Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Was I that damn Dumb at that age?

I have been working at my Reserve Unit full time for the past month. I have been activated for a little while to help out our new Supply Sgt get his office straight because the guy that he replaced left shit straight fucked up.

I mean for example....

How in the hot ass Texas hell does a Unit "misplace" 3 damn dump trucks?

Ya'll did read DUMP TRUNKS right?

I mean the BIG ASS trucks with the bed that goes up and down to allow the driver to pick up and DUMP shit that is too much shit to be put in the back of a regular ass Pick-Up truck.

Yep, that kind of DUMP TRUCK.

Anyways, as you can probably guess, this past month has not been an easy one.

During this month I have had the opportunity to work with people everyday that I normally only see once a month.

You learn a lot of things about people if you see them every damn day, all damn day.

The people that you thought were assholes turn out to be pretty cool and the people that you thought were pretty cool turn out to be assholes.

The people that you thought were mature for their age turn out to be sniveling little spoiled rotten ass little punk ass kids.

For real.

One guy, my Private, whom I have been picking up and dropping off everyday because he does not have a car or a driving license, who is 18 and married to a 17 year old, with a 6 month old baby, who is living with her parents, ....takes a deep breath after writing all that,.... does not know how to wash clothes. He does not know the meaning of lemon fresh, ya feel me? I have had to tell this dude 3 times in the past month to stop wearing the same old nasty, sticky, clogged up with dirt and funk ass uniform.

We have been feeding this dude everyday because his money is shorter than a midget on his knees.

One of my partners gave the dude a bike so that he can ride through the city and put in applications for jobs that are near his house.

Another Private has volunteered to wash his clothes if he brings in his dirty ones.

But irregardless of all the shit that people have been doing for this dude, he told us today that he did not want to work in August because it is going to be too hot.

Pause for dramatic effect

It has been 100 degrees every damn day in the DF-DUB for damn near the whole month and this cat does not want to work in August because it is going to be too hot?


We all felt like taking this dude to the back of the hot-ass warehouse we have been slaving in and giving him a little wall to wall counseling.

We all cussed this dude out and told him that he has a son to take care of and until he has a definite gig somewhere else, he needs to make the little bit of money that the government is giving him temporarily and handle up on his business.

He looked stupid the whole time we were tag teaming him on his responsibilities and on the way home he said that we were right and he is going to do better.

I don't know if he meant it or if he thinks that he can mind fuck me into getting off his back.

All I could think was, 'Was I that damn dumb at that age?'

I must be getting old.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Black People are not the only Niggers in the World

This morning before I went to work I watched a little bit of a show on the Sun Dance channel called SLINGSHOT HIP HOP.

This was a Sundance movie about young Palestinian Hip Hop artists. I found the show pretty interesting because I never viewed Palestinians as being Hip Hop lovers. I know next to nothing about Palestine or the people that inhabit that Prison that the Israelis guard. I assumed that all Palestinians were crazy terrorists that hate Israel and like to blow themselves up, when in reality they are an oppressed people that are getting a bad rap from the world's media.

They are the NIGGERS OF THE MIDDLE EAST and the media treats them as such.

I do not know the exact reason why the Palestinian and the Israelis are fighting. It could be a Bibical thing, or it could be siblings fighting over an inheritance or maybe they just do not like each other, sorta like the Crips and the Bloods here in America. Or maybe they are fighting to keep what each believe is rightfully theirs.

I do not know.

I only know that they have been fighting for decades and there is nothing that anyone is going to be able to do about it.

I know that in my opinion, the Palestinian people are getting a raw deal from the Israelis and the world Media.

A person cannot be beat up on and oppressed and continually bow down to the people beating them up and oppressing them. Sooner or later that shit is going to get old and some people are going to die.

That is what I believe is happening in the Middle East.

I believe that the Israelis are wrong and I think that they need to recognize the Palestinians right to govern themselves in their own country.

I believe that America is wrong for trying to get in the middle of this bullshit, especially when this country cannot tell another country nothing about fair treatment of it's citizens.

The Divided States Of AmeriKKKa does not have a "FAIR AND BALANCED" record when it comes to treating it's natural born citizens, like natural born citizens.

I disagree with how America treats Israel in relation to how it treats other countries in the Middle East. It is like Israel can do no wrong.

I understand that the Israelis people were mistreated during WWII and all that, but that mistreatment stopped.

