Sunday, December 26, 2010


I know that Chris Rock came out with this movie  a while ago, but I just happened to catch it the other day while channel surfing.

I have to say that this movie disturbed me.

I have known all my Black life that Black women get weaves. I was raised by Black women and I have been married to a Black woman for the past 12 years.

And I have to say that I have no problem with the weave; well at least I didn't have a problem with the weave.
But after watching this movie, I have a few concerns.

First... I would like to know who the hell decided that straight silky hair was the standard for beauty for all women.
I would also like to know why Black people have accepted that our natural beauty is not beautiful.

There is a scene in the movie where Chris Rock is talking with 4 Beautiful Black women and they were talking about Afros or natural hair styles in the Professional world. All of them; except the chick with the Afro, all said that they would not hire any Black person with a natural style because it did not look professional and that they would not take that person serious.


That's what's hot now?

And Mr. Rock interviewed some of the hair stylist that are in every strip mall in every Black neighborhood in America, and come to find out that some of our sisters are paying as much as $1000 dollars for a month's worth of hair.

Really? $1000?

And another part of the movie that bothered me was Chris Rock being Chris Rock; went around and collected some "BLACK hair" and went to the hair "brokers" to see if there was a market for "Black" hair, and guess what?

Well you really don't need to guess do ya. My man was laughed out of the stores.

So to cut this short, Black women are paying as much as $1000 a month to glue or sew an Indian person's hair onto their head; They have been brainwashed into believing that European white women are more desirable than they are and they look at other Black women as jokes and unqualified if they choose to "keep it real".

Like I said earlier I have no problem with Black women that wear weaves. Weaves can look really good on a woman if they are done right.

But this shit right here?

I am totally against this shit.

Black women are some of the most beautiful, resilient and strong women on the face of the planet. No other women has faced as much adversity as Black Women.
Not only do they have to face the bullshit of trying to work and live  in a White dominated world, they have to come home and  put up with the bullshit that we Black men put them through on a daily basis.

And to top it all off, they have been brainwashed into believing that they are not beautiful, desirable or capable of being more than "welfare" queens if they choose to be who God made them to be.

This is that bullshit.

And now when the wifey comes home from the salon or I see an other wise Beautiful Black woman walking down the street with Platinum Blond weave; I am going to have to give them the side-eye.

"Why are you doing this", is what I am going to be asking myself.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Is there an Heaven for a G?

The other morning before I went to get my workout on, I was channel surfing the tube and I came across a show I have glanced at before but never actually finished a full episode of. It is the show SUPERNATURAL and this particular episode got me to thinking. In this particular episode, the two main characters Sam and Dean, were killed and went to heaven. But the heaven in this episode is not the heaven we have all been led to believe to it is. This heaven was different.  This heaven was not clouds and golden streets and angels sitting around playing harps. In this episode everyones  heaven was different. Example.....If you enjoyed sitting at home playing video games and eating pizza and drinking coke all day, then when you finally kicked the bucket from high blood pressure and bad cholesterol, then that is what your heaven was; an eternity of  Halo 3, pizza and coke. In other words, where ever you loved being and what ever you enjoyed doing here on Earth, then that is what your heaven would be when you die.

So I got to thinking if this shit were real and heaven was actually like this, what would my heaven be?

I have blogged before about how when I was much younger and much dumber, I loved the Hood. I loved living and being in the "ghetto". I loved being on the street. I loved the smell of it; the excitement of it, the thrill of knowing that anything might pop off at any given moment. I was addicted to the adrenaline of being out in the street. I still have a soft spot for the "hood".

Now that I am older, I love the water. I love the beach. I love the sound the water makes when it splashes up on shore. Nothing is more calming to me than hearing the waves splash up on the beach at night when it is so dark you can't even see the water.I love the smell of the salt. I love the feel of sand in between my toes. I love the calmness and serenity of being near the ocean. I have told my wife numerous times that if we win the lottery I am going to buy me an island somewhere in the Caribbean and never come back to the mainland.

So what would my heaven be?

Would it be the hood-life I loved as a snot-nosed kid, or would it be the calmness and healing properties of the ocean I love as a grown ass man.?

I guess I could deal with either, since I am still somewhat attracted to the dangerous world of the street and I absolutely love the beach.

Maybe God would really bless me and give me properties of both?

What would your heaven be?

Monday, December 20, 2010

If you read this you are going to hell

I have blogged before how I think that Christmas, Easter and Halloween are bullshit-ass holidays that have nothing to do with what we have been conned our whole lives into believing.

A big-ass con job.

I am blogging again how I think that Christmas, Easter and Halloween are bullshit-ass holidays that have nothing to do with what we have been conned our whole lives into believing.

Why I am beating this dead horse again?
Well I am kicking the shit out of ole Barbaro once again because I was told that I was going to hell for not believing that  "Christ the Lord" was born on Dec 25th and was raised again the 2nd Sunday in April. I was told that I need to repent, go to church and ask the  Mr.Good Reverend forgive me for my blasphemy.

Yep folks you are reading the words of a man bound for the gates of hell. I am a cursed man; and until I fall on  my knees and get "born again", I am a doomed soulless man.

That is what I was told.
I was told this even after I asked the man to show me in the Bible he is always carrying around with him where it says when (what day) Jesus was born and when (what day) he was "born again". He skated around the question. I asked him to show me in the Bible he is always carrying around with him where Jesus commanded  us to celebrate his birth. He could not do it. I asked him if he knew the origins of Christmas and Easter and he told me to read the Bible. I asked him what books in the Bible I should read and he told me to just pick it up and God would show me where to go. I asked to hold his Bible so I could get this divine inspiration and he told me that God would get me for mocking the words of his servant.

I busted out laughing at this stupid ass statement and this really pissed the dude off. He started praying right there for my eyes to be opened. He asked the Lord to forgive me and then he started speaking in tongues.

You heard that right people; The dude started blabbering on in that boom-shack-a-laka shit, and when I fell on the floor laughing; that is when he doomed me to hell.

