Monday, September 28, 2009

The intelligent answer is, there is no intelligent answer

I was over at my man RIPPA'S spot this morning, and I left a comment on his post about how that idiot glenn beck (no caps for that motherfucker)back-tracked on his statement about how Obama hates "white culture".

It seems that beck could not explain what he meant by "white culture".

Mrs. Couric asked him numerous times what exactly he meant, but he couldn't do it. He even admitted that he did not know what "white culture" was. He said that Mrs. Couric was trying to trap him and he said he was not going to answer her question.

Here is the comment I left.....

Does this surprise you Rippa? This man is an ignant motherfucker. He speaks out his ass on every one of his shows. Most racist people do not know why they are racist. If you ask them to explain to you in an intelligent fashion exactly what it is they don't like about a certain group of people, they will probably spout out some bullshit that they heard somebody else say. They are how they are because somebody else told them that is how they should be. The same applies to this asshole. If this man had any smarts or nuts about himself he would research his views before he started talking out the side of his neck. Ignant is as ignant does. But I do agree that the threat of not getting paid will motivate a person ignant or not ignant, to straighten their shit up. At least in public that is.

So the question that I am asking here is, Why are people Racist?
Is it because of some personal thing that has happened to them or is it because their friends are racist, so in order to fit in, they become racists too?

If it is the first question,the one about something personal, what the hell do White People have to be racist about?

Has a White Person ever been denied basic human rights just because they were White?
Has a White Person ever had a cross burned in their yard by Black "Christians?"
Has there ever been a documented case of a White Person being lynched by a crazy bunch of "Christian" Black People?
Has the Police ever pulled a White Person over for driving a nice car in an affluent Black "only" area?
Has any White Kids ever been kicked out of a Black recreation center for only wanting to swim there on a hot summer day?
Has a White Person ever been railroaded in a trial where they were completely innocent by a Black jury of his "peers?"
Has a White Person that is looking to start up a business ever been denied a loan by a Black loan manager just because they were White?
Has White People ever been targeted by Black owned and operated Mortgage companies with Predatory loans?
Has a White President ever been interrupted during a speech about anything, by a Black Congressman with the words "YOU LIE?"

To answer my own questions...... No, to all the above.
(If someone, ANYONE, out there in Blog Land can send me a credible example that proves me wrong in any of the above questions, hit me up here in the comment section and I will gladly post a retraction.)

From what I see, the only people that have a credible reason to hate and despise anybody here in AmeriKKKa is the non-whites in AmeriKKKa.
Correct me if I am wrong, but from where I sit, the only people in this country that have not been discriminated against, used, abused and targeted, is the White portion of the population.

So what is the White excuse for hating anyone that does not look like them?
What kind of intelligent answer can any racist give that justifies their hatred?

Am I saying that White Racists are the only Racists?
No I am not.
There are Racists in every sect of Human culture.
But again the question is, Why are people inclined to be Racist?

I think the answer is that there is no intelligent answer. Most people don't like something because their friends and family don't like something.

That sounds dumb huh?

Well I said that there was no intelligent answer.

I believe that as long as there are weak minded people that blindly believe what other people tell them without bothering to check the validity of what is being told them, there will always be racists.

Racism is not a disease. It is a social disorder. It cannot be treated like a disease. It can only be treated with education. As long as there are dumb people that follow what they consider "smart" people there will be racism.

And to be honest, AmeriKKKa is full of dumb people.

Educated people that actually think it is a good thing to have an educated view about something, instead of always agreeing simply because Sally and 'nem said to agree, are the real minority in this country.

There are a few leaders in this country of mine that have a lot of simple minded ass followers.

I guess that is why 1% of the countries population controls 95% of the countries wealth.

The old saying is true, A one eyed man is King in the world of the blind.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die to get there

The other day the FBI caught a dude that was planning to blow up a building here in Dallas. The guy was an Illegal Immigrant from Jordan. He caught the attention of the FBI by posting on his Face Book page about how he wanted to declare Jihad on America.

What sense does that make?

This is the era of the Patriotic Act.

