.

But since I do not know this dude and this dude does not know me, I have to bring it here, instead of doing it the way I am used to doing it, face to face.

I do not know if I touched a nerve with my post or not. The way you responded, I am taking it that you are one of those lying bitch-made motherfuckers that I was talking about.

There is no excuse you can possibly give me that justifies a man lying to the people that love him. The high AIDS rate among Black women proves that.

How would you feel if your daughter, or your niece or your sister, or your female cousin or worse, your MOTHER, came to you and told you she was going to die because some punk bitch made ass negro lied to her about how much he loved her.And his only excuse for condemning her to death is that he was afraid he would lose everything if he told the truth about who he really is?

How would you take that Walt?

Would I still be a liar?

Huh Walt?

See this is the problem with today's society.

Everybody wants to make excuses for behavior that they know in their hearts is wrong as hell.

Nobody wants to own up to their mistakes and bad decisions.

It is always someone elses fault on why they did what they did.

'I was afraid' is not an excuse, Walt.

My whole purpose of writing the previous post was to point out that hurting the people that love you and then lying to cover it up, is WRONG.

Dead ass wrong.

But Walt, if you don't agree with that, well my very good friend whom I have known for all of the last 5 minutes, you are part of the problem.

I gather from your comment that you are one of those people that the media always interviews after somebody gets caught doing something that is against the law, saying, 'He was a good man. He paid his child Support and everyone in the hood loved him.'

Yeah, that's what I gather, Walt.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

There is no such thing as a Little White Lie

While in my friendly neighborhood Wal-Mart the other day I happened to go into the book and magazine section of the store.

There is a new book out by E Lynn Harris, you know the guy that writes all the books about the down-low life style.I could not help but to read the jacket of the book to see what this guy is writing about this time.

Well it seems that this book is just like all the others. A Pro Basketball Player likes to dribble more than Basketballs if you know what I mean, and he is afraid of the fallout if his secret becomes known,so he marries a woman to put on the illusion that he is "keeping it real" with the ladies.

Well, his male jump-off that he has been treating like a queen, no pun intended, doesn't take too kindly to being pushed to the background, so herein lies the problem.

That is all the jacket of the book says and that is all I am going to read, but I can see where the story is going.

First, let me begin by saying I have no problem with Gay people.

To each his own.

I have a problem with people that try to hide their gayness.

If you are Gay, then you should be proud of it and embrace who you are.

I cannot stand a person that pretends that they are something other than what they are.

That is the problem I have with this book and all the other "must reads" written on this subject. A man on the down-low is a motherfucking liar that cannot be trusted.


A man on the down-low is a selfish coward that would rather endanger the lives of the people that love him,(i.e. by giving them AIDS) rather than be a man and stand up for who and what he is.

In my opinion, and this is only my opinion, there is no such animal as a bisexual.
I don't understand how a person can like pussy one day and dick the next.

A person knows what they prefer and it is either a woman or a man. Everybody has a preference of what they like to do and how they like to do it.

But maybe I am wrong. But like I said this is just my opinion.

So be who you are is all I'm saying.

Or if you and your significant other have an understanding that includes tipping out and getting freaky with other people, including those of the same sex, as long as it is understood and both parties are aware of what's going on,then do what you have to do to keep your relationship healthy.

But lying to the people that love you, and endangering not only your life, but the lives of the ones that you "care" so much about, is what my man the Field Negro would call "House Negro Behavior".

Who am I?

Am I a Black American, an African American, Colored, a Negro, an Afro American or a nigger?

Well, if you go through America's history I have been all of the above.

I think it is a damn shame that I have never just been considered an American.

What do I consider myself?

Well lets see...

I like Baseball and Apple Pie.

When Pamela Anderson was on Baywatch, I thought she was the finest woman man ever made.

I cheer for the USA during the Olympics and I stand during the singing of this countries National Anthem.

I cried when the towers fell on 911, and I wanted to taste the blood of the people that was stupid enough to attack my country.

I was proud to carry the American Flag in military ceremonies in foreign countries, and I represented my country to the fullest during 2 tours in Bosnia, training missions in Germany, Belgium,Korea, Kosovo, and countless other small countries around the globe.

I love American Football and barely understand European Soccer.

I grew up listening to Duran Duran, Depech Mode, Phil Collins, Metallica, Motley Crue, AC-DC, and other forms of "American" Music.

I speak English as my native language, even though I can get by in Spanish.

I believe in the American Dream of the house in the Suburbs with the white picket fence, a wife, 2 kids, a dog and my Grandmother living in the room above the garage.

I believe that hard work and determination will payoff eventually.

I believe that Americans should buy American products first and other countries shit later.
I believe that American companies should keep their companies in America and employ American workers.

This is who I am.

Did I mention that I happen to be a Black Man? That was born on US soil?

So if I believe all these things and I live all these things, why am I still labeled like a cheap Wal-mart substitute?

If I did not mention the fact that I am Black after reading this what would I be in your eyes?

Would I be a die-hard red, white and blue American or would I be a man that requires a label like Black American, an African American, Colored, a Negro, an Afro American or a nigger?

I am an American.

Just a plain ole arrogant cocky American.

So fuck all the people that want to put me in a box that my people have outgrown 10 times over.

I'm just saying....