Now don't get me wrong; I am not knocking anyone's right to believe what ever they choose to believe.
I choose not to believe in anything that is man-made.
I choose to educate myself before I make a conviction to follow a certain path.
I don't listen to one side of the story. I like to know all sides before I make up my mind about what I choose to do.

But in my opinion this dude is wrong; and his arguments are based on ignorant myths that a little research would shoot down. But he has been blinded so long, that any kind of light that is illuminated in his face burns his vision. It hurts him to hear another version of the story that he firmly believes.

Is his version right? I don't know.
Is my version wrong? I don't know.

I am not knocking this dude for having a strong believe in the religion and the myths that are associated with that religion that was forced on our ancestors in an effort to conform them to act more like their masters and to brain-wash them into thinking that God looked positively upon them being treated like property.

I am not knocking the dude for believing in a myth like Christmas; which was originally a day to celebrate Gods other than the "one true God".

I am not knocking the dude for believing in a myth like Easter....which was originally a day to celebrate Gods other than the "Holy of Holies".

Who am I to dispute his beliefs?

This is supposed to be the land of freedom of religion..... right?

But according to this dude, that freedom to choose whether or not to believe what he believes only applies if you believe what he believes. There is no room for any other beliefs. Any other beliefs and the soulless fools that believe them are doomed for an eternity of torment in a fiery underground cavern that is supposedly somewhere deep beneath the Earth.

Yep that's what's hot in the world of Christians.

Love thy neighbor as long as thy neighbor agrees with you in all things... Whether it makes sense or not.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fool me once......

My mind is made up.....

If I have another choice for President in 2012,  I will not be voting for President Obama.

I am sick to death of his compromise bullshit. I am sick to death of him letting Republicans just walk all over him.
I am sick to death of his "can we all just get along" weak-ass shit.
I am tired of him period. Never in the history of this country has a President been more disrespected than he has.
And never in the history of this country has a President been so silent towards the people that are disrespecting him.
I know that Bush was disrespected, hell I talked shit about the man on this very blog; but at least he stood up and let people know whose nuts were swinging as long as he could call the White House his second home.
That is the one and only thing I miss about the dude. He had one big set of nuts. Even if that is all he had.

But this guy?
Come on Son.
He is constantly trying to take the high road and not engage in any of the mudslinging.
I am tired of it.
Him and his party.

Tell me why in the hot ass Texas hell the tax bill failed yesterday when the dumocrats are still the majority in both houses? It is not January yet. These pansey-ass bitches are still in charge and they still cannot get shit done. And because of it, here comes the the mild mannered Negro holding out his hands for the scraps that his sworn enemies are letting fall from the table.

That is that bullshit son.
And I know that about a month before the Presidential election, when the polls show that President Obama is clearly getting his ass handed to him; they will try a hail Mary pass and try to talk about all the things he has accomplished. He will start giving his MLK impersonation speeches to try to rally the troops. He will be on every Black radio station telling his loyal Black supporters to come out and vote because our votes are needed.

But I ain't falling for it son.

I am proud of the guy.....Every time I see him I just get a feeling of pride and accomplishment; But his politricks.....I can't fuck with.
I still know that he was a much better choice than senile-ass Mccain and his bush bitch.......

But I would be lying if I got up here and turned a blind eye to his bullshit. He is my President and the whole ten grand, but if I have another viable option when it comes time to step in that booth; I am sorry Mr. President, but I am going to have to go in another direction.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Crazier than bat-shit.....

I have a neighbor who is constantly arguing with his wife. I mean all out in the street arguing.

And I think he likes it.... Let me explain.

The other day I was out in my yard just chilling with my dog, when he walked over. He looked upset, but not too upset. I have seen that look before on the dude.

Anyways he comes over sits down beside me and goes,....

"Man I am going to kill that bitch one day."

I was like "What did she do this time, man?"

"Well I was just up stairs watching  NFL Network and she came up telling me that she was going out with her girls. I was like OK, where are ya'll going, in case I need to hollar at you for anything. She was like we are going where we are going. I have my phone. If you need me, dial my damn number. And she goes into the bedroom to grab her purse. Well that shit stepped straight on my damn nerve so I went after her and was like... I thought you had cramps? A few minutes ago you was telling me how much you hated this time of the month. And now you are all energized to hit the streets with your girls? Come on son.. What I look like to you?"

This is the part of the story that if this was me... I would have been asking any of ya'll knew a good divorce attorney in the DFW area.......

"All this time man I had a glass of Crown Royal Black in my hand. Do you know this crazy wife of mine pulled down her pants, pulled her draws down, pulled out her tampon and stuffed that shit in my fucking drink?"

Stop right there.....

Yep folks, ya'll heard that right... This crazy woman stuffed her bloody tampon into my man's drink....

Well he goes on like this.....

"Man I could not do nothing but stare at her and I threw the drink and her tampon back into her fucking face and walked out. Man I can't deal with this shit no damn more."

Well I have heard all this " I can't deal with this shit no damn more" all before..... A couple of days before the Crown soaked tampon, he called me and told me to come pick him up because  they got into it on the highway and she put him out of his own car... While he was driving!!! He walked about 2 miles before he called me. I have also been witness to her calling him all kinds of bitches and hoes in front of me and their 3 kids, so this is nothing new to me. In fact I kinda look forward to talking to the dude so I can go back and tell my wife what this crazy heffa has did.....
I know I ain't right for that.... But I ain't wrong either.... LOL.

Anyways I say that he likes this type of drama because whenever he tells me about their latest run-in, he seems upset, but it also seems like he is bragging about her ain't shit mess. It seems like he is proud of her craziness. It almost seems like he is fronting about being upset just to save face with me... Which I cannot understand.

But after the tampon being dipped in Crown.... I would have been out like a scout on a new route.

Ya'll know how expensive that shit is?

Monday, November 22, 2010

My problem with religion #2003

When I started this blog about 3 years ago, I was attending church on a regular basis. Matter of fact my very FIRST POST  was based on a sermon that the Pastor of the church I was going to gave.

Oh how time changes shit around!!!!