Common sense should have told this idiot that posting illegal intentions on a site that is visited by Billions of people every day was not a good idea.

This makes me wonder if this guy was for real with his thoughts or if he is just another Stoolie that our government is using to make us believe that we are actually making progress in Bush's war on the "axis of evil".


This little episode got me to thinking about something.

American Blacks are some of the most die-hard religious fanatics on the face of the earth.

You cannot meet a group of 10 Black People here in America without at least 10 of them proclaiming their love for Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Every Black Family has a preacher somewhere down the family tree and every Black community with at least 50 people has at least 20 churches within walking distance of each other.

But with all this religion that has been forced down our throats since the day of our births, How many Black People will be willing to strap a bomb to their chests and blow themselves up in the name of Jesus?

How many Black People will drive a van filled with explosives into a crowded area screaming 'In the Name of Jesus I rebuke thee!' before pulling the detonator switch?

How many Black People would be willing to leave this world of Escalades,Pit Bulls, Madden 2010, 80 inch Plasma TVS, summer vacations to Brazil and Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles to become Martyrs for 'The King of Kings'?

How many?

As religious as my people claim to be, it would make sense that the line would be around the block and up the street.

Don't you think it is the ultimate test of faith to give your life for your God and your beliefs?

I mean think about it.....

Black people (men) give up their lives daily for money, women and "respect".

Black people (men) die everyday fighting for a street that they do not own.

Black People die everyday for material shit that they did not make and are not getting paid to represent.

Black People die everyday for not being smart about their sexual endeavors.

So why not go one further and die for some shit that actually matters?

What is more important than one's faith?

I mean besides being the first to cop the latest Jay-Z CD that is.

A person has to have priorities right?

Monday, September 21, 2009

How does Jesus really feel?

There are some things in the Bible that I do not understand.

Example: Matthew 19 verse 11-12. In this verse Jesus is supposedly talking about Marriage in this passage.

11Jesus replied, "Not everyone can accept this word, but only those to whom it has been given. 12For some are eunuchs because they were born that way; others were made that way by men; and others have renounced marriage[a]because of the kingdom of heaven. The one who can accept this should accept it."

How can a man be born a EUNUCH?

I have always thought a Eunuch was a man that had had his goodies cut off so that he will not be tempted to dip his stick in any royal dishes.

So how can a man be BORN a Eunuch?

Is this some coded reference made by Jesus that implies that there are some men that are born that do not want to dip his stick in any royal dishes? In other words: Are there men that are BORN Gay instead of CHOOSING to be Gay?

If this is true, If I am understanding what I am reading, then what about this....

"Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." Leviticus 18:22

So does this mean that being Gay is wrong in God's eyes?

Then what did Jesus mean?

If what Jesus said in Matthew Chapter 19 is supposedly about Marriage, does he mean that marriage between 2 men is accepted as long as a man is BORN a Eunuch?

And if this is what he meant, why is he contradicting the words of Moses? (Moses is the author of Leviticus).

If Jesus says that some men are BORN Eunuchs, then I am guessing that he meant that some men are born without "natural" male tendencies and urges.

Meaning there are some men that are born without a set of "nuts". Literally and mentally.

So does this mean that everything that has been taught over the centuries is a lie?

Or does it mean that the men who "translate" the Bible every Sunday morning omit what they want to omit to get their own agenda across?

Or am I doing exactly that and seeing what I want to see?

I firmly believe that some people are born with Homosexual tendencies. I also believe that some people choose to be that way.
I know how I feel and my feelings are that I do not understand the attraction between same sexes, male or female. I don't get it. There is nothing in me that would make me want to have sex with a man.

But that is how I feel.
I also feel it is wrong to judge in either case.

I don't know what God thinks about this because he has not answered me when I have asked him. And in my opinion, the bible is suspect. I mean I believe it is the word of God, at least the original version, but it has been tampered with, changed, some things that should be in it has been left out intentionally and since it was man that has done all these things, and we all know how men are, I don't think that the Bible we have today is 100% accurate.