The criminals that did all those vile things to those innocent people have all been caught, jailed, killed or they have all died by now.

There are people in this country whose ancestors were treated like shit and who are still being treated like shit. There are people in this country that was born in this country but are still not considered Americans.

The main stream media thought it would be politically correct to put a description in front of the title American. I have never seen a white person called "white" American or "Caucasian" American. But my people have to be called an African American,an Afro-American, "colored" or a Nigger.

So in my opinion, the country of my birth needs to stay the hell out of the Middle East. It is not this countries place to tell another country how it should conduct it's business, especially when this country is not handling up on it's own business.

I can relate to the Palestinians.

I know what it is like to mistreated and labeled.
I know what it is like to be judged by people that have no idea what it is like to be you.
I know what it is like for people to automatically assume that just because Sarah or Tommy made it out of poverty, that Jamal and Lakiesha can do the same, without taking into account that Sarah and Tommy situations are totally different than Jamal and Lakeisha's situations.
I know what it is like to be stared at in wonder like I am a visiting Alien from another Planet.
I know what it is like to live in neighborhoods that the powers that be have neglected and forgotten.
I know what it is like to have friends and family members killed while only trying to survive in a world that was forced on them.

I can relate to the Palestinians.

Yep I said it.

But I cannot lie and say I am brave enough to kill myself in order to kill my oppressor. That suicide bombing shit is some straight bullshit.

The way I think, I will kill you before I even consider killing myself.

I love me some me.

Monday, July 6, 2009

And then I heard....


Four more Black Kids are going to be raised without their Father due to senseless violence and 'should have known better' bullshit .

The whole world knows by now that Steve Mcnair was killed, along with his twenty year old Jump-Off.

He was shot FO times (FO=FOUR, for those of you out there that are not familiar with Negro Speak), 2 head shots and 2 body shots, with his Twenty year old Jump-off taking one in her dome.

When I first heard that he was killed I thought 'Damn. When are these famous rich fools gonna learn to stay out of them damn Shake Clubs?'

And then I heard that he was shot in a condo he rented with another dude, and I thought, 'Damn. Please don't tell me that this fool was one of those DOWN LOW niggas!'

And then I heard that he was found shot along with a young woman and I thought, 'Damn. I bet she was a White Girl. That's how them fools do'

And then I heard that her name was Shamma Shamma something and I thought, 'Damn that fool's wife done found out he had a side piece and she just lost her damn mind!'

And then I heard that the fuzz believe that this might be a murder suicide and I thought 'Damn. WTF was this nigga thinking? A TWENTY year old waitress that he meet at DAVE and BUSTERS? He put his whole life in limbo, along with his FO kids for a waitress that was making $6 an hour? Damn! Was it that good?'

And then I heard about all the goodies he was giving her, An Escalade, clothes, a crib, trips to the Caribbean, promises that he knew he was not going to keep and I thought 'Damn. This fool is how old again? 36,or 37, some shit like that? And he is already going through a mid-life crisis? Really?'

After getting treated like his bottom bitch, and then finding out that she was instead a side chick, a 2 in the morning, after the club closes, last resort bitch, it is no surprise that she got all Sniper on his ass.

I am not calling this poor woman out of her name, because she is just as much, if not more a victim in this case, because Brother Steve should have known never to fuck with a woman's emotions, especially a Twenty year old inexperienced woman, I am just saying that she should have stayed in her lane.

Common sense, her girlfriends, her Pastor, Priest, Budda or even the $15 fortune teller lady should have told her that this dude was not going to leave his wife of 13years for her.

I guess with her only being Twenty Years Old, she never heard the phrase "It's cheaper to keep her." If a woman starts off the race as a side chick, then she should know that she will finish the race as a side chick.

But, (if this indeed was a murder suicide)as we see from this tragic chain of events, some women forget their place and venture outside of their assigned areas.

And his dumb ass should have not been prowling College campuses auditioning for the Next great Piece of Ass, season 10.

The dude should have been thinking about his family, his FO kids,his reputation of being a "stand-up" do no wrong guy, and the woman sitting in that mansion with the keys to the safe filled with all his millions.

But again, we see from this tragic chain of events, that most men think with their dick instead of with their brain. Or maybe most men have their brain in their dicks.

I don't know.

But in any case, Four more Black Kids are going to be raised without their Father due to senseless violence and 'should have known better' bullshit.

And the beat goes on.