I have not been back to that church probably in about 2 years now. I have became very disgusted with all things religion; I.E. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Alien Joe (the God of Will Smith and Tom Cruise) and the millions of other "true paths to God" out there.

Now don't get me wrong....My faith in God has never been stronger. It seems like I talk to him more than I talk to my wife sometimes. But I cannot stand how MAN has manipulated his message and intent to suit whatever agenda is on their imperfect mind at the time.

I think religion is bullshit.
Religion was made and embellished by MAN.
The Bible, Koran, Torah; were all written by MAN. The original words might have came from God, but over time MAN has changed, edited, lost or just plain hidden the original words of God to adjust to his imperfect, power-hungry agenda.
Religion is a tool that is used by MAN to control other men.

Case and point......

The Pope just gave his blessing on condom use.

Who is this dude to tell someone else that they can or cannot protect themselves from having unwanted children or catching a disease that could KILL THEM?
Why does what he say even matter?

Especially since this dude was a gat-damn NAZI?

Who and what the hell is a Pope any damn way?
I had to Wikipedia the position to see exactly where the idea to have a Pope came from in the first damn place.

See, the Pope is a MAN that is elected by other MEN to lead their order. In other words the Pope ain't nothing but a Prime Minister, President, Congressman or Union President.
But religion being what religion is, this ELECTED official has been elevated to the status of  a "Holy Father," "Holy See," and "Christ on Earth".


So again.... Who the Hell is this POLITICIAN MAN to give his blessing on how other men/women choose to protect themselves?

And to top it all off..... Man being Man......Is taking this MAN'S word as if God held a press conference agreeing with everything his "Christ on Earth" just said.
Instead of thinking for himself,  Men take this MAN'S word as divine law and treat it as it has to be obeyed at all costs;otherwise face the God given penalty.Which would include saying 10 Hail Mary's and having a private confessing session with one of his undercover boy loving freaks Priests while dressed as a choir boy.

This is what's hot in the Bullshit-ass world of organized religion these days.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Come on Son!!!

I am sick to death of my President pandering to the Republican party.

Why does this man continue to try to reach a consensus with people that have made it clear that their whole agenda going forward is to make sure that he moves out of the big house as soon as possible?

Why does he continue to try to compromise? Why does he talk big about something and then when he finds out the big bad Republican party might oppose him, he backs down and accepts the scraps that they throw to him?

He did it on Healthcare.....He did it on Iraq.....He did it on Don't ask Don't tell.....and now he is doing it on letting the Bush Tax cuts expire.

The news is that his administration is willing to compromise on letting the tax cuts expire on everyone, while 3 months ago....before he and his weak-ass party got their asses handed to them, he was adament about letting the whole lot of them expire.

Why can't this dude realize that he is the President of the United States and tell the Rethugs to either come hard or stay at home?
Why does he continue to let these assholes push him around?
What is wrong with this dude?
Where is all the fire and brimstone that we all voted for in 2008?

I am so sick of this 'I am above all the bickering and if we all work together, we will all win' bullshit.

This is not the man I voted for.

I want a man with a set of Presidential sized nuts to be my president, not some kumbaya, can't we all just get along ass weakling.

If this man does not show me something in 2 years....

I will not be casting my vote for him.

And unlike him....Once I say I am going to do something...if I have my mind set on a course of action, whether it hurts some people or not, what I set out to do is going to get done. I don't need to hold my sworn enemies hand and ask him to work with me..

Fuck my enemy, his family his dog and whoever the hell else that wants to stand with him......

Isn't this what the Rethugs are telling this dude? "We don't give a fuck about you, your family, that Black-ass dog Bo or anyone else that stands beside you. We want you gone and if we have to kill you and the 10 people standing next to you, then that is what it will be."

How can you compromise with that?

Why would any real man want to?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I's married now

This past weekend the wifey drug me to see Tyler Perry's new flick, "For Colored Girls."

HATED IT......

I knew I would before I let her manipulate my ass into going..

But I's married now so.......

Anyways......I have to say that the women in this movie acted their asses off.. Even Janet Jackson's non-singing, non-acting ass. If one of these women are not nominated for an Academy Award, something is definitely wrong.

But back to my review...This movie sucks. It would be best to get this movie from your neighborhood barber shop. 
Did I just say that? What I meant to say was.....It would be best to wait till this mess is in the Red Box.....

The main thing I had a problem with in this movie is I got the hint that ya man Tyler has a problem with Black men.
Every man in this damn movie was the typical commercialized BET, CNN Black in America, type nigga.

I mean you had the down-low nigga; the out of work, the world is against me, drink all day at home, while my woman is at work, I know she is fucking somebody, so I'm gonna beat the shit outta her when she gets home type nigga; the Baby I promise that I'm going to leave her tomorrow, so just be patient with me, type nigga; and the bitch I brought you dinner, you invited me up,so I know you are gonna give me that pussy, no means yes type nigga.

Yep.....Every type of stereotypical version of a Black man was in this movie. The only good dude was the damn Police.

The damn storyline was stupid. I read somewhere that this movie was based on a play written by a famous Black playwright...

Well, Mr. Perry does not do it justice.

I stopped fucking with Tyler Perry after all those damn Madea plays that the wifey manipulated me into going to. I have been to every damn one that came to Dallas.
I do not watch his "very funny" show on TBS.

I have to admit though I liked Daddy's Little Girls..... That was a good damn movie. But the rest of his shit?

Naa..... I can't fuck with it.

The women that read my thoughts on a regular basis  will probably disagree with me, but TP makes movies for Black Women and Black Women only. I ain't knocking the boy's hustle, I admire his work ethic. I think that he has single handedlly made Hollywood take notice of Black actors and actresses. And that is a damn good thing.

But the content of his movies... I can't get with.

But I's married now........

But at least the wifey cannot say nothing about going to see SkyLine this coming weekend.

Now this is going to be my type of movie....Violence, Aliens, fast cars, and fine women.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The AmeriKKKan People have spoken.....Really?

I knew that the Dumocrats were going to get their asses handed to them last night. So them losing the House of Representatives was no news to me. I am surprised that they did not lose the Senate too.