How could it be?
Man makes mistakes.
Some men have their own personal agenda.
And it has been proven that history is written by the winners. So all the stuff that the "winners" did not think was relevant, was left out of their "version" of history.

I also feel that since there is so little love in this world as it is, a person has to get it any way they can.

In other words, In the words of the esteemed Too Short, "Get in where you fit in."

But then Jesus did say:

"The one that CAN accept this SHOULD accept it."

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What is that ringing sound? It is just my bullshit detector going off

'America is a nation of cowards when it comes to matters of race'.

Truer words have never been spoken.

Instead of being truthful and honest about how they feel, some people hide and lie about their true selves. Some people are so blinded by their "position" in this country that they ignore what they see going on around them, and just chalk it up as conspiracy theories thrown out by people that are lazy and looking for a handout. In their closed eyes, these people are looking to blame other people for their problems and the mistakes they have made. Such people are called "welfare queens", thugs and urban.

Some people have a little more nuts about themselves and they let people know what is on their minds. They just do it in 'coded" ways.

Nowadays, the worst thing you can call a person is a racist.

The word "racist" has overtaken the word "nigger" as the most inflammatory word in America.

No one wants to admit that everyone has certain prejudices that are a part of them.

Prejudices are not the problem. The problem starts when you let those prejudices turn into hate.

And that is the problem in my country.

Some people hate the fact that "their" country is now being headed by a man that does not look like them.

They hate the fact that this man represents them to the world.

They let their prejudices cloud their thinking. They have listened to all the lies and bullshit that have been spread around by the media, politicians and radio talk show hosts and they hate this man.

For no good reason except that he is somebody that their parents and the media told them to stay away from. They hate this man because influential people on TV and radio tell them to.

They hate this man out of jealousy and envy. They wish they could be him or be with him and they hate that feeling, so they hate the cause of that feeling.

But instead of talking about their feelings and coming up with a constructive way of dealing with their feelings, they lash out and interrupt this man on national TV and then try to blame the man's politricks and policies.

Instead of getting to know this man's positions on things that might affect them on a personal level, they listen to people sing songs on a nationally syndicated radio show called "Barack the magic negro."

Instead of asking questions and doing research about his views, they listen to failed Politicians talk about how he is planning on killing their Grandparents.

Instead of admitting themselves that they got a problem with his skin, they persuade delusional ass Negros to do their talking for them. This way they have plausible deniabilty when the "R" word comes out.

Instead of realizing that most of the problems that this country is facing today were caused by greedy men that looks like them, they orchestrate "tea parties" that are supposedly all about out of control government spending.

Instead of judging one man by his actions, they judge the man's whole ethnic culture by bringing up over exaggerated stats that "prove" that people of the same skin color are nothing but murderous drug dealing sports stars.

Instead of demanding that the government do a better job with providing a better education for their illiterate children, they boycott this man that wants to talk to their kids for them about the value of an education.

And all the while they cringe at the thought of being called a racist. They accuse people of throwing the race card around when they are confronted with their bigotry and hypocrisy.

They have their kids get on TV and say things like 'MY FATHER DOES NOT HAVE A RACIST BONE IS HIS BODY'..

But what really pisses me the hell off is sorry-ass Negros that defend this type of behavior and make excuses for it.
I hate Negros that come on blogs like mine and try to give credibility to this type of bullshit by bringing up shit that is going on in the Black Community that has nothing what so ever to do with the topic of conversation. (This is a shout out to you, Constructive Feedback).

I don't understand their mentality. I want to call it independent thinking, but to me it is really delusional. How can you defend something that you know is fucked up?
How can you make excuses for inexcusable behavior? How can you be so blinded by the illusion of a "post racial society" that you refuse to see what is going on? How can you justify this? How can you be Black, White, Latino, Asian or Native American and not see and understand what is going on?

Everybody has the right to think and feel exactly how they want to think and feel. I understand that the world does not see the world the way I see the world. I only speak for myself and what I see on a daily basis.

I wish to God that what I see is nothing but a nightmare about a bad flashback to the 40's 50's and 60's, but I know that this shit is real,besides I am not a coward.

