Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The ramblings of a Fantasy Team Owner

I am some what of a sports connoisseur.

I enjoy all sports. I played all 3 major sports in school and I still dabble a little bit now.
My favorite NBA team is the Lakers. I like the New York Yankees and my on again off again NFL teams are the Carolina Panthers and the Dallas Cowboys. I do not follow any team religiously, because as I said on this blog before I like to have options. I cannot just follow any one thing blindly, through thick and thin. If  my teams are not playing the way I think they should be playing, I am the first to say that they need to shape up or ship out.

An example of this would be the way I handle my fantasy football players. This season I must have went through 50 or 60 different players. If I drafted a player or picked up a player through a trade and that player did not perform for me the way I was fooled into believing he could, I dropped his ass and went on to the next player.

My league was always joking me about this. The way I see it is if you are getting payed MILLIONS of dollars a year to play a childs game, then you play that Childs game with everything you have. There is no excuse for not performing, barring a serious injury or death. If you are able to do the basics of your job through an injury, then get your ass on the court, football field, Soccer pitch, Hockey ice or Baseball Diamond and do your damn job.

If I picked a player to be on my Fantasy team and they did not perform, then, adios amigo. C-ya.

That is why I could not be an Owner for real. I expect the best for my money and if I don't get the best, then I got a problem.

An example would be Josh Howard of the Dallas Mavericks.
This dude has not played a full season (82 games) since he was brought to Dallas about 6 years ago. But he still makes about 8 or 9 MILLION dollars  a year.

This guy has been nursing the same damn bum ankle for YEARS. Don't these teams have the best doctors money can buy? How can this dudes ankles be so damn weak? And groin injuries?

 Come on Son. Don't these cats stretch before the game and during the week? What the hell do these cats do during the off season?

In football if a guy happens to get seriously injured, he is back on the field in about 3 or 4 weeks.

You might not see the guy for 1 or 2 years! Can anybody say Tracy Magrady or Yao Ming?

These are two more dudes that have been hurt damn near their whole careers, but they are still some of the highest paid players in the world.

I don't understand it.

And don't get me started on dumb ass niggas like Gilbert Arenas.
You bring 4 guns to work, point one at a fellow workmate and the most that your employer does is SUSPEND you?

Yeah I know that the fool is going to jail and all, but after he does his 3 or 4 months and makes some appearances at inner city schools, teams will be lining up to give him his job back.

Not I said the Fantasy Team Owner.

This fool would not work another day in Basketball if I had my way.
I could not even bring a water pistol to my job and expect to come back in 3 or 4 months to my old cubicle like nothing ever happened.
I would not work in my choosen field again. I would probably have to change my name and move to a third world country in order to feed my family.

Anyways, thanks for reading my little rant.

God Bless you and Good night!!!!

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Folk said...

LOL! You and me both. Can't understand how celebrity athletes damned near get away with murder. Lil slap on the ol wrist and back to the spot light. We both know it's about monetary gains made off these fools. They are only untouchable as long as their young skills are intact.