I have a theory on why they lost....

Want to hear it? Well here it goes.....

The Dumocrats lost because they are weak. They refused to hit back when they had every opportunity to. They were given the tape of their opponents every move and they refused to utilize what they saw. The Rethugs, with their sister party the tea-baggers, gave the Dumocrats everything they needed to wipe them out of existence...IE, racism, pandering to the rich, no knowledge of the constitution what so ever, scandals, straight disrespect of the President and a couple of more things that would have crippled any chances that the average person would have needed to get a library card.

But what did they do?

They let the Palins, Limdicks, Becks, Fox Crap, Boehners, Mcconnels and all the other Republican/Teabagger racist hate mongers take over their message.

They let them run amok on every "news" station that would hear them and they let them get their message of hate and intolerance out to the dumb average AmeriKKKans that need to have someone else tell them what they should be feeling and doing  instead of thinking and learning for themselves.

Instead of putting out everything that this administration has accomplished from the beginning, they tried to turn the other cheek and pray that  somehow their loyal followers would stick with them no matter what.

And then when someone in the White House woke up and saw what the fuck was going on and that they were getting their asses whooped, they tried to fight back with 30 seconds left in the 12th  round.

They did not prepare and so they lost. Their game plan was flawed so they lost. They did not have the will to win so they lost. They did not give the AmeriKKKan  flunkies  people any other choice so they lost.

Most Americans believe only what they see on TV. Most Americans do not read anything that does not have an advertisement for a new car, T.V., purse or video game attached to it. Most Americans do not know who the hell their own Senator is let alone what their policies are.

The more airtime a person is given, the more Americans will identify with them and come to look at them like; 'He/She is just like me!! We have the same problems!! Look at how she has her little retarded son with her on the stage!! I could be her/him!'

The Rethugs played this as loud as and as  long as they could and they won. Their game plan was excellent, so they won.The were prepared, so they won. They had the will to win at all costs, so they won. They gave the American flunkies a choice and they won.

Obama made history with his election to the big seat, but the way things are looking now......

After Nov 2012, My Great Great Grand kids will not know what a Black Man looks like standing behind the Presidential seal of the United States of America.

Unless of course one is dusting it off for the old White man that stands behind it.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

When did I know?

"How did you and when did you "choose" or "decide" that being heterosexual was the thing for you?"
This was a question that RIPPA asked me in response to a comment I made on one of the guest appearances on his blog.

The post I commented on was about how an admitted bisexual man (not one of those down-low motherfuckers) would make a woman a "good" man simply because he had his shit together.. I.E. Finances,health, physical appearance, that type of shit.

My comment was something like, Really? Why is this even a topic of discussion? Women are so desperate for a man now-a-days that they will willingly let a man into their lives that can switch between them and their male cousin at the drop of a hat? Really? 

Well in response to my comment Rippa asked me the above question; Which I admit got me to thinking....As most of Rippa's posts and the posts of his guests do.
 When did I know that I was attracted to women? When did I realize that I was "straight?" Was it a traumatic event in my life, or did I always know?

And the answer is...... I do not know.
I have always been attracted to women, it was never any question. I have always known that being sexually involved with a man was not an option for me. When I was in school I used to get dressed and undressed in a a bathroom stall for PT because I did not want to get undressed in front of another dude. It took my joining the Army to get me over that.

Matter of fact I used to be scared to death of Gay dudes. They terrified me. So being Gay was never in my  way of thinking.

So if I always knew that I was attracted to women, then is being Gay a choice or are Gay people born like me....all knowing?
I think that being "bi" is a choice... There is no plausable excuse that a person can give me on how ANYONE can switch between a man and a woman like they would switch their draws....And be comfortable with it.
Not nan excuse.

Being straight Gay...... I can understand how a Gay person always knew who they were, because I always knew. It is society that has a problem accepting that.

But for somebody  to suck a dick one day and then eat some pussy the next....well that just seems a lot like choosing to me.

I don't get it. I don't understand how a man can be attracted to another man, but I understand even less how a man or woman can go back and forth like they are crossing the street.

But as far as me knowing exactly when and how I came to be hooked on the punanny?

I could not even begin to tell ya.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Today's Dating game and the games we men go through......But remember there are no Good Black men left.....Really?

I bit this LINK from the best comedic blog out there right now... O Hell Nawl.

I have not figured out how to show the video here so I just added the link..

This is so true... I am not saying all Black Women are like this.....
But there ARE a lot of them out here in these streets.

I thought this shit was hillarious.

"Are you on the down-low?" Was the line that really had me crawling on the damn floor!!!!
This may offend some of my women readers, but if the subject matter don't portray you, then get over it.
But if this IS you......I understand why you might get mad Boo-Boo.

The truth hurts huh?

To all my true Black Women, I love you and I always will.....
But it is bytches like the one portrayed in this cartoon that is fucking the game up for all of ya'll....

I apologize for the mood I am in right now.....It has just been one of those weeks.....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hate is a powerful emotion

If you were a United States Congressman or Senator, what would be your priorities?

Would it be the welfare and overall good will of your constituents? Would it be the security of the country you took an oath to protect? Would you want your people to be gainfully employed?

What about education for all the youth in your assigned area?
Or maybe you might want to stop corruption within your ranks so that the perception that the average person has of politicians would change for the better?

Or would the hate and disdain you hold for the man that sits in the seat you want outweigh what it is you took an oath to do?

Mitch Mcdonnell (R) Kentucky said in a recent interview with the National Journal, that the single most important priority for the congress after the midterm elections is and I quote, "The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president".


That is the "single most important thing", to Rethuglicans?


That is their plan after they win back the House and Senate?

Now in the fool's state that made this as-sine comment, the people are more concerned with the economy.
You see Kentucky has a 10.1 unemployment rate. They are more concerned with jobs than they are with education. And they probably could give a good damn about who is in office, as long as they have food on the table and their bills are paid.

But according to the man that represents them, making sure that the current HNIC fails is more important to him and others like him. He could give a fuck about what really concerns the people that make sure that HE has food on the table and that HIS bills are paid.