I see the problem. And with the technology that is afforded to me (A Blackmans View),I am addressing the problem.

I could give a fat fuck about Negros or White Folks that refuse to have an honest dialogue about what is really going on. But believe me when I tell you, I will call out fake ass hypocritical behavior when ever I see it. If you don't agree with what I say, that's cool. I could be wrong and all this shit really is just about Big O's policies.

I COULD be wrong, but I doubt it.
In fact I will donate my next 2 paychecks to the SONS OF CONFEDERATE VETERANS if I am wrong.
And guess who is a proud card carrying member of this God Fearing Christian organization?
None other than Joe "YOU LIE" Wilson.

So is it really about his policies?

Monday, September 14, 2009

A hard Head makes a soft ass

There is some shit that has been on my mind for a long minute now.

It has to do with what some of our people will do for money.

MAGIC JOHNSON has a commercial running in the DFW area that advertises RENT-A-CENTER stores.

I think that this is exploiting the community that he claims to love so much.

Let me explain.

Rent-a-Center is a business that can only be found in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. They "rent to own" used appliances, TVs, computers and furniture to people (Black and Hispanic and some poor Whites) with poor credit. They do not run a check at all, the only stipulation is that you have a job. You can either pay weekly, biweekly or once a month.

The concept is good, but there is a small catch.

They charge prices that are more than what you would pay for brand new shit.


When I first bought my house I wanted a Big Screen TV for my Rec Room. I could not afford one at the time so I decided to go check out the Rent-a Center that is up the street from my house. I knew from talking to my boys that Rent-a-Center was a rip off, but I justified my going by telling myself that I would try them out until I could afford to buy a TV straight out.

I went in the store that is located in my neighborhood strip-mall and told the salesperson what I wanted, filled out the paperwork and a 60 inch TV was delivered to my house the next day.

My payments were $75 dollars every 2 weeks. I could afford this so I was like fuck it.

Well the TV showed up when they said it would, but.....

It was not the TV I saw in the store. It was 60 inches but it was not brand new as the store advertised. It was used and dented. It did not have a remote and the DVD player that was attached to the TV did not open.

I called the store and told them that they made a mistake. Of course the manager apologized and he told me that they would bring out another TV. Later that afternoon another TV showed up, but it was another used TV. This one had a remote, but no internal DVD player. I called the store again and told the manager that this was some bullshit. He apologized again and told me that they never give out brand new stuff and that they would give me a DVD player at no extra charge.

I asked them WTF did he mean they never give out Brand New shit when they advertise that they give out Brand new shit. He told me that it is company policy to just recycle shit that people bring back or do not pay for. He offered to reduce my payments by $10 and still throw in the DVD player. I said OK (LIKE A DUMMY)since I knew that I was going to buy my own TV in a couple of months.

Well a couple of months turned into 6.

One day when I went into the store to make a payment I asked the girl at the counter how much longer I had until I payed off the damn thing.

She told me another 72 months.

My mouth fell open and I was like WTF? I had been paying $130 a month for the last 6 months and this heffer was like I still had another 72 to go?

I told her that there had to be some kind of mistake, that I had been paying $130 a month for the past 6 months. She told me she knew that, but not all the $65 was going towards the TV. She told me I was only paying $12 a month after all the fees and other bullshit was taken out of my payment.

I started cussing and I told her to get the manager. He came out, verified what the girl told me and told me that they would let me get a newer TV at the same price, but my time would start over. The 6 months would have been wasted money.

I told them to kiss my ass and to come get their damn TV.
The manager tried everything he could to get me to get another TV, but I told them to fuck themselves and come get their damn TV.

They followed me to my house and pitched a bitch when the delivery dudes found out that my Rec Room is upstairs and my stairs curve. It took them about an hour to figure out how to get that big-ass floor model 60 inch TV down my stairs. They scratched my wall a little so I told the manager that he needed to break me off something and he let me have the DVD player as compensation.

To make a long story short, for someone like Magic Johnson to advertise a company like RENT-A-CENTER, that is known to exploit people with the promise of owning "Brand New" appliances and other shit at reasonable prices, is wrong ass wrong.

This dude has to know the 411 on this company, but he chooses to say fuck the people he claims to love so much and get a paycheck at their expense.

Ain't that a bitch?


My neighbor told me yesterday that he went to a different Rent-a-Center to get a computer for his daughter. They gave him a computer with someones Else's password and personal log-in.

But they continue to advertise (Magic Erving Johnson) that all their shit is "brand new".

I understand the need to get paid, but this shit right here, is dead ass wrong.

Magic, you have lost the respect I had for you with this one.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hypocrite and AmeriKKKa, what is the difference between the two?

I am glad this week is over.

I bet my blood pressure has risen 10 points this past week.

I have never felt this much dis-like towards Politicians and some white folks before in my life.

First, some white folks did not want the President to speak directly to their school age kids. One white woman even had the audacity to say that she was an American and her kids were Americans, and she did not want them to be subject to that.

Subject to what, bitch? (Yep I said it. With all the hostility I can muster.)
Subject to a Black man telling your White kids something that should be coming from your AmeriKKKan ass?

Then came the now famous "YOU LIE" remark.
This motherfucker felt like he could just straight up disrespect the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. I would have gotten upset even if this President was not a bit darker than the past Presidents we have had. There is just some shit that you do not do.

But it gets worse....

The day after this nation remembered the most horrific act of terrorism on American Soil.....

Some White people took it upon themselves to demonstrate against the President and his "spending" habits.

Now don't get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with people demonstrating. Hell, while Jr. was in office, every time I went back home to visit family, there was some group on the national mall protesting and demonstrating his administration.

The difference was that those demonstrators were actually demonstrating for a cause. Those people actually had legit reasons to protest.


1. The bullshit reasons we went to war.
3. The reasons on why it was cool to spy and eavesdrop on American citizens.
4. The bullshit of giving tax breaks to people that did not need them.
5. Hurricane Katrina.
6. No bid contracts to the Vice President's buddies.
7. Hurricane Katrina.
8. The dick rider Attorney General firing state attorneys that did not agree with the bullshit the administration was doing.
9. Donald Rumsfeld.
10. Scooter Libby.
And did I mention Hurricane Katrina?
And so on and so on.

Now what were these assholes protesting?

Taxation without Representation?


Do those people forget that they ARE represented?
Everyone of those bastards have a STATE and FEDERAL representative that they can bitch to to their hearts content.

This administration is spending too much of their hard earned tax money?


Where were the "teabaggers" when the previous administration gave away their money to the richest people in America?
Where were they when 10 BILLION dollars a month of their dollars were being spent on a lie?
Where were they when HALIBURTON and BLACKWATER were wasting BILLIONS of their hard earned tax dollars?
Where were they when it came out that there was BILLIONS of taxpayers money that was UNACCOUNTED for in a government audit?
I know exactly where they were....

They were on FOX news calling anyone that disagreed with what the President was doing "UNPATRIOTIC".

Health care for Illegal Immigrants?


I wonder if the protesters know that the man that sparked this debate with the "YOU LIE!" remark actually voted yes on a bill that would pay hospitals TAX PAYERS money to provide medical care for ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS?
I wonder if they know that the President's proposed bill DOES NOT condone government sponsored health care for illegal immigrants?
I wonder how these protesters would feel if they or their loved ones would have to file bankruptcy because of medical bills?

They were protesting socialism?


Do any of those ass backwards thinking people even know what socialism is?

Well according to Wikopedia THIS is the definition of socialism.

What is so bad about it?
Hasn't this country been leaning towards socialism for a long minute now?

Or do these stupid ass people not keep up with the past deeds of some of our Presidents?

I just wish that those "protesters" had the balls to say what they were really protesting.

The real "protest" was about having to be represented by someone who they have always been taught was inferior to them.