His hatred towards the President of the United States outweighs the concerns of his constituents.

And this is why I cannot for the life of me see how anyone can support the Rethuglican Party; especially a Black or Latino person.
They are so full of contradictions and hypocrisy it ain't funny.

It also amazes me why the Dumocrats are not leading in every poll out right now. What the fuck are they doing? Why are they not capitalizing on  the fuck-ups, racism and gaffs that are in the news concerning Rethuglicans on a daily basis? Don't they know the code of the streets; If you kill one of mine, I am going to kill 5 of yours?

Anybody that knows anything about politricks knows that during a Presidents first term, he always loses the House or Senate during midterm elections. What is going on now is not surprising, it is the way it always goes.


In this case...Why are they losing? After the train wreck that this country is just now starting to recover from; that was initiated by Republicans;it would make sense that the Dumocrats would be Deion Sanders dancing towards the finish line.

But instead they are sucking hind tit.
If they lose and they are going to lose, it is their own fault.
Democrats are weak.
Democrats are too busy trying to look sane and rational instead of getting down in the trenches with all the blood and guts that accompany warfare.
If Democrats were celebrities, they would be the AL B Sure pretty boy, sensitive looking niggas, (no disrespect intended Reggie...It just seems like the perfect analogy to get my point across. LOL) instead of the Wesley Snipes "cancel that bitch" looking niggas.

I do not understand it.
But at least I got my 2 cents in. I made sure that how I am feeling got known.
It may not make too big of a difference, but at least my say was heard.
I cannot stand the weak-ass, take a nigga for granted Democratic Party, but I would rather get up on stage with Lady Gaga wearing a deer-meat g-string than support a group of people that has let it be known without any kind of doubt that we are enemies.

Besides, no matter how much I hate the Dumocratic Party, the enemy of my enemy is my new BFF.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It is better let people think you are an ignorant jack-ass, than to open your fool-ass mouth and prove you are

When the towers fell on 911 I was living in San Antonio, TX.
I was at work in a hot-ass H-E-B grocery chain warehouse. I was busy completing an order that had to be delivered to a store on the East side of the city when one of my co-workers ran up to me and told me we had been attacked by Muslims. I thought he was full of shit and I continued getting my order ready because I was on a time schedule. The guy insisted that I stop what I was doing and head to the break-room to see for myself. I told him that I would as soon as I dropped my order off on the dock. I finished my order and lo and behold, my dude was right. We were attacked. And the perpetrators were Muslim.

Now I admit after the towers fell, for a while I was leery of anybody that looked Arab. They made me nervous. In fact a couple of nights after the towers fell I went to one of my night spots I used to frequent while I lived in that hell-hole of a city and there were some Muslim looking cats in the club. I must have stood in the corner and watched them for about 2 hours.

Yep I said it.

But that feeling of uneasiness only lasted until the shock of the attack passed. I knew that not all Muslims were terrorists; I know a little about the Koran from earlier studies and I knew that the cowards that killed close to 3000 of my fellow Americans were doomed to an eternity in Hell. I knew that Islam does not condone that type of behavior and that the majority of Muslims are peaceful people. For anybody to look at the actions of one group of people and then condemn the whole group is ignorant.

Besides I also knew from being Black in AmeriKKKa, how it felt(feels) to be judged solely on the way I look(ed).

If you want to get technical about it, Christianity could be demonized just as much as Islam is.
Do  not the biggest terrorists in America, the "white pride" organizations all identify themselves as Christians? 
Are not the most bigoted and ignorant people in this nation of tolerance, all Christian?

In my opinion Christianity has done more harm to the world as we know it than Islam has.
No Islamic country has ever invaded another country on the guise of bringing democracy to it.
I have never seen a Muslim going around disturbing people on early Saturday mornings with good tidings from Allah. But I have had to tell the Latter Day Saints, some Jehovah Witnesses and a couple of others to get the hell off my lawn.

In certain ways I agree with what that slave catcher Juan Williams said on O'liely's show.
But the way he said it was wrong. He condemned a whole sect of people on the actions of one tiny group.
And what makes what he said even more ignorant, none of the 911 hijackers were dressed in the typical Muslim garb. They were dressed like Americans.

I have admitted that 9 years ago, for about 2 or 3 seconds, seeing someone that looked Arab made me nervous. But that only lasted until the sting from getting bitch slapped wore off.

What the hell is this house nigga's excuse?

If O'liely  would have told him that seeing a group of Black men walking toward him on a dark night made him nervous, how would he have reacted? Even though he knew no group of Black men has ever threatened or accosted him in any way? Would he have agreed with him, or would he called dude out for being the racist he is?

I do not think the dude should have lost his gig, because this is supposed to be the land of free speech; and he was not on NPR's clock or air-waves when he stuck his foot in his mouth, but what he said was ignorant and ill timed.

By him being such an "educated and enlightened" man, he should have known better.

However, I cannot knock the fool for telling the world how he really feels....Or was what he said scripted to fit the audience he was in front of?


Friday, October 22, 2010

Did you just call me a Nigger? Really?

I went and early voted yesterday.

In my opinion elections like this are more important than the election every four years for the president simply because voters don't choose the President, the electoral college does. This was proven during the 2000 elections with Jr. and Gore. Elections like these are the only time that the American people actually have a voice in how their government represents them.

I am not a registered Dumocrat or Rethuglican.

I think that both parties are full of shit and I do not think that the average Politrickster could give a hot damn about the people that hire them. Polittricks is all about power. I do not think that Politricksters even care about money, since the average candidate is already rich before they even consider running. Money is just a bonus.

Having said all that, I still voted Dumocratic yesterday.

Why you may ask?

For this reason.....And this reason.....And this reason......And this reason.

Do I need to post links to comments made by Rush, Palin, Beck, Newt and other "darlings" of the Rethuglican party?

Why as a Black man in AmeriKKKa would I even consider supporting a group of bigoted, hateful hypocrites like that?

Now I know that the Dumocrats are no better when it comes to matters of race.....But......

They do TRY to make an effort to keep it in the closet.