If these "protesters" were really concerned about "God and Country", then more of them would vote. More of them would open their eyes to the fact that ALL politicians are full of shit and they would hold them accountable for their failures and lies.
More of them would have opened their mouths when a white man was fucking up the country they claim to love so much.
More of them would try to clean up their on backyard before they try to clean up their neighbors.More of them would actually read the whole Bible instead of reading one sentence out of it and then try to use that one sentence to justify their bullshit.

All this "protesting" that some simple minded white people are doing has nothing to do with God or Country.

All those loud ass people at those town hall meetings probably could not even spell HEALTH CARE REFORM.

All those Politicians that so openly disrespect the President of the United States are not concerned with the Presidents Politricks.

All those Red Necks that are afraid that Obama is going to send the FBI to confiscate their guns, do not really think that.

All those AmeriKKKan women that do not want the President to talk to their AmeriKKKan kids are not concerned with him brainwashing them.

What all those people I have just mentioned are concerned with is the fact that their kids are probably saying that they want to be like the President of the United States.

And Lord have Mercy on this country if little White Kids actually admire a Black Man that is not rapping, running, or dribbling.

We can't have that, now can we?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear Joe......

Below is a letter I emailed to the office of Congressman JOE WILSON OF SOUTH CAROLINA
I doubt if he will read my letter, but I am pretty sure that somebody on his staff will. His little outburst pissed me off royally.

I know that I talked shit about President Bush. Right here on my little 'ole Blog. We all probably did. All politicians should expect some kind of shit talking from people that do not agree with their views.

This is AmeriKKKa after all.

The land of Free Speech.

No one is going to be 100% satisfied with anything.

But I never straight up disrespected who he was or the office he held. Like it or not, he was my President and he represented me to the world.

What this asshole Joe Wilson did was.... Well... Straight up childish and full of hatred.

If you did not see Big O's speech the other night, go back and U-tube it. You could feel the hatred in the room that those people have for him. You could see it in their eyes. And I believe that it was not just because they disagreed with his views. They actually hate the man.

They hate him.

And for what?

Is it because he is a Dumocrat?

Uhhh... No.

Is it because he represents what AmeriKKKa preaches to the world we are supposed to be? A country of unity and love and'Give me your tired, poor and hungry'

Uhhh... No.

Then what is it?


Could it be that they hate him because of.... gasp...His Kenyan (African) Father?

I think you should let that marinate for a while and get back to me....
(especially you Daddio911.)

Anyways here is the letter I sent.

Hello Joe!

Notice I addressed your sorry ass as "Joe" instead of your title "Congressman". Since you feel that you can disrespect YOUR President during a nationally televised speech, then I believe I have the right to forgo your title and the respect your office is supposed to hold also. What you did was beyond words. Who the hell do you think you are? Have you forgotten why the good people of South Carolina hired you? Where was your outrage when the former President was actually lying to the American Public about the reasons behind the unjustified war that you voted for? Where was your outrage when the former vice president was actually lying to the American Public about his ties to his former company Haliburton? Where was your outrage when officials in the former administration was actually lying about outing a CIA operative who was getting TRUTHFUL intel about the war that you and your hypocritical buddies were applauding? You, sir,(oh my bad)Joe, are a Fraud. You are the reason that people in this country do not trust the people it hires to represent them. You are the main reason I think that all of you lying, hypocritical, God fearing "Christian" assholes (Dumocrat and Rethuglican) need to be limited to two terms, just like the man you so blatantly disrespected the other night. Two terms. If you cannot accomplish what the you told the people that support you that you could accomplish in two terms, then don't let the door hit cha in the ass on the way back to the trailer park you came from. I can only speak for myself here, but since I am a citizen of this so-called Democratic Country, and I feel that you disrespected me as well as the office that was given to you by the people of South Carolina,and I feel that since you are a Congressman of the Divided States of America, you represent all of the people, not just the people of your state, I do not accept your so-called apology. Why even "apologize" for what you meant to say? Either your outburst was a lie or your apology was a lie. In either case you Joe, are a damn liar and I hope that the people of South Carolina fire you in 2010. But seeing as how this is SOUTH Carolina we are talking about, the home of that man of good faith and morals Strom Thurmond, you will probably be given the keys to the state and have a parade thrown in your honor. Seeing as how you called out the big Black boogie man sitting in the house that you and all the people that support you think he should not be in. It will not surprise me if they put up a statue of you right next to the statue of the "great" General Robert E. Lee.