Conservatives are blatant with their bullshit. They do not care.
They will say and do anything to enrage and "fire up" stupid inbred motherfuckers that blame everything that is wrong in their pathetic lives on the big, bad, boogie (Black, Latino, Arab) man. Their "base."

You can't find a job? Blame those lazy-ass niggers and their affirmative action!
Afraid to get on a plane? It is all the fault of those rag-headed Alley Akbars!
Drug dealers and rapists taking over your community? Close the border and stop letting all those foreign speaking Wet-backs in here!
You want your country back? Get rid of that uppity Nigger and his big-bootied wife that lives in the house built by your forefathers!

Doesn't this sound just like every Rethuglican that is running for office now?

Now why would I support that?

Why would any Black, Arab or Hispanic American support that?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Welcome to the new Black Racist America

I am so fucking tired of writing about racial shit.

It is so gatdamn depressing. But here we go again on this bullshit....
Since the country elected the first beige President, AmeriKKKa has shown it's true colors.

Now according to a poll that you know was first featured on Rush LimpDicks's show, 91% of Blacks support the President, while only 36% Whites do.
Now according to "drugster" and all his ignorant ass uninformed listeners, this makes Blacks racists.


Now the 74% of the "real" AmeriKKKans that disapprove of the Kenyan that occupies the house that Whites built only disapprove of his policies. Not the man himself......


Does that make sense to any of ya'll?

So let me get this straight.......
If the majority of Blacks like the President of their country and support him, they are racists....But if the majority of Whites don't support him and disrespect him at every turn it is because of his policies?

That's what's hot in the streets?


So all the past Presidents,Senators,Congressmen,Mayors,City Councilmen, Aldermans, Dog-catchers and Salvation Army Presidents that Blacks supported that were not Black was because of what?

Where we racists then too?
What about all the Black Politricksters that DID NOT get the Black vote, what was the cause behind that?

On the other hand what about all the Black Politricksters that Whites did not support, does that make THEM racists? 

What the fuck is wrong with some White people?
Do they listen to some of the bullshit that comes out of their mouths, or do they just say fuck it?

I don't understand this shit. At. All.

There is another "poll" that asks the question if Bush was a better President than Obama....

Why the fuck is this even a damn question?

How soon people forget.

I will be the first to yell that I do not agree with everything that the President has done.

I think that he is too soft on his enemies. I think he needs to make an example of all the people that disrespect not only him as a man, but the office he holds. I think he waits too long to respond to all the Palin's, Newts, Limp-Dicks and becks. He needs to hit them in their chests so hard that their titties touch. He needs to start knocking motherfuckers the fuck out. I think he gets involved in the wrong shit....(I.E. the professor that got embarrassed in his own house and the Mosque in New York thing). Certain things are beneath his position and he needs to know that. He needs to stop pandering to those 74% of white folks that don't like him and concentrate on the people that do. He needs to start yelling from the rooftops about all the accomplishments he has made the past 20 months so that the ignorant people that ask "well what has he done" will shut the fuck up and he needs to tell his "people" to get in line or get the fuck out of the way. He needs to get off that "we are all Americans, can we all just get along" shit and realize that most White Folks and some Black Folks would not support him even if he gave them all a million dollars.

At least this is what I would do if I sat in the big seat.

But for the fools that say that I am a racist just because I support the man that represents the country I was born and raised in... The country I took a vow to protect from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.....The country I have a love-hate relationship with.....Are just that.....Fools.

Fools being lied to by bigger fools.

Fools following Fools.

And they wonder why the Chinese, Japanese, Indians and the rest of the world are surpassing this country at alarming rates in almost everything that involves thinking.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

It is always about race

I do not agree with a whole lot of stuff that comes out of most celebrities mouths, but I do have to agree with Lebron James about race being a factor in how he was perceived after his whole dissing the city of Cleveland on world wide TV.
I don't think race was a major factor in the hostility he has been shown from the people in the dying city he chose to leave; they were just upset that the only reason that people were coming to the "mistake by the lake," was leaving them high and dry. I mean let's be real.....Nobody but Nobody that lives outside the city limits of Cleveland gives a fuck about Cleveland. I would bet my next 3 paychecks that you will not find a Cleveland fan of any sports team in Cleveland that is not from Cleveland or from some surburb of Cleveland. What the fuck is in Cleveland, but abandoned warehouses, a river that was so polluted it actually caught on fire, and crack dealers?
So the hostility and hate he is receiving from his "fans" in Cleveland was genuine. Lebron WAS Cleveland and the "fans" up there know it.
Without him....... Cleveland who? Oh you mean the fat Black dude on Family Guy? That Cleveland?
Yeah I said it....

But the hate that he is receiving from people that probably cannot spell Cleveland?
What reason do they have for hating what he did?
Why are they so upset about him wanting to go from the dark, dying and cold slums of Cleveland, to the warm and vibrant beaches of Miami?
Why are they so upset that this uneducated "thug" did not do what they wanted him to do?
Why does it bother them so much that this overpaid "monkey" chose to do what HE thought was best for him and his family?
Why does it matter if this "uppidity" son of a welfare mom that owned an Escalade while living in the projects, nigga  chose to put his career and legacy ahead of a dying franchise that rode him like Secretariat for 7 damn years?

Why does it matter to them?
Does it matter to them that Bret Farve holds the whole NFL hostage every damn year?
Does it matter to them that Ben Rothlesburger is a damn alcoholic rapist?
What about the fact that damn near every (white)MLB superstar is accused of doping up to keep their jobs?
What about the UFC matches that go on every night in most Hockey arenas around the country?

Does all this matter to them?
Or is this another case of  'Nigger. You need to stay in your place. We made you what you are. You owe us. Without us, you and that babies mama you call a mom would still be living in that one bedroom apartment in Akron. You ungrateful Black Bastard! How dare you! After all we did for you and your "homies" this is the thanks we get? Now get your Black Ass back on this court (in Cleveland though because we have enough of you millionaire, white women stealing darkies here.) with the rest of the jigaboos and dunk that ball!!! You belong to us! At least until you get old...or hurt...and then and only then we will grant you your freedom! Until that time Jig Nigger Jig! Or do you want to go back to that one bedroom hole we found you in? Who do you think you are, NIGGER!'

Could this be what is really on their minds?
Could they be upset that this uneducated Thug had the nerve to tell his "owners" to kiss his entire Black Ass on national Television?
Is this what is really bothering the people that probably thought that the city of Cleveland was in Canada?

Things that make you go Hmmmm...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Masturbation causes hairy palms....

I was not going to write about Eddie "Long-stoking" Long and technically this is not going to be about him.
Even though I must say that the recent "shocking" revelations that have been in the media for the past week about the Bishops' allegedly sexual explotation of several young men in his flock......Was not so shocking to me.

I have kin-folk that live in the ATL that used to attend the Bishop's show faithfully every Sunday and 3 more days of the week.
Notice I said USED to.....

There have been rumors of what this dude was doing floating around ATL for years.
YEARS people!

It was only a matter of time before he pissed one of his boy-toys off and their "unwanted" affair was posted on u-tube. I mean come on people, think about it for a hot minute....
How come while the trips,cars,jewelry and clothes that Bishop Longstroke was "supposedly" doling out on the regular was being doled out on the regular,nothing was said? How come when college tuition was being paid and expensive dinners were being ate, mouths were shut? Well maybe mouths were not shut, but no complaints were being issued from the mouths that were open. Or maybe the mouths could not say anything because they were full of the Bishop's longness?

The way I see it is the BOYS turned into MEN and the Bishop likes his meat young, so there lies the problem, and the BOYS didn't like it, so now all of a sudden the Bishop took advantage of them.

I could be wrong and if I am.....Then it ain't the first or last time....And if I offended any of the Bishops followers....well.... get over it.... My heart bleeds for your feelings.....

Now may I get on with what I want to get on with?

Even though what the Bishop "supposedly" did was morally, spiritually and professionally dead ass wrong and I am not condoning it in the least, there is a bigger problem under the surface.

Americans have a problem with sex.
And that goes double with Black Americans.

Sex is taboo. Sex is evil. Sex should be practiced behind closed locked doors and blacked out windows, with only one person. For.The.Rest. Of. Your. Natural. Life.
We should not do this. We should not put that there, Don't put that in your mouth.We should not touch that. Doing that will cause blindness or make you go bald. That is unnatural. The Bible says this, the Bible says if you do that then Satan is waiting on you in Hell with a bag full of whatever you did waiting to stick it in your unmentionables for all eternity.

This is what we are taught. This is what is drilled into us from the cradle to the grave.

So is it any wonder that some people do what society has always told them is wrong when they think no one is watching?
Is it any wonder that America has the most sexual crimes of any "civilized" nation on earth?

If this "free" nation would actually let people be free to be who and what they are, as long as nobody was getting raped, killed, maimed or molested, Bishop Long's would not exist.
If this "Christian" nation would stop hiding behind the cross and the book they only bring out when it is convenient for them at the time and actually practice what they preach, then the Catholic Church would have been abolished centuries ago.

I am not saying that I am giving a pass to all the sexual predators that walk the same streets our loved ones walk on....I am saying that this country's views on sex is out-dated and hypocritical.

The same people that are making our laws and "teaching" us what not to do and what God says we need to be doing regarding sex are the main ones out filling up the jaws of innocent young men and women with dick.

All in the name of the Constitution, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

So that is the problem that breeds problems like Bishop Long, the Catholic Church, Republicans, rapists, child molesters and ignorant people that attack other people for doing what they like to do when they think they can get away with it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hey man, before we get in this fox-hole and fight these people that are shooting at us, I have to ask....Do you think I'm sexy?

For all the faithful readers of this here way of sharing my thoughts to anyone that wants to read them;this is old news for you.

I am in the United States Army. I have been for 12 years. 10 years active duty and the last 2 in the reserves.
I love the military and it took me getting out to realize it. The military saved my life quite literally. If I had not joined the Army right after high school, I know where I would have ended up. Jail or dead. I say this because I was fascinated with the "thug-life". I was in love with the streets. As a matter of fact about a year before I joined the Army, I was asked by a school counselor what I wanted to be as an adult. I replied without blinking an eye, "The biggest drug dealer in the city." Those were my ambitions. That's  what I really wanted as a career.
Slanging rocks in my city.
Looking back on that, I realize how young and stupid I was. Looking back on my youth I realize how fortunate and blessed I have been. Most of the cats I grew up with that stayed in the streets, ended up exactly how I would have; locked up in a cage or locked up in a box six feet below the earth. Some of us matured enough to realize how dumb we were, and we are leading happy, productive and honest lives, but "some" does not account for many.

So when I say the Army saved my life, I mean that shit.
I take the military life very seriously. I for one would like to see a law that would mandate military service for all kids right after high school.
2 years.
After 2 years they would have the choice to stay or go, but either way they would have the discipline needed to accomplish whatever they wanted to accomplish.

But that is just my opinion.

Congress or should I say Rethuglicans just voted to leave "Don't ask Don't tell" in tact.
I think that this was dumb.
Gay men and women have served in the military since this country had a military.
I personally could give a shit what a man or a woman chooses to do in their personal lives. It does not matter to me if a dude in my unit likes dudes or if a woman cuts for women. I mean why should it?  How does a person's sexual choice affect how I do my job? How I live my life?

Everyone in the Army has known a soldier that was Gay or a soldier that they suspected of being  Gay.

Did it stop the mission?
Did it affect unit cohesion?

So what is the big deal?
Why all the opposition?

In my opinion this is a pure cut example of discrimination. If a person was kicked out of the military for being Black, Hispanic or bald, there would be hell to pay.

Now don't get me wrong, I am not comparing what Gay people are going through to what Blacks and Hispanics are going through on a daily basis.
There is no comparison.
Black people paved the road with blood that Gay people and Hispanics are marching on now. So there is no comparison.