Oh and by the way, if I watched FOX news, I would look forward to seeing your new show that I know they offered you right after your little "mistake". They probably offered you the time slot right after Glenn Beck and right before Hannity. We all know that those assholes are probably masturbating to your little "outburst".

Holla at me in the comments.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hate is gonna getcha

I was not going to write about this because I just could not get the words together to speak about something that to me is just 'so can't imagine it stupid' and so blantely racist. But after I heard THIS morning.....

My anger got the best of me.

Arlington, TX the new home of the Dallas Cowboys refused to air the President of the United States speech to the School Kids Yesterday, but the Arlington ISD is sending 500 second graders to see former President Bush speak at the new stadium.

During regularly scheduled school hours.

Like I said, I was not going to talk about how I feel about the bullshit about Big O's speech, because it has been the topic of too much discussion already. If a person cannot see the in 'yo face' racism behind all those patriotic family and country first,Bible toting Christian ass hypocrites that were crying about how they did not want the President of the Divided States talking directly to THEIR children, then you are blind as bat with dark shades on.

But this shit right here......

First I have no problem with the former President or the current President speaking to the kids of this country. It should be considered a privilege to have a PRESIDENT to take time out of his busy schedule to address the kids of this nation.

But for people to just totally disrespect one and totally embrace another is just so not right.

To have people crying about how the President is going to brainwash their children into thinking like him, is just so.... Well there is not a word to describe how ignorant that sounds.

All this bullshit about socialism is just so... Well again it is just so damn ignorant, I feel stupid writing about it.

I do not understand this shit.

AmeriKKKa is the most hypocritical nation on the face of this earth.

All these bible thumping Jesus Freaks who cry about loving thy neighbor and then preach in a church about how they hate the President of the country they claim to love so much is just so....ignorant to me.

For any adult in this country to be so blinded with hatred in this day and time, in this "Post Racial" society that we live in, is beyond my comprehension.

These same people with so much hate in their hearts toward one man and his family should not fix their mouths at all to ask how the Muslim world can hate AmeriKKKa they way it does.

AmeriKKKa is built on hate. This country hates it's on citizens. This country hates it's own children.


Disguised as Patriotism and love of Country.

Lord help us, because this shit cannot keep going the way it is going. Something is going to happen.

Hate and ignorance is killing my country.
Killing it dead.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I think I am going to walk 10 miles while chewing this double mint chewing gum....

Today I was asked 2 things that spawned the idea for this post.

1. How long should a woman wait before she does the nasty with a new 'friend?'

2. Why do certain women attract a certain type of man, and then use the tired excuse that there are no good men left?

I am going to tackle the second question first.....

The first thing I think a woman should ask herself is,'What am I doing to attract the same type of dude?'

If a woman meets the same type of no good men that keep doing the same type of no good men shit, Do you think it is her or the men she meets?

Think about it for a second, 2 total strangers should not do the same type of shit unless it is a conspiracy against her right?

So what is the common denominator in this equation? Besides the dudes that is?

My answer to question number 2 is, Look at yourself and what it is you are doing before you generalize that all men ain't shit.

The way I see it is, if a person keeps getting burned in the same spot over and over again, it is not the lighter's fault. It is not the lighter fluid's fault.
It is the person holding the lighter and the person holding the lighter fluid that should accept responsibility for getting burned.

So the questions that a woman in this situation needs to ask is, "What the hell am I doing to keep attracting these no good ass little boys? What about ME is attracting these losers? What am I doing to keep getting MYSELF in this same situation over and over again? What do I need to change about MYSELF?

Common sense tells me that if a woman keeps attracting the same type of dudes, either she likes these type of dudes,she likes getting used and abused or she thinks that she can change this no good ass man into the man "he is supposed to be".

So in my opinion the men ain't at fault. The men are only doing what the woman allows them to do. If you don't want to put up with bullshit, then stop accepting bullshit and stop making excuses for your own stupid decisions.