But I still think it is wrong to discriminate against someone just because you disagree with who they go home to at night.
I do not understand how a man can be attracted to and be in love with another man. The same goes with women.
I do not understand how a man can be sexually attracted to another man. To me it just don't make sense.
But that is me.
Gay people deserve to be treated with the same respect that I have been blessed to receive.
Just because I don't understand it and I cannot see living my life like that, does not give me the right to disrespect their right to live how they want to live.

I just wish those same fake, homophobic, hypocritical, hiding in the closet politicians would see the world as I see it and stop trying to tell people how they should live when most of them do not live how they want others to.

Friday, September 10, 2010

No Homo Fella's, No Homo

While I was in PA a couple of weeks ago, a buddy and I decided to go to Scranton one night after classes to see what was popping there.

We went to an Italian restaurant before we went out to the clubs around downtown, just because you can't go to Scranton and not go to an Italian restaurant. Anyways, the food was outstanding and afterward we hit the streets to see what we could see.

My partner is an ese (Mexican guy for all you politically correct Queens English speakers) from LA. This is one cool dude. He will go up to anybody and start a conversation about anything. Oh and speaking of Mexicans,this is totally off the subject; but I have to say this and if it is wrong for me to even notice this....Oh well sue me.....
I did not see one Hispanic dude doing construction the whole time I was up there. The only people up on roofs and putting up drywall (that I noticed anyway) were White Folks and Black folks. I have not seen that shit in years. I guess I have been down here in Tejas to damn long....

Like I said my homie will go up to anybody and just start talking. We noticed a dude that appeared to be about our age walking towards us with two chicks. So my man stops them and tells them that we are visiting Scranton and we wanted to know where the haps was.

Well after we stopped them we noticed that the dude was obviously Gay. And after about 20 seconds of conversation we found out that the two chicks were strippers. Well we talked to them for a minute or two and got directions to a couple of clubs in the area and  we got free passes to the club were the two chicks "danced" at.

Well since neither me or my man really dig shake joints, we told them we would pass on the passes. The girls looked kinda of disappointed with this, but it is what it is. The Gay guy told us about an after party after the shake joint closes and he told us he would call us when they were on their way there. At first my man and I looked kinda crazy at the dude because we knew this guy liked the opposite of what we liked and we were kinda skeptical about going to an after party were he was going. We did not want to be the main course of the night, you feel me? But I guess he could read our minds because he told us that there was going to be a lot of hot chicks there and he would not invite us to a place where he thought we would feel uncomfortable.

We agreed, my man gave the dude his cell and we parted ways.
We went to a hip-hop spot that was much to young for us (I swear we could have had kids up in there)and watched the kiddies get low. We stayed for about an hour and decided to call it a night.
We are getting old and can't do the shit we used to do.

On our way back to Tobyhanna we get a call from the "dude".
He asked us if we were still going out and we told him we had decided to take it on in for the night.
He sounded disappointed;he told us that most of the shakers from the club were going to be there and that the two he was with earlier had told them all about the two "fine" Army dudes from out of town.

It sounded tempting for about 10 seconds; until a vision of our families popped in our minds.
We told the "dude" we appreciate the invite, but we were taking it on in.

Well in case you are wondering what the hell all of this is about......
The point of this little narrative is this.....

A Gay dude is worth his weight in gold to a single straight man. I mean think about it for a minute.....
Gay dudes always hang with FINE ass FINE Eva Mendez looking single ladies.
Most of the ladies are either looking for Mr Right or Mr. Right Now. Either way, for a single straight man, it is like a being a kid in a candy store.
And your Gay friend always tells his girlfriends about his "fine" straight friend, which is an automatic in; because if a straight dude is friends with a Gay dude; to a female he is in tune with his "sensitive" side which is definitely a plus on any day that ends with "day". And if a Gay dude says you are "fine," then to a woman you are the equivalent of Denzel, Brad Pitt and Idris Elba all rolled up into one package. Which is another plus on any day that ends in "day".

So in my humble opinion every straight guy needs a Gay friend.
Unless of course your friend is one of those bitch-ass down low motherfuckers. If you are hanging with one of those bastards,and know damn well what he is, then you my friend are suspect too.

Friday, September 3, 2010


I have been neglecting my lil ole blog lately and I apologize. I am going through some unnecessary ass shit in my personal life and I have not felt like coming here. I still don't feel like being here now, but some shit happened that I feel the need to talk vent about.

What the hell is acting, talking or dressing "black"?

Why does everything I do as a Black man have to fit into what AmeriKKKa has defined as being "BLACK"?
Why the fuck can't I just be a Black man in AmeriKKKa, without having the label of being a BLACK man in AmeriKKKa?

Just because I like to wear classic rock band t-shirts, Chuck Taylor sneakers, well worn, (or new, but looks well worn) jeans that fit, (I have no desire to look like an ex-con), I am not Black enough?


Just because I can talk without using Ebonics whenever I feel the need to, I am not "hood" enough?
Because I choose to listen to rock music I am a sellout?
Because I choose not to eat fried foods with sweet ass sweet sweet ass Iced Tea at every meal I am "uppity"?
Because I do not frequent the neighborhood Mega Church and I do not treat the Preacher of said mega church like he was with Moses when he parted the Red Sea, I am going to hell?

Because I refuse to blame White People for everything that is fucked up with Black People, I know that Black People are 75% of the blame for everything that is fucked up with Black People, I am not Black enough?
Because I think that Black People are stupid for swinging from the nut sack of every Democrat that only comes around every election cycle, be they Black or White, and NEVER does anything but give sound-bites on how they will "change" shit, I will have to learn the hard way?

I can go on and on about how just because I choose to think and I refuse to follow anybodies lead but mine, because  I question shit that most of my Black brothers and sisters have come to accept as the very word of God and because I am not ashamed to be me instead of what AmeriKKKa has told the world I am, I am considered as "different" from the rest.

I cannot stand it.
It is like I am expected to be the definition of everything negative that is in the world. I am expected to be everything except what I am.... A free thinking MAN.

Sometimes I think that being born Black in a country that can only see shit in Black and White, can be both a gift and a damn curse.

More curse than gift though.