To me it is a simple as walking and chewing bubblegum.

Question number 1....

How long should a woman wait before she lets a man explore her nether regions?


It depends on what the people involved want.

Me personally, speaking from a man's point of view....

Fast pussy scares the shit out of me. With the different ways that you can die or get scarred for life from having sex, I do not want to jump into nothing to damn fast.
I do not want to meet a chick and in five minutes be in the stall of a bathroom or in the back seat of my car. But on the other hand, I do not want to wait 6 months either.

So this is a very slippery slope. A woman's body is the most precious thing that she has. She should not want to give her body to just anybody at anytime. There should be qualifications that a man has to meet. There should be guidelines that she sets.

The only way I can explain this in Lehman terms is like this....

A woman should go about sex the same way she goes about preparing a meal.

A person never rushes a good meal. It takes time to decide what you want to eat, how you want to cook it, how you want it to taste, and if you want to eat the leftovers after it is over.

You have to preheat the oven, you have to add the right spices and seasonings, you have to decide on the right temperature, you have to decide how long you want it to cook. If you don't cook it long enough the food is not done, so you don't enjoy it, so the left overs gets thrown away. If you cook it too long it is dry and you don't enjoy it and the leftovers gets thrown away.

Either way your time and energy was wasted and you feel dumb about yourself.

Now if alls you want is something quick, then you just throw it in the microwave, 3 minutes later you are done, you throw away the container and you keep it moving.

But if you want leftovers, you have to ensure that the meal was prepared so that you want to eat it again.

Sex is the same way. Giving it up too soon is never satisfying, as is waiting too long, unless your whole objective is a little Stoufers microwave Lasagna, then you nuke it for 6 minutes, eat, throw away the leftovers, because microwave leftovers is not good reheated, and you keep it moving.

It depends on the type of meal you want.

Again, to me this is as simple as walking and chewing bubble gum.

Everyone should be able to do it, but not everybody does do it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

In Loving Memory of Dirty Red.....

How do you want to be remembered?

If you could write your own eulogy what would you say about yourself?

Would you do the typical thing and write, "He was a good man who was loved by family and friends alike," or would you go against the grain and actually write the truth?

Would you write about your accomplishments or would you play the low-key role?

Me personally I don't want a funeral service. I don't consider myself a "good" man. I consider myself a decent man. The "good" that I have done, nobody really knows about it because I do not do "good" for recognition. I do "good" because sometimes it is the "good" thing to do.

That is what I am supposed to do.

You should not get accolades for doing shit that you are supposed to do.

It is just like hearing dumb ass men saying,'I pay my child support', like that deserves an award.

But in my opinion I have done more bad shit than good. The shit I have done in my short life could have gotten me a live sentence if I had gotten caught.
The shit I have done would hurt a lot of people I love if the truth ever came out.

I want to be cremated. As soon as the doctor says it is over, put me in the oven.

I don't even want a column in the obituary section. Alls I want is my family and closest friends to pour out a little Crown and keep it moving.

I don't want a bunch of fake ass tears from people that I didn't give a fuck about and who did not give a fuck about me to say "nice" things about me when I do leave this hell hole.

I mean keep it real man. If you couldn't even say good morning to me when I was breathing, I don't need your tears when I am not.

I don't want anyone in my family to get up and talk about their memories of me and the good times we had.

To me that is all pointless. I don't want T-shirts made. I don't want a memorable DVD made.

In my opinion the only death that should be celebrated is Jesus Christ's. Without his death all my past misdeeds and sins would be my present and future misdeeds and sins.

I think that people should enjoy people while they are here. When they leave, keep it moving.

The only thing I want my family to do is take my ashes to top of The Williamsburg Savings Building in downtown Brooklyn and sprinkle me out over the city that I love the most. Or either take me to DC and sprinkle me out in the Potomac.

So how would I fit this description of myself into an eulogy?

I really don't know what I would say about myself.

Maybe I would just have one sentence....

"Here lies a flawed man that tried his best."